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Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay are two huge bays in Quang Ninh, not only with a fantastical natural backdrop of a world natural heritage but also with special qualities from 5 beautiful Ha Long Bay floating villages that attract visitors.

Because the people of Quang Ninh have lived by the sea for generations, each fishing town has developed its own distinct cultural values while also becoming an amazing tourist attraction for visitors visiting Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.

Lifestyle ⭐ Fishermen and families live on floating houses
Location Spread across different areas in the bay
✅ Activities Fishing, pearl farming, tourism
Access ⭐ Reachable by boat tours from main harbors

History of Ha Long Bay floating village

Although the fishermen have been relocated ashore to live, the entire living space of the people is still preserved and continues to be promoted, becoming a space for unique tourism products. Especially recently, the conservation and restoration of the values of the ancient fishing village have been carried out, such as: preserving the fisherman's raft house, school, library, etc. Traditional traditions such as knitting, knitting, etc. are put into tourism services, making visitors' experiences more interesting.

Ha Long Bay floating village

Ha Long Bay floating village

Not only is Ha Long Bay a unique landscape, but the Ha Long Bay area also contains unique intangible cultural values. Right from the beginning of the 19th century, people have seen the appearance of Giang Vong and Truc Vong fishermen on Ha Long Bay, whose descendants were fishermen living on the bay later. With their eternal lives attached to the sea, the fishermen of Ha Long Bay have adapted themselves and found a way to behave in harmony with nature with their rich folk knowledge.

When visiting the fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, visitors will be able to see the whole life, customs, and habits of fishermen. In particular, visitors are also immersed in the lyrical and profound rustic love song, experience knitting, knitting nets, repairing and crafting fishing gear, or participate in experiences with local fishermen. Not only many experiences, but the fishing village also gives visitors a close-up view, learning about history and culture. Therefore, this place is a favorite destination for domestic and international tourists, including students, scientists, and researchers.

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Beautiful floating village Ha Long Bay

Beautiful floating village Ha Long Bay

The 5 Remaining Halong Bay Floating Villages

Ha Long Bay not only possesses the fanciful and charming natural scenery of a world natural heritage but also attracts tourists with the peaceful and simple beauty of 5 beautiful Halong Bay floating villages on the island. In addition to exploring the beautiful sea, coming to Ha Long fishing village is also one of the most attractive activities in Quang Ninh. The wildness of the natural scenery along with the living culture of the fishing village people always make visitors "fascinated".

The 5 Remaining Halong Bay Floating Villages

The 5 Remaining Halong Bay Floating Villages

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Cua Van - Ha Long bay floating village

Cua Van fishing village (Quang Ninh) is one of the most appealing attractions, surrounded by towering limestone mountains and enthralling mysteries. This is also one of the most beautiful historic villages in the area, situated between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Cua Van fishing village is located in the commune of Hung Thang, Ha Long City, and is descended from two old fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, Truc Vong and Giang Vong. Cua Van has evolved into an essential and necessary complex in this famously tranquil sea.

When you visit Cua Van fishing village, you will not only be immersed in a quiet, peaceful, and strangely charming space, but you will also be guided to visit, shown how to row a boat, spread nets, drop fish, catch fish...

According to a popular tourism website poll, this village ranks among the top 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world. Currently, more than 300 households in the village rely on fishing for a living. The residences on the island are built in an undulating pattern on the sea, giving an exceptionally distinctive and interesting living experience. The beauty of the boats, the bamboo baskets placed in front of the house, the plain, simple but extremely hospitable fisherman... a really beautiful, serene, soft sight with the wild elements of a fishing hamlet on the sea.


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Ha Long bay floating village

Ha Long bay floating village

Vung Vieng Floating Village in Halong Bay

Vung Vieng fishing village (also known as Vong Vieng) is located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, approximately 24 kilometers from the mainland. You will be able to appreciate the spectacular view of nature in Vung Vieng fishing village. At this place, the fishermen's way of life continues unabated. Tourists can join them in Ha Long fishing communities to experience fishing, become fishermen, and eat a variety of fresh seafood delicacies.

The fishing town of Vung Vieng in Bai Tu Long Bay is roughly 25 kilometers from the mainland. It is home to hundreds of fishermen who work in the fishing industry all year, but they are always pleasant and hopeful. The name of the fishing village derives from the days when Hai Phong residents came here at midday to trade with China. 

At this time, the fishermen here are preparing lunch when the sea breeze blows over the lid of the pot, and since then, this spot has been known as Vung Vieng. When you visit the Vung Vieng fishing hamlet, you will be immersed in a simple, green environment populated by nice and honest people.

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Ha Long bay floating village

Ha Long bay floating village

Ba Hang Floating Village in Halong Bay

Ba Hang fishing village is located at the foot of Dau Go island's high peak, close to Thien Cung cave. Ba Hang fishing village, like Cong Dam fishing village, has just about 50 fishing homes. However, given that it is well-known among tourists, the locals have begun to focus on tourism-related businesses such as selling seafood, providing culinary services, sleeping, etc.

The people's lives here are as simple, bucolic, and rustic as their own souls. When visiting Ba Hang fishing village, you may not only view the wonderful natural beauty of mountains and woods but also experience the life of people who fish on the vast sea all year round. Go fishing with the people, go squid fishing, and enjoy the results. Take a boat to see the water and enjoy the dawn and sunset.

Ba Hang fishing village is a small fishing community on Ha Long Bay with only about 50 families. In the midst of the world's natural heritage's stunning surroundings, Ba Hang fishing town adds an enchanting charm to the daily lives of the locals. Each floating house here has an area of around 10m2, and the furniture is also extremely modest.

Ha Long bay floating village

Ha Long bay floating village

Cong Dam - Halong bay fishing village

Cong Dam fishing town lies in Bai Tu Long Bay, far from the mainland and away from tourist routes, so the natural scenery is still relatively wild and the environment is quite clean and pure. 

Despite the fact that Cong Dam is a small historic town of just around 120 people, it has the most intact traditional fishing culture. When you come here, you will participate in various activities with fishermen, like fishing, squid fishing, mangrove planting, kayaking, and exploring the little cottages on a bamboo boat. Soaring limestone mountains are breathtaking.

Furthermore, Cong Dam fishing town is located in a region rich in coral reefs, aquaria, underground lakes in the center of limestone mountains, and numerous underground caves. In addition, this is a location with numerous huge and little beaches, with brilliant blue seas and fine white sand, providing you with peace of mind and entertaining moments

Ha Long bay floating village Vietnam

Ha Long bay floating village Vietnam

Viet Hai Floating Village in Halong Bay

Viet Hai's historic fishing hamlet is a small Halong Bay fishing village in Cat Ba National Park, in the Cat Hai Island District of Hai Phong, southwest of Ha Long Bay and west of Lan Ha Bay. In comparison to other fishing villages, this one has a limited area, just around 141 hectares and only 70 homes. This old Cat Ba village is also known as an "island within an island" because Viet Hai contains a very rich ecology that includes mountains, woods, and oceans.

Despite being in Hai Phong, many tourists choose Viet Hai fishing town as a stopover on their way to other Ha Long sites. You can, for example, combine a sail on Lan Ha Bay with cycling around Viet Hai village. Visitors will be able to view the gorgeous sea landscape, old houses, and immerse themselves in the local people's living culture in this format.

Ha Long bay floating village

Ha Long bay floating village

When you visit the Viet Hai - floating village Halong, you will be immersed in a tranquil, beautiful environment as well as a fascinating gastronomic world. You will also be able to participate in a variety of exciting activities. Cycling along the coast, taking in the fresh air and seeing the sunrise and sunset. Harvesting fish and shrimp allows you to live the life of a fisherman: farming, seeding, and reaping rice alongside farmers. Listen to stories about naval hill: This is a hill involved with historical exploits throughout our country's two resistance battles.

You can take a yacht tour to visit the Ha Long Bay floating village. Paradise Vietnam is a division that specializes in delivering Ha Long Bay trips aboard luxury cruises that are fully equipped and provide excellent service.

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