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Halong bay cruise

Nowadays, luxury tourists love the unique experience aboard a Halong Bay cruise small boat. That's why Paradise Vietnam offers a small cruise on Halong Bay, featuring a full range of premium services, from exquisite cabins to skilled chefs and other exceptional amenities. Here is the list of the best small luxury cruise ships in Halong Bay that you should try at least once.

With nearly 15 years of experience in cruise and hotel operations in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, Paradise Vietnam is proud to be one of the few units in Ha Long Bay selected as an area that ensures the following conditions: safety about Covid-19 epidemic prevention for tourists.

The dishes at Paradise Vietnam Cruise Floating Restaurant are prepared according to the menu recommended and trained by the world's Michelin-starred chefs. Paradise Vietnam Cruises has its harbor. Visitors at Paradise Vietnam do not need to take a dinghy from the mainland to cruise like other ships but go straight to the cruise moored in the port to start the journey.

Paradise Vietnam is proud to be the unit in Ha Long Bay selected as a safe area for tourists

Paradise Vietnam is proud to be the unit in Ha Long Bay selected as a safe area for tourists

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✅ Itinerary ⭐ 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 night
✅ Luxury features ⭐ Deluxe, bar, restaurant
✅ Price ⭐ Starting from $208,5
✅ Activities ⭐ Visiting Titov Island, Kayaking, Cooking Class

Paradise Peak - 8 cabins

Paradise Peak Cruise is designed in a classic wooden boat style. Staying at Paradise Peak Cruise is every couple's dream as the cruise offers privacy and perfection while cruising in Halong Bay. Extensive space for a family of three members at the Premium Suite on Paradise Peak Cruise is the perfect choice for adventurous travelers. With the option to dine in the privacy of your room, and relax after a full day of exploration by watching the sunset over a timeless magical landscape.

It features 8 well-appointed cabins, each with a private balcony and en suite bathroom. Paradise Peak Cruise enhances the entertainment experience on a 5-star cruise in Ha Long Bay with jacuzzi tubs, as well as catering and butler services offered in private cabins.

The cruise offers a variety of itineraries that allow guests to explore the stunning natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, including visits to local fishing villages, kayaking, and swimming. Guests can also participate in onboard activities such as cooking classes, tai chi, and night squid fishing.

Paradise Peak - 8 cabins

Paradise Peak - 8 cabins

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Why do we like:

  • The most cutting-edge boutique cruise ship features a classic wooden design.
  • 8 well-appointed cabins featuring personalized amenities at the highest level like jacuzzis, separate dining area, and butler service.
  • Top-end facilities include a gym, outdoor bar, and library offering guests the utmost relaxation.
  • The cruise also offers a free-flow experience (excluding alcohol). 
  • A la carte dinner has 2 options: Eastern menu and Western menu, providing diverse and many tastes for visitors to choose freely.

Luxury features: Private butler service for each room, this luxurious wooden cruise is equipped with an outdoor bar, library, 8 deluxe, high-end suites, Jacuzzi and Sauna pools, and a fitness room to help improve joint function, ensuring flexibility during movement.

Price: Starting from $ 474,47

Itinerary: There are 2 itinerary options: 3 days 2 nights and 2 days 1 night with exciting destinations and activities such as Visiting Titov Island, Tung Sau pearl farm, Tien Ong Cave, Cua Van fishing village, as well as enjoying kayaking or bamboo boat rides. 

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Paradise Sails - 16 cabins

Paradise Sails, the first boutique cruise featuring an entertainment model, marked a breakthrough in the Ha Long tourism industry at the time. It has 16 cabins, each with its bathroom and large windows offering stunning bay views. The ship also provides a wide range of facilities, including a spa, restaurant, and bar.

Paradise Sails not only presents a mysterious oriental ambiance but also offers Eurasian cuisine during the journey on its small Halong Bay cruises. The talented chefs at Paradise Sails showcase diverse and rich dishes, combining the quintessence of Eastern and Western culinary traditions.

Cruise ships offer various itineraries that enable guests to explore the stunning natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, including visits to local fishing villages, kayaking, and swimming. Tourists can also participate in onboard activities such as cooking classes, tai chi, and squid fishing.

Paradise Sails - 16 cabins

Paradise Sails - 16 cabins

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Why do we like: 

  • The first luxury cruise ship with 16 cabins
  • Designed in an oriental style using wooden boat materials.
  • It features a luxurious restaurant with a fusion menu and Le Parfum Spa, offering natural massage treatments for the most relaxing journey.

Luxury features: There are 3 types of cabins to meet different needs: Deluxe Cabin, Deluxe Balcony Cabin, and Terrace Suite. Activities include Tai Chi, Kayaking, Spa, Cooking Class, Sundeck, Outdoor Bar. 

Price: Starting from $208,5 

Itinerary: There are 2 itinerary options: 3 days 2 nights and 2 days 1 night with exciting destinations and activities such as hiking the mountain for an overview of Halong Bay, swimming at Ti Top island beach, discovering the beauty inside Sung Sot Cave, or kayaking at Tung Sau Pearl Village.

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Paradise Explore - 48 pax

Paradise Explorer is also included in the Best Halong Bay Cruise Small Boat 2023 - 2024 list, featuring a sophisticated and luxurious European design style. It is the first choice for delegations of heads of state and has been home to the world's largest delegations, such as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister of Thailand, and the Chairman of Samsung Group, the Royal Family of Bhutan, seminars, and small meetings with a capacity of up to 48 people. This option saves both time and offers privacy.

Paradise Explorer and Halong Bay Day Tour are the perfect places to enjoy and relax activities in Heritage Bay on a tight budget.

Paradise Explore - 48 pax

Paradise Explore - 48 pax

Why do we like it: 

  • The menu selects high-quality ingredients from Eurasian food, delicately prepared by a team of chefs with top processing skills. 
  • The journey to discover Ha Long Bay converges the most attractive landscapes and experiences, suitable for travelers who do not have much time but want to find the most unique features of Ha Long Bay in a short time.

Luxury features Paradise Express speedboat, Finest cuisine menu, Beach movies, Boutique boat

Itinerary: Owning photos on Paradise Explorer, enjoying the famous landscape of Sung Sot cave, and climbing to the top of Titop Island.

Notes for customers when choosing a cruise at Paradise Vietnam: Due to cruising conditions, itineraries may change without prior notice, so please note when booking.

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The itinerary can be changed at any time

The itinerary can be changed at any time

The list above showcases the Best Halong Bay Cruise Small Boat 2023 that you can experience for a unique trip. Paradise Vietnam will constantly strive to move forward, expanding the boundaries of luxury cruises, hotels, and cuisine with each trip. Paradise Vietnam has undergone a remarkable journey of growth and development, ultimately securing a leading position in the luxury yacht industry. Currently, Paradise Vietnam's cruises are among the most luxurious in the country. Contact us immediately for the best support about Halong Bay cruise small boats. See you soon!


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