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Halong bay cruise

Halong Bay has been considered one of Vietnam’s main attractions for years, beckoning visitors from all over the world. 

Its magnificent caves, hundreds of islets, and fishing villages could not just be explored within just one day of casual travel, hence the increasing popularity of Halong Bay junk boat packages. With decades of experience and well-built yachts, these cruises will ensure the best comfort and food services while opening ample opportunities to enjoy the bay’s offerings in all its glories. The Halong Bay junk boat reviews below will give more details into Paradise Vietnam’s highlights and extra traveling tips.

Why A Junk Boat Cruise?

Halong Bay Junk Boat - A tourist paradise for those who love to explore and relax

Halong Bay - A tourist paradise for those who love to explore and relax

Halong Bay is located near the capital Hanoi, convenient for traveling

Halong Bay is located near the capital Hanoi, convenient for traveling

A luxury junk boat Halong Bay remains the ultimate touring choice for elites despite the intense market competition due to the following reasons:

1. Scenic Views

Halong Bay makes a name for itself with stunning natural views characterized by limitless islets and limestone karsts perking from the crystal-clear water. Junk boat lines know how to take advantage of those breathtaking scenery to turn your great trip into something truly memorable. From the balcony or spacious deck, one can easily capture amazing pictures to send to their loved ones.

2. High-Quality Amenities

Cruise with traditional style but no less luxurious

Cruise with traditional style but no less luxurious

With optimized cruising experience as their ultimate goal, junk boats offer onboard, free-flow amenities including comfortable lounges, cabins, floating restaurants and bars, and more. The open decks are another non-skippable highlight, allowing cruisers to unwind themselves and admire the bay’s serenity.

If desired, you may sign up for longer packages with overnight stays in their itinerary to enjoy exhilarating nighttime fun in Halong Bay: cases in point are squid fishing, night parties, casual walks along the sand, and more. The gradual sky color transition from pitch black to sunrise is also incredible when observed from the boat’s open deck.

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3. Social Experience

High-end operators like Paradise Vietnam aim to quench your thirst for cultural knowledge by introducing a lot of fishing villages and local destinations as their daytime stops. Passengers can take this golden chance to savor specialized Vietnam cuisines, experience local traditions and customers, or even partake in some common daily activities like group singing or fishing.

Furthermore, each cruise trip brings together hundreds of people who traveled from all around the globe, paving the way for some cultural crosses between Vietnamese and non-Vietnameses alike. It offers great opportunities for eager learners to exchange information, make friends, and inquire about each other’s traveling experiences.

Paradise Sails: Halong Bay Junk Boat

Paradise Sails is the very first boutique luxury cruise ship that introduces 16 cabins designed in an intimate, oriental style. This floating entertainment yacht has marked quite a breakthrough for Paradise Vietnam since its release due to the spacious 32 seats, a lavish restaurant with Eurasian menus, premium spa treatments, and 4 open decks for the best sightseeing experience.

Restaurant on the yacht with luxurious space

Restaurant on the yacht with luxurious space

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1. What Halong Bay Junk Boat Itinerary Do Paradised Sails Have?

Many interesting activities are waiting for you

Many interesting activities are waiting for you

Paradise Sails offers both 2-day-1-night and 3-day-2-night options, whose itineraries are listed as follows:


Day 1: 

  • Once finishing their brunch, passengers dropped by the Tung Sau pearl farm to observe how locals grow and cultivate pearls. Passionate fans who wanted some watersports could also choose to kayak around the area for hours.
  • Next, the private cruise will stop by Titov Island, named after the famous cosmonaut Gherman Titov from Russia. Here, you can swim among the gentle waves or hike to the mountaintop for the best bay view.

Day 2:

  • After the Tai Chi session, Paradise Sails introduces cruisers to Sung Sot (Surprise) - Halong Bay’s largest drum cave. Magnificent stalagmites will take your breath away, and the fantastic panoramic sights on your way out also deserve a spot in the camera memories.
  • Once returning from Sung Sot, passengers enjoy breakfast in the floating restaurant as Paradise Sails slowly passes by Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave and Trong Mai Islet.


Day 1:

Visitors stop by Tung Sau Pearl Farm and Titov Island respectively, just as with the 2-day-1-night package.

Day 2:

  • Once transferred to the Paradise Explorer, passengers can capture Halong Bay’s most iconic sites as the cruise passes by Trong Cave, Ho Dong Tien Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Hang Than Islet, Hang Dau Islet, etc.
  • The two night cruise stops by Tien Ong Cave. Its thousands-year-old stalagmites and stalactites, some resembling Tien Ong (Fairy Godfather), make this landscape quite a sight to behold. There are also artifacts and human bones from the 10,000 BC.
  • Paradise Explorer anchors by Deu Cave to give you one hour of lunchtime before continuing to Cua Van fishing village. Take this opportunity to learn your way around the local lifestyle and customs; kayaking or bamboo boat rowing are also welcome.

Day 3: 

The last stop is Sung Sot Cave. And while cruisers stayed in the lounge and restaurant to enjoy their breakfast after returning from Sung Sot, the cruise would pass by Dau Go, Thien Cung Cave, and Trong Mai Islet. 

2. What Are The Utilities on Paradise Sails?

Visitors can participate in many interesting activities with Paradise Sails

Visitors can participate in many interesting activities with Paradise Sails

  • Restaurant (32 seats), with window lines to deliver diners the best view of Halong Bay while relishing their meals. 
  • Diverse chef menu, ranging from pastries, bread, and soup to beef, chicken, fish, and cocktail. Each meal serves a different menu (from 8-10 dishes) to diversify your experience.
  • Beauty services, spa, and massage, giving you full body rest after an entire day of kayaks, travels, or hikes.
  • High-quality conference and meeting facilities to organize events.

3. Customer Reviews for Paradise Sails

Deluxe Cabin with luxurious minimalist design

Deluxe Balcony Cabin with a beautiful small balcony to let you enjoy the scenery


Deluxe Cabin with luxurious minimalist design

Deluxe Cabin with luxurious minimalist design

Paradise Sails impresses with dedicated and friendly staff that go out of their way to address unexpected issues along the way. The exquisite menu and well-prepared cook ingredients also earn praise from food lovers, combining traditional Vietnamese tastes with more modern adaptations to breathe new air into each dish.

Receiving the most favorable feedback, however, is the cruise’s itinerary; the way Paradise Sails blend dynamic water sport activities with valuable cultural experience deserves to be considered a competitive edge above other cruise operators.  

Paradise Vietnam was highly rated at Bestpricetravel.com, particularly:

  • Cruise and cabin quality: 9.2/10
  • Food and drink: 9/10
  • Cruise staff: 9.6/10
  • Entertainment & activities: 8.7/10

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4. Room Types at Paradise Sails

Terrace Suite impresses with its layout and many utilities

Terrace Suite impresses with its layout and many utilities

Paradise Sails has three room types ready for usage: Deluxe Cabin (with the smallest cabins), Deluxe Balcony Cabin, and Terrace Suite (largest cabins with their own bathroom). None has cabin capability beyond three adults, however.

Room  Cabin  Bed Size Max Persons Additional Features
Deluxe Cabin 16.2 m² Twin or Double 2 (+1 child) Main deck position, 5-star amenities
Deluxe Balcony  18.2 m² Twin or Double 2 All Deluxe Cabin features, private balcony
Terrace Suite 23 m² Double 2 Private terrace, marble bathroom

Tips to Plan The Best Junk Boat Halong Bay Cruise to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

1. Tour Packages to Choose

Coming to Halong Bay, you must go on a cruise once in your life

Coming to Halong Bay, you must go on a cruise once in your life

Trip durations are a concerning matter for most tourists.

While there is no shortage of available options, the 2-day-1-night packages remain highly favored due to their well-balanced Halong Bay junk boat price and time. Indeed, you can fully take in Halong’s notable highlights without pressuring your budget.

On another note, those with more generous savings can aim higher and pick the 3-day-2-night plan for more in-depth explorations into the less-visited areas. With such a broad timeframe, passengers will find it much easier to pick their own pace and truly appreciate Halong’s serene water, fishing villages, and majestic limestone shapes.

Covering Halong in limited time through day tours is still possible, though not recommended. The array of experiences and attractions offered by the bay needs time to truly sink in; hence, with the hurried pacing often seen in day tours, you will likely end up rushing from one place to another without learning anything special.

2. Essentials to Pack


Cruisers must prove their identity and show their passports to local authorities before boarding. Leaving these critical papers at home means the operators cannot allow you to get on their cruises.


Stack your clothes according to the trips' duration (day tours, 2-day-1-night, or 3-day-2-night), environment and weather mist, and types of activities you will likely participate in. 

Since the backpacks are not exactly roomy, be selective. For instance, there is no need to bring extra hiking gear if you only engage in water-based activities during the low season.

Preparing your luggage and have a fresh mind to start the journey

Preparing your luggage and have a fresh mind to start the journey

Sun Protection

Not every cruiser can easily get used to Vietnam's strong, scorching sun, especially during summer peaks. Hence, bring along quality waterproof sunscreen to reapply every two hours after stepping into the water - and for smaller children, factor 50 sunblocks will be highly recommended.

Paradise Sails is highly rated by travelers and has great return potential

Paradise Sails is highly rated by travelers and has great return potential

Cash or Credit Cards

On some cruises, extra services and snacks are not included in the upfront price, so do not go onboard empty-handed: you must bring along at least one payment form, such as credit, debit card, or cash. 

Cash is the safest option since it will always be accepted. Also, to avoid unnecessary hassles, ensure the currency is US dollars or Vietnamese VND. Here at Paradise Vietnam, we serve tea breaks (cookies, banana cakes, etc.) and canape parties in between for free, but we still highly recommend you prepare some cash or cards.

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3. Ways to Get to Halong Bay

You should travel to Halong Bay from April to June

You should travel to Halong Bay from April to June

Below are the three most popular ways to get to Halong Bay:


Travelers overseas or from remote cities will appreciate the time efficiency and convenience of a typical flight to Halong Bay. Pick an airport closest to Halong and catch your air travel from there:

Airports Distance from Halong Supplier
Van Don Airport - Quang Ninh Province  50 kilometers VietJet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways
Cat Bi Airport - Haiphong City  60 kilometers VietJet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Ruili Airlines, Donghai Airlines, etc
Noi Bai Airport - Hanoi  180 kilometers Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, VietJet Air, Cathay Pacific, AirAsia, Thai Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, etc

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Our suggestion is to take luxury limousines or shuttle buses if you set off from Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Sapa, or any northern-Vietnam destinations. Meanwhile, those departing from southern or central Vietnam should consider night buses for optimal comfort. Notably, luxury shuttle buses available at Paradise Vietnam ensure door-to-door transfers and are more well-equipped than regular shuttle buses with ambient, relaxing light, free Wi-Fi, and free water bottles.

Departure Point Approximated Duration Traveling Distance 
Hanoi 2.5 hours 160 kilometers 
Hai Phong 1.5 hours 60 kilometers 
Ninh Binh 3.5 hours 220 kilometers
Sapa 7 hours 490 kilometers
Da Nang 17 hours 898 kilometers
Hoi An 17.5 hours 920 kilometers
Ho Chi Minh City 33 hours 1,800 kilometers


Railways give passengers the best opportunities to soak the landscape’s breathtaking view at slower paces. You may consider sleeper cabins or soft/hard seats, local trains, or luxury tourist trains.

Questions and Further Information About The Junk Boat in Halong Bay

What is a junk boat in Vietnam?

The term refers to a traditional metal boat with peculiar floating manners - almost like it slides on water. Southwest Asia countries, particularly China and Vietnam, have been familiar with these tourist boats for decades.

Is Halong Bay worth going to?

Yes. Its intriguing collection of little caves, islands, and islets has earned the bay a spot in the list of seven natural wonders. 

Why is Halong Bay so special?

Beautiful caves and islands aside, people who visited Halong Bay were also impressed with its numerous interesting local customs rarely seen elsewhere, such as floating fishing villages in the Cong Dam area. The emerald waters and expanding parks make the bay a non-skip during summer peaks.

A 5-star Halong Bay junk boat like Paradise Sails promises seamless free-flow amenities and immersive experiences in the bay’s dynamic culture and lifestyle. Contact Paradise Vietnam’s travel experts now to settle on the most suitable deals and itineraries for your traveling expectations.

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