Ensuring safe cruise: On Board Safety with Paradise Vietnam

As the leading cruise company in Halong Bay, your safety is our top priority. All boats feature the fol-lowing safety amenities and furnishings to ensure you are travelling on the safest cruises in the Bay.


 Safety instructions given by the Cruise Manager on boarding

Life jackets in all cabins and public areas

 Life buoys / Life rafts

Tender boats


 ICOM system



Fire safety system

 Dead bolt in rooms

Sprinkler in rooms

Audible smoke alarms

24 hour security staff

 Regular safety inspections

Break glass emergency phone

 Smoke extractors in corridors

Video camera at entrance

Video surveillance in hallway

 Auto doors can be forced open

Emergency lighting 

Complies with Htl Safety Act 1990

 Loudspeaker system

 Exterior video surveillance



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