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The pearl story is not just about understanding its formation but also about the natural beauty that has been regarded as a symbol of elegance, class, and luxury. During your memorable journey in Halong Bay aboard Paradise Vietnam Cruise, you will not only get to learn and explore the pearl farm village but also witness the breathtaking landscapes that are truly unmissable in this region.

pearl farm village

History of Pearl Farm Village

The pearl farming industry in Halong Bay has a long history, dating back to the early 1960s. At that time, local fishermen in this coastal area discovered natural pearls inside oysters, sparking the initial interest in researching and developing pearl farming.

In 1965, the Vietnam Institute of Marine Products Research established the first pearl farming facility in Halong Bay. Initially, this facility focused on cultivating natural pearls, but it later transitioned to the cultivation of cultured pearls.

Thanks to advancements in science and technology and the efforts of various enterprises, the pearl farming industry in Halong Bay has made remarkable strides. Today, Halong Bay stands as one of the world's largest pearl farming centers, producing approximately 10 million pearls annually.

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History of Pearl Farm Village

History of Pearl Farm Village

How Halong Pearl Farm Village is special?

The pearl farming industry in Halong Bay has become a vital economic sector in Quang Ninh province. Simultaneously, pearl farming serves as a unique tourism product that contributes to attracting tourists to Halong Bay. With many efforts and the outstanding advantages of Halong Bay's pearl farming village, such as:

  • Halong Bay's pearl village is situated in the Halong Bay marine region, one of UNESCO's recognized world heritage sites. This area offers favorable natural conditions for pearl farming, with clean seawater, suitable salinity, and stable temperatures.
  • Pearl farming enterprises in Halong have adopted advanced cultivation technology to enhance pearl quality and production.
  • Halong Bay pearls are highly regarded by experts for their high purity, thick nacre layers, and a variety of elegant and alluring natural colors such as gold, lily, cherry blossom, and mercury gray.

This is not only one of the unique souvenirs catering to the demand for high-end jewelry shopping and commemorative gifts for tourists visiting Quang Ninh but is also exported to markets such as Japan and several other countries worldwide.

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How Halong Pearl Farm Village is special?

How Halong Pearl Farm Village is special?

Halong Pearl Farm Village map

Some of the must-visit places in Halong Bay Pearl Village that you shouldn't miss are:

  • Tung Sau Pearl Farm: Tung Sau Pearl Farm is the most renowned pearl farming village in Halong Bay.
  • Vung Vieng Pearl Village: This village is famous for its pearl oyster cages suspended on the water's surface. Visitors can shop for pearl products at affordable prices.
  • Halong Pearl Museum: Established in 2008, the museum's purpose is to showcase and introduce the history, culture, and art of Halong Bay pearls.
  • Quang Ninh Pearl Research and Development Center: This is where they display the pearl products of Halong Bay's pearl farming village and provide information on the pearl cultivation process.
  • Minh Chau Pearl Farm: Here, tourists can observe the pearl cultivation process and purchase pearl products.

Halong Pearl Farm Village map

Halong Pearl Farm Village map

How to visit Pearl Farm Village?

Travelers can either go by boat or canoe to the Pearl Farm Village. However, this method is quite time-consuming and requires effort.

Exploring the Pearl Farm Village by cruise is the most popular way to visit. Travelers can choose from various best cruises Halong Bay tours provided by Paradise Vietnam Cruise to have their itinerary arranged for a visit to this farming village. Typically, cruise tours will take visitors to the village in the morning or afternoon.

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Exploring the Pearl Farm Village by cruise is the most popular way to visit

Exploring the Pearl Farm Village by cruise is the most popular way to visit

Top amazing thing to do in Halong Pearl Farm Village

If you're planning to visit the pearl farming village in Halong, here are the wonderful experiences you shouldn't miss.

Experience pearl harvesting and pearl jewelry showroom

This is the most exciting activity you can partake in at the pearl farming village. You'll have the opportunity to accompany professional divers into the sea to harvest pearls. Afterwards, you can visit the pearl jewelry showroom, admiring beautiful pearls of various colors and sizes.

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Top amazing thing to do in Halong Pearl Farm Village

Top amazing thing to do in Halong Pearl Farm Village

Oyster Feeding

Oysters are a specialty seafood in the Halong Bay region. At the pearl farming village, you can try feeding oysters. It's an interesting and educational activity that helps you understand the oyster's growth process.

Enjoy the culture of village and relaxation

In addition to the experiential activities, you can also take some time to immerse yourself in the local village culture and relax at the pearl farming village. You can explore ancient houses, learn about the local people's way of life, and savor the region's specialty dishes.

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Currently, destinations such as this pearl farming village are no longer included in most cruise itineraries in Halong Bay. For instance, Paradise Vietnam has now replaced this stop with Luon Cave, offering travelers a unique experience exploring the distinctive caves of Halong Bay... Therefore, tourists interested in exploring Halong Bay via cruises should take note of the altered choices of exploration routes to ensure a more complete experience in visiting the Pearl Farm Village in Halong Bay.

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