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General questions about Halong travel and cruise

We will pick you up in Hanoi between 8.45 a.m. and 9.15 a.m, giving you time to drink coffee or eat breakfast while you wait.

If your hotels are in Hanoi's Old Quarter, this will serve as the pick-up and drop-off locations. 
If your location is outside this area, the bus will pick you up at The Coffee House in Hanoi Towers. There are parking areas here. You can also go shopping, or get a coffee.

You can identify Paradise's shuttle bus by looking for the golden Paradise Group logo and our website address The majority of our fleet consists of luxury black limousines with eight roomy seats and full amenities, including the ability to watch movies, charge phones, drink water, and access free WIFI. In addition, Paradise Vietnam has a group of experienced drivers who have worked for the company for a long time. Drivers in Paradise Vietnam uniforms are in charge of organising luggage for passengers, stabilising seats, and fastening seatbelts. 

With your selected itineraries, consider bringing enough luggage, light clothes in the summer, and a thermal jacket in the fall and winter. In addition, to experience the swimming pool and water activities, you should prepare swimwear and necessary equipment. We encourage you to bring medical supplies such as bug sprays, medicines to treat personal related symptoms if available.
For large luggage we have support staff, small luggage please hand in hand.

The driving time between Hanoi and Ha Long is about 2.5 hours. Around 9 a.m., all private shuttles depart from the Old Quarter of Hanoi and arrive at Tuan Chau at 11:30 a.m.

The shuttle bus operated by Paradise Vietnam will stop at the Hai Duong stopover. Here, you can take care of your own needs, shop while sampling specialties from the three regions, enjoy tea and coffee, or eat a late breakfast before the busr leaves.

Our talented executive chefs have developed a wide range of menus to suit various dietary requirements, including vegetarian, kid-friendly, and even vegan options. Visitors must, however, give at least two working days' notice so that we can thoughtfully prepare.


Questions about Paradise Vietnam's hotel and cruises. 

Children and pregnant women can travel on any cruise without risk. The crew on board are prepared to assist in an emergency and can summon a speedboat to transport passengers to the closest medical facility on the mainland. 

The restaurants and bars on our cruise have WIFI, but due to the geography of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha, the connection might not be stable.

If you're seasick, you can still continue your trip. In addition to being educated to handle seasickness, our crew is ready to assist you with anything.

Launched in 2008, Boutique-style yacht with the group's first floating entertainment model has quickly become a legend on Ha Long Bay. Through many years of operation, Paradise Sails has maintained its position as the leading product.
For a short tour, we own Paradise Explorer with a day cruise that takes visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Bay. Paradise Explorer is the first choice of delegations of heads of state such as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister of Thailand .... presidents of large corporations in the world such as Samsung when stopping in Ha Long.
In order to take the customer experience to the next level, Paradise Vietnam launched Paradise Peak Cruise. A never-before-seen design yacht that offers dine-in service, a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom space, and each cabin has its own butler.
Paradise Vietnam officially marks a turning point when redefining the concept of package tourism at sea with the most advanced iron cruise system in the Bay with a journey deep into Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long, helping visitors Experience the perfect world natural heritage with the 31-cabin Paradise Elegance Cruise.
Next, Paradise Vietnam continues to reach out to bring the leading yacht brand with great improvements with the appearance of the 5-star Paradise Grand yacht on Lan Ha Bay with 39 cabins, becoming the largest yacht in Lan Ha Bay.

You check-in is between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.
To receive the room key and confirm the number of checked bags, you must first present your ID, CCCD, or passport. The Paradise staff will help you move bulky, heavy suitcases. Please handle personal items and small bags yourself.

Onboard the Paradise Grand, passengers can unwind and take in the scenery.
Cruise the Paradise Elegance and unwind in the jacuzzi while taking in the scenery.
Bookings for massages must be made at least two working days in advance.

For those who get up early, we offer a light breakfast at 7:00 am with tea, coffee, and pastries.

From 8:00 am to 9:30 am, the main breakfast buffet is available and features a variety of options.


On Paradise Grand, you’ll have access to a free kayak or wooden boat when you visit Bright Dark Cave,  but not at Frog Pond.

There is no free kayaking on Paradise Elegance.

Lan Ha: You are currently permitted to swim (requires a life jacket).
Ha Long: To ensure visitors' safety, swimming is only permitted in the Titop Beach area.

All Paradise ships have a sundeck for guests to enjoy drinks and a third-floor area for guests to unwind while listening to music.

If a guest requires medical attention right away, we will either arrange for a speedboat or call an ambulance for them. The price is determined as follows:

Paradise’s fault: We'll cover every expense.

Customer’s fault: You are responsible for all expenses.


We must adhere to the Port Authority's rules regarding secure anchoring and storm avoidance, so we will let you know if sleeping on the ship is permitted based on each individual circumstance.

We apply the price in accordance with the type of room; each room has a maximum occupancy; in the event of additional guests, a surcharge in accordance with the rules will be applied by the hotel.

We will transfer guests to and from the hotel's private pool in the Paradise Bay area with an electric cart. The hotel also features conference rooms, spa rooms, guest rooms, and a bar.

You can check in late at night and check out early in the morning at our hotel because the front desk is staffed around the clock.



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