Vung Vieng Fishing Village: Immersing in Authentic Vietnamese Culture

Once renowned as the most picturesque fishing village globally, Vung Vieng fishing village radiates an unspoiled rustic allure, brilliantly capturing the cultural nuances of the Northern fishermen. When visiting this fishing village, you will be visiting a small isolated village with a wild appearance bestowed by nature that is extremely peaceful and beautiful. Many people visit this place to relax and take part in a variety of activities. Let's find out to plan your trip!

Overview of the Fishing Village of Vung Vieng

Bai Tu Long Bay is the location of Vung Vieng fishing village, also known as Vong Vieng fishing village. This is one of four fishing villages located in the World Heritage; however, compared to Ba Hang fishing village, Cua Van fishing village, and Cap La fishing village, Vung Vieng fishing village has fewer visitors, so the area is very open and tranquil.


The fishing village of Vung Vieng is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, approximately 20 kilometers east of Tuan Chau port, and close to the Cua Ong, Hon Gai, and Cam Pha coal mines. Due to the fact that this region is still largely undeveloped and contains few inhabitants, the space is exceptionally tranquil and expansive.

Vung Vieng fishery village is an essential stop for visitors to Halong Bay

Vung Vieng fishery village is an essential stop for visitors to Halong Bay


The fishing village of Vung Vieng emerged in the 19th century when ancient mariners began anchoring ships and exchanging and trading food. Today, the fishing village is home to approximately 50 multigenerational families and 300 residents. The primary occupation of the inhabitants is fishing, and they subsist on natural resources.

People who live here year-round are occupied fishing and collecting seafood, so their lives are still wretched and impoverished. However, when you visit the fishing village of Vung Vieng, you can always hear the lively noises of life, filled with merriment and positive spirit. As a consequence, Vung Vieng is widely regarded as the most attractive fishing village in the world and a popular tourist destination in Quang Ninh.

Since Vung Vieng village has become a well-known Ha Long tourist destination, the number of tourism-related employment has increased, and locals have become guides and boatmen to transport tourists there. Consequently, the lives of the locals have also improved slightly.

This is the most picturesque fishing village in the world

This is the most picturesque fishing village in the world

When to Visit Vung Vieng Fishing Village at Its Best

April to June is the best time to travel because it is summer, the sun is beaming, the sea is blue, and there are few hurricanes; therefore, traveling safely and engaging in sea activities is the most pleasant.

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How can I go to the fishing village of Vung Vieng?

As previously stated, there are numerous methods to reach Vung Vieng fishing village, including Ghe, boat, and kayaking... However, the bamboo canoe travels through Hang Cao, a famous sea cave in Bai Tu Long Bay that is also the symbol of the fishing village gate in Vung Vieng, which is the most popular. You will be immersed in the daily life as well as the traditional culture and customs of the villagers residing in this Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site upon entering the village gate.

For a more optimal method to explore Vung Vieng fishing village, you can schedule a Ha Long cruise excursion and then row a bamboo canoe or kayak to Vung Vieng. Many tourists have faith in Paradise Vietnam's excursions with itineraries that include must-see destinations in Halong Bay, such as Vung Vieng fishing village, Dong Tien Ong, and Hang Luon,...

Through the crevice, one can see the picturesque and rustic image of the fishing village of Vung Vieng. Each raft balancing against the mountain resembles unpolished pearls waiting to be polished. The deeper one enters the village, the more "fairy scene" one sees; nobody knows how they will become lost among the mountains, the sea, and the blue sky.

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You have many options to move to Vung Vieng fishing village

You have many options to move to Vung Vieng fishing village

Highlights of Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Not only famous for its charming beauty, Vung Vieng fishing village also attracts tourists with many interesting activities. So besides sightseeing, in this fishing village, are there any activities not to be missed? Let's discover together now!

Hang Cao's breathtaking beauty

Coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, you have to move through Hang Cao - this is considered the symbol of the village gate and also the place you should stop for a while to explore. Cao Cave is a trans-water cave with majestic beauty bestowed by nature. The cave is quite small and short, but stacked on top is a layer of towering mountain rocks, so anyone who comes here must be amazed by it and do not forget to check in virtual life.

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The route to Vung Vieng is charming when passing through Cao cave

The route to Vung Vieng is charming when passing through Cao cave

Best activities in Vung Vieng Village

When you visit the fishery village of Vung Vieng, you can engage in the following exciting activities:

  • Sail around the village in a boat piloted by the locals, discover the untamed beauty, and immerse yourself in the tranquil nature.
  • Participate in fishing with fishermen to learn how to cultivate crustaceans on fishing grounds.
  • Let's row and race dragon boats with the same message in the midst of mountains and forests.
  • Utilize the boat rental service and explore the village by kayak.
  • Visit, question fish aquaculture, and listen to people describe the process in detail.
  • Participate in environmental protection efforts and seashore cleanup with fishermen
  • Resting on the cruises and observing the activities of the locals is enough to make you feel extremely relaxed and at ease.

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Vung Vieng has many interesting activities for tourists

Vung Vieng has many interesting activities for tourists

Recommendation for lodging

The most essential aspect of a vacation is selecting a resort hotel that is convenient to move around and where you can completely experience the service. You can refer to Paradise Vietnam's hotel services or attempt overnight cruises or excursion cruises to have the most memorable time in Vung Vieng fishing village and Ha Long Bay.

The first and only boutique hotel on Tuan Chau Island, the gateway to Ha Long Bay, is Paradise Suites. When staying at Paradise Suites, you will enjoy the highest level of service and amenities, as guaranteed by TripAdvisor, the leading and most prestigious travel website. In addition to a tranquil and opulent resort space, the hotel offers a private beach, the most authentic cuisine of the region's heritage, and an abundance of engaging activities.

You can choose Paradise Suite to spend the night in Vung Vieng fish village

You can choose Paradise Suite to spend the night in Vung Vieng fish village

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Experience tourism in the fishing village of Vung Vieng

To make the most of your journey to the fishing village of Vung Vieng, consider the following:

  • From the fishing village, you can reach other tourist attractions such as Devil's Face Island, Bay Gieng, Trong Mai Island, Bai Tho Mountain, etc.
  • Enjoy fresh seafood when visiting the fishery village of Vung Vieng, such as Ha Long worms and Ha Long calamari cake, which are equally alluring.
  • Rent a kayak and explore the untamed and tranquil splendor of the fishing village on your own.
  • The residents are extremely hospitable; you can ask for a night's rest, and the next morning they set sail early.
  • Bring comfortable attire and complete services, including headwear, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and don't neglect your phone, selfie stick, and charge battery for check-in.
  • Bring anti-motion sickness medication to the always entertaining and energetic fishing village of Vung Vieng.

Choosing cruises to help you avoid cruise risks

Choosing cruises to help you avoid cruise risks

Vung Vieng fishery village is an extremely popular destination that visitors to Halong Bay cannot skip. You can refer to Paradise Vietnam's Halong Bay Discovery excursions with sightseeing excursions to this destination to ensure the best possible experience if you wish to visit this location but are concerned about how to move around or organize your itinerary. Please consult the website for more information about Paradise Vietnam cruises:

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