Viet Hai Village: Where Tranquility and Nature Converge

fishing village in halong

Viet Hai Fishing Village is one of the unique tourist attractions with ancient beauty. If you have set foot on Cat Ba, then you must visit Viet Hai Village. The village is compared to a princess sleeping deep in the old forest, poetic and quiet. But it will surprise you because the pace of life is completely separate from the city, returning to the original.

✅ Location ⭐ Cat Ba National Park, in Cat Hai Island District, Hai Phong
Things to do ⭐ Trekking, cycling, fishing, Gulf cuisine,...
✅ Attractions  Cat Ba National Park, "Dark and Light" cave,...
✅ Cruise  ⭐ Paradise Grand Cruise

Viet Hai Village's location

Viet Hai Village - a small fishing village is hidden deep in Cat Ba National Park, in Cat Hai Island District, Hai Phong.

Viet Hai Fishing Village has a relatively small area of only about 15,000 m2, with a population of fewer than 100 households living in simple houses built of bamboo, wood, leaves, and earth. Some people also go to work on the mainland, far away, so Viet Hai Fishing Village is quieter.

Viet Hai - The simple fishing village

Viet Hai - The simple fishing village

Directions to Viet Hai Village

To get to Viet Hai Village, you can move in one of two ways:

  • Option 1: Hiking through the old forest of Cat Ba National Park is 8 km long. This move is quite suitable for those who are passionate about sports and exploration. Admission to Cat Ba National Park is only about $3 per person. After that, you will freely visit and experience your fascinating trip through the forest and wading streams.
  • Option 2: Take a boat across Lan Ha Bay to Viet Hai. This is a less - effortful way, especially for family tours with children. Visitors can rent a boat/canoe to go from Beo Cat Ba Wharf in the southeast of Cat Ba Island to Viet Hai Village through Lan Ha Bay. The most convenient option is to choose Paradise Cruise Grand, a cruise with tours to Viet Hai Fishing Village, Vinh Lan Ha, and many other unique destinations.

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Visit Viet Hai fishing village with Paradise Grand

Visit Viet Hai fishing village with Paradise Grand

Viet Hai Village's Culture & Local Life

Viet Hai Fishing Village is very harmonious with nature. According to local people, their ancestors were fishermen who encountered a big storm, so they took refuge here. Then they found fresh water and settled here until now. Continuing the tradition of their ancestors, the villagers mainly earn their living by fishing, farming, and raising livestock. These small houses, surrounded by a large sea and seemingly backward mountains, have preserved a hundred-year-old culture.

Coming here, you will meet honest, spontaneous fishermen. Tanned skin and rough hands from year-round labor bring the taste of the sea, but they enthusiastically lead you to visit their peaceful settlement. Whenever you need help, the people of Viet Hai Fishing Village will become your potential guides. They live by each other and by nature, so they are always ready to help you. There are almost no social evils or crimes here; even when people leave the house, they do not need to close the door because there has never been a situation of losing things.

Simple houses of lovely people in Viet Hai Village

Simple houses of lovely people in Viet Hai Village

Best time to visit Viet Hai Village?

Viet Hai Fishing Village is always unique. However, for a perfect trip, you can visit Viet Hai Village at the following two golden times:

  • Time from February to March: At this time, it is springtime, so the air is very cool and a bit chilly. Coming here, you will admire the picture of Viet Hai Fishing Village covered with dew, creating a magnificent and fanciful scene.
  • June: The summer period, fresh air, and calm sea are the best times for you to travel to Viet Hai Fishing Village. Especially at this time when the rice is ripe, you will be subdued by the beauty of ripe golden rice fields interspersed with rocky mountains.

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Tourists visit Viet Hai Fishing Village

Tourists visit Viet Hai Fishing Village

Things to do at Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai Fishing Village will take you away from bustling life and back to peace, which is no less interesting. If you do not know what you will play in Viet Hai Village, please refer to the suggestions below.

Trekking through Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is a famous tourist destination in Cat Ba with its extreme trekking route. This is the place with the largest natural ecosystem in the north of our country, with majestic nature. In particular, the most popular trekking route is the Ao Ech route to Viet Hai, lasting from 4-5 hours to take you through rapids, caves, and dark green tropical forests,... However, to participate in this type, you need to have good health and experience in trekking (or be accompanied by a guide), along with the necessary equipment such as insect repellent,terrain climbing shoes, a little snack, and water to support you along the way.

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Cycling Trip to Viet Hai Village and Environs

In addition, to deeply admire the beauty of Cat Ba National Park and Viet Hai Village, you can ride a tram on the concrete road leading to the village. However, most tourists coming here will choose to ride bicycles to enjoy the fresh air and sea breeze blowing at sunrise or sunset through caves, old forests, and ripe golden rice fields.

Cycling Trip is a very popular type

Cycling Trip is a very popular type

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Enjoy fishing activities in Viet Hai Village

As a coastal fishing village, Viet Hai brings you clear blue beaches as well as an extremely rich source of seafood. So don't miss the opportunity to swim in the cool blue water, dive to see the coral, or follow the locals to play the role of a fisherman and experience catching seafood.

Live like a local and embrace the authentic way of life in Viet Hai Village

To build an eco-tourism model, residents of Viet Hai Fishing Village direct tourists to a purely agricultural life, helping them to feel the truest values. Therefore, tourists coming here can also participate in the daily activities of local people's daily lives, such as harvesting shrimp and fish with fishermen, sowing seeds, reaping rice, farming with the villagers of Viet Hai, taking care of cows, pigs, chicken farms, etc.

The peaceful scene of Viet Hai Village

The peaceful scene of Viet Hai Village

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Enjoy Gulf cuisine

One of the programs that are equally important and attract tourists is the culinary experience of Viet Hai Village.

They not only bring visitors delicious and attractive dishes made from fresh, hand-caught seafood but also guide visitors on how to prepare them. If you have visited Viet Hai Fishing Village, you absolutely should not miss the delicious and attractive dishes such as grilled urchin with onion fat, lobster, grouper specialties, grilled squid, and steamed surface,... The people here are not only friendly and hospitable but also have great cooking skills, so you must try it.

Take a cooking class

Cooking programs such as cooking rice in a pot, etc are also popular in Viet Hai Village.

Besides, if you travel to Viet Hai Village by boat, you can experience more interesting activities such as: participating in a cooking class on board, squid fishing, a spa, tai chi practice, etc.

Join the float game at Viet Hai Fishing Village

The characteristic of sea tourism is thrilling games, giving tourists refreshing experiences such as canoeing, skydiving, and surfing.

Especially at Viet Hai Village, you can join the float game with friends and relatives.

Viet Hai Fishing Village

Viet Hai Fishing Village

Kayaking to the "Dark and Light" Cave, Ao Ech

In the middle of the clear blue water, you can go kayaking to the "Dark and Light" cave. The cave is half immersed in the sea, and there is just enough room for small boats to slowly go down the water to help you admire the beauty and mystery. Or visit Ao Ech at Cat Ba Garden, which possesses typical vegetation of tropical forests and is also the only lake that provides water for forest creatures in the dry season.

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Attractions nearby Viet Hai Village

Cat Ba National Park: Cat Ba National Park is a special-use forest in Vietnam, recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve.

  • Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is considered to be the most biologically diverse in Vietnam, with a rich system of forests such as tropical rainforests, forests on limestone mountains, mangrove forests along the island, freshwater wetlands on mountains, etc. Living on it are more than 53 species of animals that attract hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park

  • "Dark and Light" Cave

This is a nearly 100-meter-long cave through the mountain, with the cave floor submerged in seawater, and the ceiling above the water. The cave is divided into two parts: the “Light Cave” and the “Dark Cave”. It is very easy for visitors to get inside the “Light Cave” area, but the “Dark Cave” can be affected by the tide level, so it is necessary to take notes when visiting the cave. Going inside the cave, visitors will admire the beauty of limestone blocks of all shapes and sizes formed by nature. Hidden deep in the cave is a beautiful small lake located between the rocky islands in the bay.

  • Cai Beo Fishing Village

This is known as one of the largest ancient fishing villages in the country and has existed since prehistoric times. Nearly 180 stone tools have been found, including hewn tools, rudimentary grinding tools, 18 thin pieces of hard ceramic, and others that appeared long ago on Earth. Currently, this is the home of hundreds of fishing households, with fisheries and cage farming on the bay. For those who are passionate about exploring, Cai Beo fishing village is an incredible destination on the Cat Ba tour.

Cai Beo Fishing Village

Cai Beo Fishing Village

Viet Hai Village Map

Viet Hai Village is like Hai Phong's peaceful paradise. Perhaps that's why few tourists know about it, but if you've been there once, it's unforgettable. From Viet Hai Village, you can combine visiting many other nearby destinations of Halong Bay.

Viet Hai Village Map

Viet Hai Village Map

Viet Hai Fishing Village is an interesting destination. Its peaceful nature and friendly people bring experiences to tourists from all over the world. So what are you waiting for to visit Viet Hai Village this summer? Contact Paradise Vietnam if you have any questions.

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