Ultimate guide to Cat Ba Ferry: Routes, schedules, and tips for a seamless island adventure

Cat Ba

Do you want to discover the quickest and most cost-effective way to travel from Halong or Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island? Are you seeking thrilling and safe island-hopping experiences via Cat Ba ferry? Dive into this article to unearth the most valuable insights about Cat Ba ferry: routes, schedules, ticket prices, and handy tips for a flawless adventure.

Ultimate guide to Cat Ba Ferry: Routes, schedules, and tips for a seamless island adventure

Ultimate guide to Cat Ba Ferry: Routes, schedules, and tips for a seamless island adventure

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Explore the island paradise of Cat Ba and its ferry terminals

Cat Ba Island is the largest gem in the crown of Halong Bay, situated in the Cat Hai district, part of Hai Phong City. Covering an area of approximately 260 km², Cat Ba Island is home to over 360 smaller islands within the Cat Ba archipelago. Thanks to the growth of tourism and transportation infrastructure, reaching Cat Ba Island by ferry from Halong or Hai Phong has become easily accessible. But which ferry terminals should you be aware of, which routes are the most popular, and what's the cost of transportation? Let's delve into the details.

Explore the island paradise of Cat Ba and its ferry terminals

Explore the island paradise of Cat Ba and its ferry terminals

Cai Vieng ferry terminal

  • Address: 356 Phu Long, Cat Hai, Hai Phong
  • Peak Hours: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM & 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, especially on Fridays and Sundays

Located in an island district, Cai Vieng Ferry Terminal serves a large number of tourists from Got Pier in Hai Phong. From Hai Phong city, it takes about 40 minutes to drive across Tan Vu - Lach Huyen Bridge to reach Got Pier, followed by an additional 30 minutes to reach Cai Vieng Ferry Terminal.

  • Things to know 

Due to high tourist traffic on weekends, ferry journeys can extend to 90 minutes. It's advisable to use personal vehicles such as motorcycles or cars for weekend trips to Cai Vieng.

The ferry accommodates various types of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, and trucks.

Cai Vieng ferry terminal

Cai Vieng ferry terminal

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Gia Luan ferry terminal

  • Address: Cross-Island Road, Gia Luan, Cat Hai, Hai Phong
  • Peak Hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, slightly busier around noon on weekends

Gia Luan Ferry Terminal, located approximately 25 km away from the heart of Cat Ba Island, marks the end point of the cross-island road and serves as a crucial transit hub for most tourists coming from Tuan Chau, Halong. This terminal is of particular significance for travelers looking to embark on a journey from Tuan Chau to Cat Ba Island, as it offers a convenient gateway to paradise.

The ferry ride from Tuan Chau to Cat Ba Island typically takes around 45 to 50 minutes, providing passengers with ample time to soak in the stunning coastal scenery. For those seeking a faster option, a high-speed boat can get you there in just 30 minutes, ensuring a swift and exhilarating voyage.

Please note that Gia Luan port is the designated stop for Paradise Vietnam's high-speed ferry service, connecting travelers directly from Tuan Chau port to the luxurious Paradise Grand cruise, promising you an enchanting and unforgettable Lan Ha Bay exploration. Gia Luan port serves as the anchorage for the Paradise Grand cruise, allowing you to access the stunning landscapes of Lan Ha Bay without passing through Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay. You'll indulge in a unique and upscale travel experience aboard the Paradise Grand cruise, complete with modern amenities, attentive customer service, and exciting activities.

  • Things to know

Arrive at the ferry terminal at least 30 minutes before departure. Schedules may change unexpectedly, with ferries departing up to 40 minutes early or trips being canceled due to low passenger numbers.

Gia Luan ferry terminal

Gia Luan ferry terminal

Ben Beo ferry terminal

  • Address: Cai Beo, Cat Ba Town, Cat Hai, Hai Phong
  • Peak Hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM & 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, especially on weekends

Regarded as the gateway to Lan Ha Bay, Ben Beo Ferry Terminal is just 2 km from the center of Cat Ba Town and 15 km from Cat Ba National Park. In addition to traveling by motorcycle or car, you can also walk from the town center to Ben Beo in just 20 minutes. Departing from this terminal, you can rent a day boat to visit various tourist spots like Monkey Island, Van Boi fishing village, floating markets, and more.

Ben Beo ferry terminal

Ben Beo ferry terminal

Schedule and price

The ferry is a popular choice for traveling to Cat Ba Island. Tuần Châu ferry terminal is located on Ngọc Châu Road, Tuần Châu Ward, in the city of Halong. The ferry departs daily from Tuần Châu terminal, with a frequency of 5-7 trips per day, taking approximately 40 to 50 minutes to reach Gia Luận terminal. The ferry can accommodate various types of vehicles along with passengers. To continue your journey to the heart of Cat Ba Island, you'll need an additional 30-minute transfer through the scenic route that passes through Cat Ba National Park.

Types of tickets

Tickets cost(VND)   








400.000 - 600.000


Departure time from Tuan Chau

Departure time from Gia Luan











How to book cat ba ferry

When it comes to booking ferry tickets to Cat Ba Island, you have two convenient options:

  • Purchase tickets directly at the ferry terminal: You can visit either the Tuan Chau Ferry Terminal or the Got Ferry Terminal to buy tickets at the counter. However, please be aware that during peak hours or weekends, tickets may sell out quickly, and you might have to endure long waiting times. It's advisable to arrive early before the departure time to ensure you have a seat and avoid the risk of trip cancellation.
  • Book online via reputable travel websites: You can utilize trusted travel websites like (Baolau), or (Bookaway) to pre-book Cat Ba Island ferry tickets. Simply input your departure date, the number of passengers, and vehicle type (if applicable) to search for available ferry trips. Then, you can make a secure payment with a credit card or PayPal and receive electronic tickets via email. This method is convenient and ensures you have your ferry tickets ready for your trip.

How to book cat ba ferry

How to book cat ba ferry

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Local tips to travel by Cat Ba ferry

To have a smooth and enjoyable ferry journey to Cat Ba Island, consider the following tips:

  • Bring a jacket or shawl: The sea breeze on the ferry can get chilly and damp, especially during the winter season. Carry a jacket or shawl to stay warm and avoid getting cold.
  • Choose a window or balcony seat: If you want to admire the stunning views of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay during the ferry ride, opt for a seat near a window or balcony. You'll have fantastic moments capturing the beauty of the islands, caves, and floating fishing villages. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture these breathtaking sights.
  • Prepare motion sickness remedies: If you're prone to motion sickness, it's a good idea to prepare motion sickness remedies before boarding the ferry. You can take motion sickness medication as recommended by a doctor or use motion sickness candies or patches to alleviate symptoms. Additionally, avoid overeating or consuming alcohol before the ferry journey.
  • Ensure the safety of your luggage and vehicle: When traveling by ferry, take precautions to safeguard your luggage and vehicle. Keep your belongings close to you or securely lock them to prevent theft. If you're bringing a motorcycle or car, park it in a safe spot and lock it carefully. Also, pay attention to the ferry's license plate to avoid confusion when disembarking.

Local tips to travel by Cat Ba ferry

Local tips to travel by Cat Ba ferry

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Frequently asked questions about Cat Ba Island ferry travel

If you have questions about traveling to Cat Ba Island by ferry, here are some common questions and answers for your reference:

How long does it take to reach Cat Ba Island on the ferry?

The ferry travel time to Cat Ba Island depends on the route and type of vessel you choose. If you depart from Tuan Chau Pier, Halong, it takes approximately 40-50 minutes to reach Gia Luan Pier, Cat Ba Island. Afterward, you'll need an additional 30 minutes to reach the center of Cat Ba Island. If you depart from Got Pier, Hai Phong, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Cai Vieng Pier, Cat Ba Island. Afterward, allow an extra 45 minutes to reach the island's center.

Where do you get the ferry to Cat Ba?

You can get a ferry to Cat Ba Island from two main ferry terminals: Tuan Chau Pier, Halong, and Got Pier, Hai Phong. From these terminals, you can travel to two ferry piers on Cat Ba Island: Gia Luan Pier and Cai Vieng Pier.

How to get from Halong City to Cat Ba

To travel from Halong City to Cat Ba Island, you have two options:

  • By Ferry: You can take a motorcycle or car from Halong City to Tuan Chau Ferry Terminal, which is approximately a 30-minute drive. From Tuan Chau, you can board a ferry to Gia Luan on Cat Ba Island, taking around 40-50 minutes. Finally, you can continue by motorcycle or car from Gia Luan to the center of Cat Ba Island, which is about a 30-minute ride.
  • By Bus: Alternatively, you can take a bus from Halong City to Cat Ba Island. The bus will take you across the Tan Vu - Lach Huyen Bridge and Got Pier, where you can board a ferry to Cai Vieng on Cat Ba Island. Afterward, you can continue your journey by bus to the center of Cat Ba Island. This option takes approximately 2 hours and costs around 180,000 VND per person per way.

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Is it worth visiting Cat Ba Island?

Definitely! Cat Ba Island offers a plethora of attractions and activities, such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, exploring caves, and relaxing on stunning beaches. The island also has a rich culture and history that's worth exploring.

One of the best ways to experience Cat Ba Island is by taking a cruise on the Paradise Grand, a luxury yacht that offers a unique itinerary to explore the pristine Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island. The Paradise Grand cruise features 39 spacious cabins with private balconies, a sundeck with a jacuzzi, a spa, a restaurant, and a bar. You can enjoy the exquisite cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred chefs, the professional service from the crew, and the various activities on board and on shore. The cruise also includes a high-speed boat transfer from Tuan Chau to Cat Ba Island, which saves you time and hassle.

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In conclusion, Cat Ba Ferry remains a vital link between the vibrant Cat Ba Island and the bustling Hai Phong City on Vietnam's picturesque coast. The journey across Lan Ha Bay offers a stunning visual treat for travelers, with its towering limestone karsts and emerald waters. Whether you're a tourist looking to explore the island's unique culture and landscapes or a local commuting to the city, the ferry is a gateway to memorable experiences and seamless transportation.

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