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Halong bay cruise

Lauded as one of the best natural wonders in the world, Halong beckons eager visits from locals and foreigners alike with its gorgeous caves, islands, and small groups of unique rock formations seen nowhere else. 

Though numerous means of transportation and package plans are proposed, a private boat tour Halong Bay with reputed brands like Paradise Vietnam is still the most recommended. With more than 16 years of experience, the staff ensures each cruiser can capture the city in its best panoramic views while still enjoying class-leading food and on-board services.

A further breakdown of Halong Bay private cruise packages will be disclosed in the following guidelines.

Flexibility ⭐ Customized itinerary based on preferences
✅ Privacy ⭐ Exclusive use of the cruise for your group
✅ Services Personalized service, tailored experience
✅ Inclusions ⭐ Tailored activities, meals, dedicated crew

Popular Ha Long Bay Tour Packages

1. Day Cruise Tour

You will have a great time in Paradise Explorer despite the time limit.

You will have a great time in Paradise Explorer despite the time limit. 

Visitors, especially large groups, on tight schedules would likely find day cruise options like Paradise Explorer or Paradise Delight to work best for their travel preferences. 

These private cruises are full packages with all entertainment and food services on board. Savoring qualified meals prepared by talented chefs while taking in the full stunning view of the bay on the spacious decks is an experience you certainly would not want to miss. Particularly, if your group chartered the whole Paradise Delight cruise for your trip, you will be treated to a gourmet 8-course set menu and an exquisite buffet with over 100 Eurosan dishes, especially the baked lobsters with cheese. The cruise's extensive restaurants and bars on Paradise Delight cruise offer a visual spectacle show directed by Hoang Nhat Nam music to showcase the Ha Long’s history, as well as the daily life and rich cultural traditions of floating fishing villages here.

Despite the time limits, these cruises offer numerous water-based activities to choose from. If you choose Paradise Explorer Cruise, feel free to go kayaking, swimming, or embark on a thrilling trip to the top of Titop Island and around Trong Mai Islet. Your on-board lunch will be a culinary feast by talented chefs on the Paradise Explorer.

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2. 2-Day 1-Night Cruises


Paradise Elegance

Paradise Elegance

Paradise Elegance is perfect for 2-day-1-night plans

Paradise Elegance is perfect for 2-day-1-night plans.

Another highly recommended option among Ha Long Bay visitors, these cruises breeze through the best tourist spots in the city during the daytime, with comfortable one-night overstay and culinary services in between.

The Paradise Elegance cruise from Paradise Vietnam is among the best candidates for these packages - one of the top 5 best cruises worldwide. With 31 cabins and an expansive deck with a relaxing jacuzzi, this iron-clad giant will introduce you to all of Halong Bay’s gems along the way. After dropping by Titov Island, you can climb on the top for the best panoramic views. Following is Luon Cave, where you can get immersed in the crystal-clear water of Ha Long. Next morning will be dedicated to a visit to Sung Sot Cave that might leave you in awe with its otherworldly beauty.

As the night comes, Paradise Elegance once again impresses with the fine-dining special experience on board, introducing the highest-quality ingredients prepared by professional chefs nationwide. Immerse in the opulence with either a well-deserved spa session or live music in a lavish bar; it’s your choice!

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3. 3-Day 2-Night Cruises

Enjoy the luxurious dinners

Enjoy the luxurious dinners.  

The 3-day-2-night tour from Paradise Vietnam covers all activities included in the 2-day-1-night package with extra visits to other well-known destinations. The cruise will introduce you to some of the most popular Halong Bay attractions, including the Ga Choi Islet, Dau Go/Thien Canh Son Cave.

You are in for comfortable decks, cozy restaurants, and diverse menu offerings by the best chefs in the world. Destinations on day 1 and 2 like Titov Island, Luon Cave, Tien Ong Cave, Cua Van floating fishing village, and more will take all breaths away and serve as beautiful backdrops for your pictures.

Afternoons are also a great time for some cultural experience. You can choose to go kayaking or visit the Cua Van fishing village via bamboo boat rowing before returning to the yacht, and the final destination in the next morning is Sung Sot Cave.

Daylight trips aside, nighttime amenities do not disappoint, either. After the luxurious 2-star Michelin dinner with Western menus, each cruiser can enjoy relaxing moments of live music; world-class massage therapy services are also available for you at the Le Parfum Spa. 

4. Luxury Cruises in Lan Ha Bay

Paradise Grand is a classy update from its Elegance predecessor.

Paradise Grand is a classy update from its Elegance predecessor.

A classic update from Paradise Elegance, Paradise Grand is lauded by many as the modern symbol of luxurious Lan Ha Bay tourism. By the time of this writing, it is the very first cruise ship from Paradise Vietnam to transport passengers to Cat Ba Island from Tuan Chau by 5-star speedboat Paradise Express, rewarding your eyes with stunning views of limestone mountains and turquoise waters.

Those looking forward to having fun parties and get-togethers during a luxury private boat tour Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay will also be satisfied with the cruise’s spacious sundeck space (450m2). Withstanding 120 people, it also offers an intricate system of high-class bars, restaurants, and comfortable rooms serving the best menus from Michelin-star cooks. The quality outdoor cinema is another non-skip highlight, which allows you to enjoy every blockbuster in the highest definitions while still immersing in the bay’s refreshing night atmosphere and view. 

5. Adventure Tours/ Cruises

Have the best adventures with Paradise Sails.

Have the best adventures with Paradise Sails.

Paradise Sails is tailored for adventurous souls who wish to experience Vietnamese’s local culture and specialties in the best ways possible.

With its unique boutique design and wooden boat construction, the Paradise Sails private cruises entail all the best luxury resort amenities, capable of handling 32 people.

You will be offered ample opportunities to drop by the most popular destinations in Halong Bay, aided by other equally mesmerizing experiences: climbing Titop Island, swimming/kayaking in Luon Cave, visiting Tien Ong Cave and Cua Van floating fishing village, and many more.

For those who still wish to dive further into the raw beauty of Halong Caves, you may book a longer touring package on the Paradise Sails, such as the 3-day-2-night plan. Marching deep into the caves while listening to their mesmerizing backstories recounted by the tour guides is an experience one can hardly forget.

6. Best Private Boat Tour Halong Bay 

Private tours are an appealing option for family or traveling peers who wish to take full control of their own itinerary. 

These plans offer a Halong Bay private cruise (two cabins) and private tour guides that serve your groups only; activities, traveling pacing, and even durations can also be customized according to preferences. 

Paradise Peak, for instance, offers premium butler and meal services in a private cabin. Personal amenities at highest levels, such as separate dining spaces, jacuzzis, and gyms, are also included in the package to give you one of the best 5-star free-flow experiences.

On the other hand, Paradise Delight can be the best venue for private events, such as big parties, company’s gala dinners, and conferences, also lie within the cruise’s generous 360-passenger capacity. 

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Ha Long Bay private cruise with Paradise Cruise

Ha Long Bay private cruise with Paradise Cruise

Why Choose Paradise Vietnam Boats

1. Catering to Diverse Preferences and Group Size

Paradise Vietnam boasts a generous collection of 12 class-leading luxury boats and boutique hotels, whose staff has organized high-quality personalized service over the past 16 years. 

You can browse each boat option to select flexible itineraries that best suit your style and group-sizing demands. The restaurants, spas, and air conditioning rooms on-board during nighttime are also an impressive non-skip, ensuring not a single dull moment for you throughout the trip to Halong Bay.

2. A Perfect Place for your wedding eventHoneymoon or Private Dating

From contemporary iron-clad constructions to elegant boutique wooden boat cases, the Paradise Vietnam cruise collection fulfills every couple’s wildest fantasy for a sweet, romantic honeymoon onboard. And if you want your big day even more memorable, Paradise Suites hotel with up to 500 guests or Paradise Delight dining cruise with a capacity of 360 pax  are the perfect venue to witness your sacred moments.

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Paradise - Romantic Cruise

Paradise - Romantic Cruise


Activity in Paradise Private Cruise

Activity in Paradise Private Cruise

3. Offering All You Need for Event Organization and Special Occasion

Paradies Vietnam’s contemporary boat design, modern equipment, and huge private space is a perfect venue for your seminars, meetings, business conferences, gala dinners, year-end/new year parties, incentive tours, etc. 

Rather than confining your team to traditional, suffocating meeting rooms, you can now pick a large-scale, open-air floating restaurant for 62 to 80 people amidst the vast ocean on the sundeck of Paradise Elegance or Paradise Grand, enjoying a refreshing atmosphere and 100% privacy while still fulfilling other critical demands. 

4. No Shortage of Entertainment Shows on Boats

Just the diverse systems of beaches, hotels, harbors, and yachts in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay alone already guarantee a colorful rendezvous for artistic/cultural events and memorable entertainment. 

Paradise Vietnam also hosts multitudes of music and fashion shows or spectacle shows, led by the successes of reputed names such as musician Duong Cam, singer Thu Phuong, director Longkan, and designer Le Thanh Hoa. 

Tips for Planning a Private Halong Bay Tour

1. Choose The Best Operators/ Travel Consultant

Travel consultants/ operators can make a huge difference between a wonderful time and a disappointing journey. Consider the following criteria when picking your travel agencies:

  • Expertise and Experience. Only opt for travel operators with proven track records in private tour organizations to ensure the richest experience. These agencies will likely have a very insightful understanding of Halong and its local customs, ensuring you a seamless journey.
  • Reputation and Customer Reviews. Research testimonials and customer reviews, if any, to gauge the operator’s organizational skills and reliability. 
  • Local Connections. A well-established operator should have strengthened partnerships and local connections, which translate to one-of-a-kind, exclusive access to diverse attractions and hidden gems not available through other traveling channels. 

2. Pack Wisely For Your Charter

Necessary packed items are critical to any perfect Halong Bay private charter tour. For those traveling for more than one day (e.g., 2-day-1-night cruises), you must prepare extra clothes that work best with the weather conditions and activity types on boats.

A basic charter packing list to include for your private cruise luggage:

  • Critical charter documents: Bring your travel insurance policies, passports, and cash.
  • Sun protection: Do not forget to put in some sunscreen (preferably with high SPF), sunglasses, hats, etc., to shield your body from the sunlight.
  • Swimwear: Swimming and other water activities in the sea could not deliver half of their fun without the basics: towels, swimsuits, glasses, etc.
  • Camera: A good camera (or, at the very least, a  functioning phone) is indispensable to take pictures of Halong’s breathtaking scenery. 

Regarding personal items, most Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay private charter/cruises offer basic items for complimentary hygiene, such as:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Soap, shampoo, hair dryer
  • Shower towel, slippers

Hence, unless disposable utensils are not your favorites, there is no need to pack those belongings at home. 

3. Be More Flexible With Your Halong Bay Private Cruise Tour

While private Halong Bay charter/cruise tours already offer ample room for flexibility, it is important to stay open-minded to adjustments and impromptu changes when necessary. 

Harsh weather at some times of the year might require corresponding adaptations to your own itinerary; think of an alternative or different plan to keep the fun going for your friends and family.

4. Communicate Clearly With The Private Cruise Agency

Be vocal about your itinerary preferences, expectations, or any other special criterion. If anything is unclear or can be improved, inform the cruise company. A responsible and capable operator would note down these requests to ensure the private charter tour meets and exceeds all your expectations. 

Customer Reviews of Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise Tours

1. Professional and Hospitable Charter Staff

Many private charter families have left Halong with a long-lasting impression of Paradise Vietnam’s hospitality and professionalism. Each staff goes out of their way to address possible issues along the trip while maintaining constant communications with both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese passengers; first-time cruise voyagers will feel at home instantly once they step into the sitting area. 

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2. Knowledgeable Private Cruise Tour Guide

Foreign guests return to their home countries filled with satisfaction upon learning all the local myths and historical Vietnamese stories, recited in captivating tones and paces by Paradise Vietnam’s experienced tour guide. And even if you are a Vietnamese yourself, the guide still has numerous surprises and hidden gems stored for you. 

3. Enjoyable Activities and Dishes

Kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, and fishing are only a few examples of activities available in the Paradise Vietnam touring packages for Halong Bay private junk. The menus and dishes, processed by the most talented chefs around the country, also receive much praise from touring families thanks to the impressive balance between traditional and modern, Asian and European styles.

Some Pictures Onboard The ParadiseVietnam Private Cruise

Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise Onboard

Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise Onboard.

Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise

Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise.

Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise Overview

Paradise Vietnam Private Cruise Overview.

Book Your Luxury Cruises with Paradise Vietnam Halong Bay Private Cruise Now

Paradise Vietnam cements its strong position as one of the best luxury private junk operators for Halong visitors, offering unprecedented cruise trips with well-versed itineraries, high-quality food, and memorable sightseeing experiences. 

Contact us now to settle on the best private cruise option and pricing for your ultimate Halong Bay experience!

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