How to choose Halong bay cruise

Many Vietnamese visitors have selected the Halong cruise (Quang Ninh) or Halong Bay cruise ship for their vacation in recent years. The yacht, like a floating hotel on the bay, provides a comprehensive range of utility services, answering the demands of tourists of all types: 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star cruise, Lan Ha Bay cruise, Cat Ba, and so on. You will know how to choose Halong Bay cruise based on your specific needs and budget.

Determine the budget

Each traveler has a unique spending plan. As a result, when selecting a boat, you should think about your budget. When visiting the pearl of Southeast Asia, you have numerous options to select from budget yachts to luxury and high-end yachts. When visiting Halong, you should not pass up the opportunity to sail on a yacht, to select the best shipping business, consider both price and quality. Increased tourist numbers during peak season might have an impact on costs. Nonetheless, promotions will still be applied to tour packages. Before making a decision, you should conduct the study and weigh your options.

In addition, there are numerous tourist tours that include cruise adventures on Halong Bay. When night falls, the entire bay appears to be a lacquer painting, with cruises on dazzling ships filled with the colors of life.

Choose a cruise

There are numerous cruise lines, making it difficult for travelers to select the best one. As a result, before making a decision, consider what you want and need from this Halong vacation.

Budget boat

The cost of boat services in Halong varies greatly, giving visitors a wide range of options. According to the Halong cruise experience, you should be aware that the price of the boat varies depending on the time of year, therefore each voyage has different pricing.

  • Cruise 5 star: This is the most premium cruise line and has a high price tag (often between 3,200,000 and 3,500,000 VND/ 1 person). This price is only valid during the summer. The 4-star cruise line takes advantage of overnight service on Halong Bay. The reference price is normally between 2,500,000 and 2,900,000 VND/ 1 adult. This price is only valid during the summer (and in winter the price is much higher).
  • The 3-star cruise: This is the ship class with the most exploitative fleets. The reference price is normally between 2,000,000 and 2,300,000 VND/ 1 adult. This price is only valid during the summer.

Halong Bay Cruise has many prices

Halong Bay Cruise has many prices

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Luxury cruise 

When money is not an issue, go on a luxury cruise. An upscale overnight cruise can rival a stay at a 5-star hotel, with a well-maintained boat, magnificent accommodations, premium amenities and outstanding staff. Based on your budget, you can know how to choose Halong Bay cruise that meets your needs, such as a special bathtub with a bay view, a large bed, a banquet-style lounge, a restaurant serving a Mixed buffet and à la carte service, Jacuzzi on the sundeck, and many other amenities.

The luxury cruise will bring you a memorable experience

The luxury cruise will bring you a memorable experience

If you appreciate onboard activities, you should book a 5-star cruise to make the most of your visit. If you're still not sure which cruise to take, check out our top luxury cruises in Halong Bay.

  • Paradise Elegance: Launched in 2016, is all-inclusive, chic, and cutting-edge. A 5-star luxury cruise with excellent accommodations in Halong Bay is available. This magnificent ship can meet all your needs while taking you to one of the world's most beautiful places.

Paradise Elegance is Paradise Vietnam's luxury cruise

Paradise Elegance is Paradise Vietnam's luxury cruise

  • Paradise Peak: Offering you the ultimate experience in the amenities of a luxury resort combined with the ultimate sophistication of a boutique hotel. We offer tailored trips and activities, allowing you to build your own tour. You can enjoy privacy in a luxurious space with an in-room butler or enjoy a culinary feast at the shared dining space and hot tub in the cabin. In addition, you can easily find gyms, libraries and luxury outdoor bars.
  • Paradise Sails: Our luxury cruise with impeccable service will create unforgettable experiences. The expedition explores Halong Bay with features like swimming and kayaking in the emerald water and a luxurious spa and massage on board for a relaxing cruise.
  • Paradise Delight: Halong Bay Paradise Delight's 5-star cruise is one of a kind. Paradise Delight restaurant cruise will be a great and wonderful place for parties on Halong Bay while enjoying the culinary quintessence while admiring the charming scenery as well as watching the spectacle shows, live music and kid club, etc.
  • Paradise Explorer: A luxury day cruise to Halong Bay, is ideal for time-pressed guests who wish to see the best of Halong Bay in 1 day. Paradise cruise's 5-star service is available at a low price. Packages with shuttle buses from Hanoi to Halong save time and money.
  • Paradise Grand: A luxury 5-star cruise on Lan Ha Bay, Paradise Grand has 39 cabins with balconies overlooking the bay, modern equipment and attention-to-detail decor. Services, outdoor cinema, entertainment, and dining activities are all directed to the highest standards. Choosing to stay on Paradise Grand Cruise will definitely bring you moments of relaxation and the most rewarding experience.

Paradise VietNam

Paradise VietNam

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Determine the journey time

The best junk boat options are 3 days 2 nights and 2 days 1 night. Although your board at midday and disembark at 11:30 a.m., the 2-day cruise option only lasts 24 hours. The 3-day tour includes half-days on the first and concluding days. 

Hence, if you are not on a tight price or time limitation, a 3 days 2 nights tour is better than a 2 days 1 night choice because it gives you more time to unwind. Due to time and money constraints, travelers prefer a 2 days 1 night Halong Bay cruise. Get a balcony room on a 3-day junk boat for additional relaxing activities.

Enjoy a wonderful time on the Halong Bay cruise

Enjoy a wonderful time on the Halong Bay cruise

Determine the route

A nice boat voyage has several travel paths. Some boats follow less-touristy paths while most sail to the most popular spots. Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay are the three main areas to visit. Some cruises claim to visit two or all three zones, yet they just sail through them.

Halong Bay Main Route – an excursion to a UNESCO Heritage.

If you enjoy the lively scene, simply select a ship that allows you to spend the night in the Halong Bay districts. Because this is the most famous zone in the Gulf of Tonkin, numerous visitors and cruise ships visit every day. This region also includes the most magnificent old caverns, including Sung Sot, Ti Top, Thien Cung, Dau Go, and others. If you enjoy adventure, Halong Bay is the place to be!

Paradise Elegance Cruise in Halong Bay

Paradise Elegance Cruise in Halong Bay

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Lan Ha Bay – The hidden gem for luxury travel

Lan Ha Bay is believed to be the most beautiful place here, and cruising in Halong Bay has been a popular activity for nearly four years. Lan Ha Bay is less congested than Halong Bay and is ideal for those looking for a genuine trip of best tour. 

Although there aren't many intriguing caves and beaches to see in Lan Ha Bay, you can still go on a gentle adventure by arranging a cruise that cruises around Lan Ha Bay and visits Cat Ba Island. A trip to Cat Ba Island usually includes a brief bicycle tour as well as visits to Trung Trang Cave and Cat Ba National Park.

Explore Lan Ha Bay by Paradise Cruise

Explore Lan Ha Bay by Paradise Cruise

Book Halong Bay Cruise

After determining how to choose Halong Bay cruise, you will need to schedule a cruise and experience. Below are a few examples of standard booking forms.

Booked through Vietnam tour operator

Online and in Hanoi Old Quarter, hundreds of travel agents offer cheap 2-day 1-night or 3 days 2-night overnight cruises in Halong Bay. But, a cheap price doesn't mean the greatest price, and although Vietnam's trip cost is low, an unbelievably inexpensive price of services, especially for the junk boat, appears incredible. Before choosing, carefully research the best company.

Online booking sites

Aside from the intermediate tour companies, there are numerous websites and applications that can assist you in booking a cruise in Halong Bay in advance. With its quick and convenient features, this is also the form that many people choose. Unfortunately, dealing with a problem or inaccuracy while hiring a yacht through an internet intermediary is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Paradise Vietnam's website

The website offers a faster, easier, and more proactive approach to scheduling a cruise in Halong Bay. You will simply locate the interface for booking a yacht that accepts a range of payment ways.

Book your cruise easily at the Paradise Vietnam website

Book your cruise easily at the Paradise Vietnam website

The fact that you reserve your own boat through the Paradise Vietnam website not only allows you to consult more information on the yacht during the booking process, but it also saves you money on intermediary fees. Dealing directly with Paradise Vietnam saves time and money, and our experienced and direct consulting staff will teach you more about the product you are about to utilize.

Book your cruise now at: 

Choosing a means of transportation to travel to Halong Bay

To make your visit to Halong Bay more comprehensive and seamless, in addition to resolving the question of how to choose Halong Bay cruise, you also need to find a way to move around during your trip.


Between takeoff and landing, the seaplane offers spectacular views of Halong Bay from 300 meters in the air. This option offers a luxury ride, lasts 60 minutes, supports Internet connectivity and seats 12. The shuttle bus goes from hotels in the Old Quarter to the take-off location. Private transfers are advised outside of this area.

Travel to Halong Bay by seaplane 

Travel to Halong Bay by seaplane 

Shuttle bus

Customers say Paradise Vietnam's luxury transportation exceeds expectations. Its a beautiful design, soft seating, and convenient amenities will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Paradise Vietnam's luxury limousine has ambient lighting, free WiFi, and mineral water for 8 people.

Experience the shuttles of Paradise Vietnam

Experience the shuttles of Paradise Vietnam

Private car

On request, comfortable private automobiles such as Toyota Innova, Ford Transit Luxury, Mercedes-Benz Vans, and others can be arranged. We propose a maximum occupancy of 2-3 persons for a 4-7 seater automobile and 8 passengers for a mini-van to ensure a pleasant trip. Please contact the sales associate who confirmed your trip by email or phone to book a private car.

You can choose a private car if you want your own space

You can choose a private car if you want your own space


You can also take advantage of the Halong Bay bus routes. Please keep in mind that if you are traveling by bus, you must ensure that your route and tour time match the operation times and stations of the bus routes.

Pack your suitcase and travel

You have just answered the question of how to choose Halong Bay cruise and some other frequently asked questions with Paradise Vietnam. It's time to pack your belongings, travel to Halong Bay, and experience the answer to our perfect cruise and cruise.

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