Halong Bay Cruise Overnight Itinerary: Top Tips and Must-See Sights

Halong bay cruise

Halong Bay boasts a spectacular tableau of towering limestone formations and tranquil green waters, and an overnight cruise is one of the best ways to truly revel in the splendor of this UNESCO-protected haven. This guide offers a curated Halong Bay cruise overnight itinerary packed with expert recommendations and essential stops so you can capture the essence of this natural wonder.

Weather and the best time for an overnight Halong Bay boat trip

Schedule your Halong Bay trip during the season that supports your desired activities

Best time for Halong Bay cruise overnight

The weather patterns here can be broadly divided into a cooler, drier period from October to April and a warmer, rainier summer spanning the months of May through September. This split is attributed to monsoon seasons, a phenomenon common to tropical regions.

When planning a trip to Ha Long Bay, the optimal time to visit is from October to April. During this period, visitors can enjoy comfortable outdoor sightseeing, as the clear blue skies tend to be brighter and rainfall is minimal, with the exception of occasional light drizzle.

For those keen on trekking, cycling, or exploring rural villages, this period presents ideal conditions. The main drawback is that some water-based activities, like kayaking, may be limited during the colder period.

Experience the best Halong Bay overnight cruises in 2024

Paradise Sails Cruise - Exquisite views of Halong Bay overnight cruise

This overnight cruise is meticulously designed, echoing the charm of traditional Vietnamese junks yet infused with modern luxury at every turn. From the outset, guests are greeted by interiors adorned with rich sophisticated fabrics and wood, creating an atmosphere that’s both elegant and intimate.

With 16 cabins for 32 guests, it promises tailored services and an exceptional personal touch. Those aboard can indulge in a diverse fusion menu at the upscale onboard restaurant or immerse in authentic relaxation at the Le Parfum Spa, which provides a dedicated treatment room for holistic therapies.

With Paradise Sails, voyagers are treated to immersive excursions — from the royal-style dinner events reminiscent of Vietnam's regal past to insightful journeys uncovering Halong Bay's natural wonders.

Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment on our Halong Bay overnight cruise overnight trip

A rejuvenating spa treatment during our overnight Halong Bay cruise with Paradise Sails

Paradise Peak Cruise - Enchanting Halong Bay cruise experience

This boutique vessel artfully combines Vietnam's timeless traditional aesthetics with avant-garde facilities, setting the gold standard for cruising in Halong Bay. 

Step aboard, and you'll quickly discern what sets Paradise Peak apart. With only 8 cabins, each boasting top-tier amenities like personal jacuzzis, dedicated dining areas, and bespoke butler service, you are guaranteed a premier voyage. Every cabin, from the Junior Suite to the Superior Suite or Premium Suite, exudes sophistication, offering a haven of relaxation amidst Halong's ethereal landscapes.

But Paradise Peak's luxury goes beyond its cabins. The ship boasts an array of facilities that cater to every whim and desire. You can maintain your fitness regimen while at sea with its state-of-the-art gym. If you fancy a tranquil evening with a book or a cocktail, the outdoor bar and library are at your service. And for those seeking holistic rejuvenation, the Le Parfum Spa offers three massage rooms, a sauna, and a jacuzzi.

An enticing feature of this Halong overnight cruise is its free-flow service. You can indulge in unlimited non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring that their culinary journey is as mesmerizing as the scenic one. Options abound at night, including engaging in a game of cards, or trying your hand at squid fishing.

Paradise Peak Cruise

Halong bay boat trip overnight - Paradise Peak Cruise

End your days exploring Halong Bay by watching movies in our onboard lounge after dark

End your Halong bay cruise overnight by watching movies in our onboard lounge

Paradise Elegance Cruise - Tranquil charm of Halong Bay cruise

While the Paradise Sails and Paradise Peak offer intimate and boutique experiences, the Paradise Elegance takes luxury cruising to a grander scale. As one of the larger vessels in the Paradise Vietnam fleet, Paradise Elegance combines size with sophistication, presenting an all-inclusive luxury cruise that's undeniably among the world's best.

The Paradise Elegance showcases a masterclass in neo-classical design. The ship's expansive sundeck is graced with a contemporary jacuzzi, allowing guests to soak up the mesmerizing beauty of the bay.

Beyond its luxurious interiors, the Halong overnight cruise is dedicated to holistic wellness. The Le Parfum Spa is home to four treatment rooms, promising a tranquil haven where you can indulge in therapies crafted to rejuvenate both body and spirit. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in Halong Bay’s natural beauty by utilizing kayaking equipment or simply engaging in tranquil activities like squid fishing.

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Paradise Elegance Cruise

Image of Paradise Elegance Cruise - One of the Halong Bay Overnight Cruises

Spend an evening listening to live piano in our cozy onboard lounge

Spend an evening listening to live piano in our cozy onboard lounge

Trip highlights for Halong bay boat trip overnight

Despite the limited period of time, the best overnight cruise Halong Bay options offer an opportunity to immerse oneself in the captivating splendor of this UNESCO-listed natural wonder. Here are some of the Halong bay tour highlights to anticipate during your journey.

Discover the renowned attractions of Halong Bay

An overnight cruise in Halong Bay promises awe-inspiring vistas of the bay's signature limestone peaks, karst outcrops, and scenic beauty.

Meanwhile, getting on a Paradise Elegance, Paradise Sails, or Paradise Peak walks you through the stunning charm of Titov Island, Tien Ong Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, the Trong Mai (Fighting Cock) Islet, and many others. 

Immerse yourself in the lives of local people

Immerse yourself in the local culture with these overnight cruise itineraries, visiting Luon Cave and Cua Van fishing village. Here, you can learn about their work and kayak in the pristine waters. These waterborne communities provide an invaluable glimpse into the indigenous fishermen's daily lives, their quaint aquatic homes, and their water-centric livelihoods.

Cruising is the optimal way to explore Halong Bay's natural beauty.

Halong bay boat trip overnight is the optimal way to explore Halong Bay's natural beauty

Sleep onboard the ship

Most cruises boast a selection of cabin choices, from standard rooms to lavish suites, ensuring every traveler finds their sanctuary with a range of cruise amenities. Here at Paradise Vietnam, you have various cabin choices, like Paradise Peak cruise with 8 cabins, Paradise Sails cruise with 16 cabins, and Paradise Elegance cruise with 31 cabins, with each cabin accommodating 2 cruisers.

Their rooms are designed for utmost comfort with air-conditioning, plush bedding, en-suite facilities, and a private balcony, making for an idyllic choice for you to stay at a Halong Bay junk boat overnight. The 5-star Paradise Peak cruise, for instance, also treats you to the relaxing Jacuzzis, a well-equipped fitness room, butler service, and michelin-quality meals at a private dining area.

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Sleeping onboard the ship 

Sleeping onboard the Halong Bay cruise accommodation boat trip overnight

There's an array of cabin and suite options to spend the night during your Halong Bay overnight cruise

A variety of cabin and suite options for an unforgettable Halong Bay overnight cruise

Savor flavorsome marine cuisine

With fresh catches made by the bay's dedicated fishermen, the onboard menu invariably takes you on a delectable voyage. It features dishes like succulent grilled prawns, aromatic steamed crabs, and exquisite fish preparations.

Many cruise itineraries enhance this dining experience by organizing alfresco seafood feasts. The silhouettes of limestone formations and emerald waters form the perfect backdrop, enhancing your meal experience manifold.

Feasting on delicious seafood

Feasting on delicious seafood

Savor high-quality dishes at our onboard restaurants

Savor high-quality dishes at the restaurants on overnight cruise

Kayaking and swimming

Halong Bay's exploration takes on a new dimension when experienced from a kayak. Offering you the chance to navigate its clear waters, kayaking is your ticket to the hidden gems of the bay.

During your cruise activities, you can venture into untouched caves like Sung Sot, Dark and Bright cave, and the enchanting Luon Cave. Each stroke of your paddle brings you closer to nature, allowing the sheer cliffs, vast lagoons, and iconic limestone pillars to paint a mesmerizing picture around you.

You can also step into the soothing embrace of the bay's waters for a swim. Surrounded by green islands and tall, shadow-casting karsts, you'll truly understand why Halong Bay remains a top destination.

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Kayaking is one of the most breathtaking ways to explore Halong Bay

Kayaking is one of the most breathtaking ways to explore Halong Bay

Visit fishing villages

Deep within Halong Bay's stunning confines lies Viet Hai village, a beacon of simplicity and tradition in an ever-changing world. When stepping into this enclave, you'll explore homes crafted from palm and bamboo, each telling stories of generations that have lived there.

The emerald rice fields stretch endlessly, a testament to the village's agrarian roots, while the towering limestone mountains stand as ancient guardians.

Beyond its scenic allure, Viet Hai floating village calls out to the adventurer in you. Guided treks into the dense jungles, offering glimpses of local flora and fauna, promise exhilaration. Meanwhile, boat rides to the serene Lan Ha Bay offer a different, equally stunning scenery.

Explore caves

Explore Caves In Halong Bay

Explore caves in Halong Bay boat trip overnight

The subterranean world of Halong Bay presents an opportunity to witness the geologic marvels that have, over time, earned this region its esteemed recognition.

Here, within the intricate labyrinth of limestone, each of these caves echoes its own tale of time and nature:

  • Sung Sot Cave: Often referred to as the 'Surprise Cave,' Sung Sot never fails to astound visitors. The cave unfolds into vast chambers with gigantic hanging and rising mineral formations mimicking a stony forest. The gentle illumination within the chambers accentuates the details, casting ethereal shadows and presenting an almost dreamlike ambiance.
  • Dark and Bright Cave: The journey, whether by boat or kayak, introduces travelers to a world of natural wonders. Here, light playfully dances upon stone, and stalagmites and stalactites gleam under the gentle sunlight piercing through the cave's mouth.
  • Thien Canh Son Cave: The cavern, bathed in a soft luminescence, displays rock formations so intricately formed they appear to echo tales of mythical beasts and ancient legends. Every corner of this cave evokes a feeling of stepping into pages of a legendary tome, rich with lore and enchantment.
  • Luon Cave: A trip to Luon Cave is not merely an exploration but an adventure. The entrance is snug and demanding, but what lies beyond is breathtaking - a verdant amphitheater encased by looming limestone walls, cradling crystal-clear waters that reflect the vibrant greenery overhead.

Discovering Halong Bay's magnificent caves is a highlight of many cruises in the area

Discovering Halong Bay's magnificent caves is a highlight of many cruises in the area

Squid fishing

Amid the serene stillness of Halong Bay's overnight stay, a unique experience awaits the eager traveler—squid fishing.

The vast expanse of the dark sky, peppered with stars, stretches endlessly above, casting a shimmering reflection upon the gentle waves below. The blend of this celestial spectacle with the rhythmic motion of the fishing rod creates an atmosphere of tranquility, punctuated by bursts of excitement with every catch.

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Experience local squid fishing first-hand on your Halong Bay overnight cruise

Experience local squid fishing first-hand on your Halong Bay overnight cruise

Cooking class

The Paradise Vietnam cooking classes on cruises as part of a travel package will give you an immersive dive into the rich tapestry of Vietnam's culinary heritage. Guided by seasoned chefs, you'll uncover the secrets behind the country's iconic dishes, from selecting the freshest ingredients to mastering the delicate art of presentation.

Once the class concludes, you'll have a piece of Vietnam that you can recreate in your kitchen, sharing its flavors with loved ones and reliving the memories of your Halong Bay tour adventure.

Master traditional Vietnamese dishes yourself through an immersive cooking class

Master traditional Vietnamese dishes yourself through an immersive cooking class

Paradise Vietnam’s Halong Bay overnight cruise itinerary

Experience luxury, entertainment, and breathtaking nature all in one package with our luxury Halong Bay overnight cruise options.

2-Day-1-Night Trip

Day 1: The Halong cruise adventure kickstarts at Tuan Chau Island, where guests embark on the cruise.

The first day unfolds with an immersive visit to Titov Island. The island offers two exhilarating choices: ascend its peak to marvel at the panoramic vistas of the sprawling Halong Bay or enjoy the pristine beach's crystalline waters. The journey then navigates through the Halong Bay's iconic landmark - Luon Cave. 

As evening descends, the luxury cruise anchors in a serene bay, setting the scene for a night of leisure and luxury.

Day 2: The second day on the Halong cruise begins with an invigorating session of Tai Chi on the L’Odyssée Sundeck. As the sun's first rays paint the bay, guests are invited to embrace tranquility and harmony through this ancient martial art form.

Following a light breakfast, the journey sails towards its final exploration point – the awe-inspiring Sung Sot Cave.

Upon returning to the cruise, guests are treated to a sumptuous breakfast buffet at Le Marin restaurant. Concluding the memorable journey, by late morning, the cruise docks back at Tuan Chau Island.

Ease into the day with an invigorating Tai Chi session led by our professional instructors

Ease into the day on Halong bay cruise with an invigorating Tai Chi session 

3-Day-2-Night Trip

Day 1: With itinerary planning in mind, Day 2 follows the same schedule as Day 1 in our 2-Day-1-Night trip

Day 2: The day begins with an invigorating Tai Chi session on the sundeck, welcoming the first rays of the sun and embracing the tranquility that the morning offers.

Following this calming routine, you can relish a luxurious buffet breakfast at the Le Marin restaurant. The next phase of exploration entails boarding the Paradise Explorer. The vessel steers towards the most picturesque hotspots of Halong Bay, including Dong Tien Lake, Trong Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, and various other captivating sights.

The journey takes them to the mesmerizing Tien Ong Cave, renowned for its intricate stalactites and stalagmites. Within the cave, there's an archaeological exhibit showcasing relics from prehistoric times, evidence of life existing thousands of years ago.

By noon, the luxury cruise anchors in the scenic Deu Cave area. Here, you are treated to a lavish lunch amidst the unparalleled serenity that only Halong Bay can offer. The afternoon beckons with a visit to Cua Van floating village. You have the choice to navigate the waters using kayaks or to tour the village in traditional bamboo boats.

As the day progresses, everyone returns to the main cruise to continue their journey through the enchanting Halong Bay. Late afternoon, the vessel anchors once more, presenting you with the opportunity to witness the bay's mesmerizing sunset.

The evening offers another unique culinary lesson with the head chef–a splendid time to enjoy a live band performance and indulge in the gourmet dinner.

Our Halong cruises allow you to get up close to the breathtaking islands scattered across the bay

An overnight Halong Bay cruise allows you to get up close to the islands scattered 

Day 3: As dawn breaks, you are greeted with another invigorating Tai Chi session on the L’Odyssée Sundeck, allowing them to feel connected with the serene environment of Halong Bay.

A light breakfast is then served to energize you for the upcoming exploration. The highlight of the morning is to visit Sung Sot Cave, the largest and arguably the most magnificent cave in Halong Bay.

Returning to the cruise, a lavish buffet breakfast awaits at the Le Marin restaurant. The journey then continues with the cruise once again passing by iconic landmarks such as Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, and Fighting Cock Islet.

As the voyage nears its end, guests proceed with the checkout formalities at the reception desk, settling any bills and preparing for disembarkation. By mid-morning, the cruise ship docks at Tuan Chau Island, marking the end of an unforgettable Halong Bay boat trip overnight.

Departure time and location for Halong bay boat trip overnight

Multi-day Halong Bay cruises typically set sail around noon to maximize time on the water.

Multi-day Halong Bay cruises typically set sail around noon

Your chosen cruise option dictates both the time and place of departure. The primary point of embarkation is Tuan Chau Wharf, found just 8 kilometers outside of Halong City. Cruise operators may also alternatively depart from other locations in Hai Phong or Quang Ninh.

It is highly advisable to confirm your cruise's precise departure time and location directly with the provider well in advance.

Most of these Halong cruises have their boarding times set for early afternoon, usually around noon. Paradise Elegance, Paradise Sails, and Paradise Peak all depart at 12 p.m., and you can check in at their Paradise Suites Hotel.

Make transportation plans to arrive comfortably ahead of schedule, accounting for traffic or other potential delays. Arriving early eliminates any risk of missing your scheduled departure.

Costs of Halong Bay cruise overnight

The cost of an overnight cruise in Halong Bay can vary significantly based on several factors, including the cruise operator, the level of luxury, the duration of the cruise, the type of cabin. It's essential to research and compare options to find one that fits your budget and preferences.

Cost of Paradise Peak 2 days 1 night for single or double and children

Cost of Paradise Peak 2 days 1 night for single or double and children

Table price of Paradise Elegance 2 days 1 night

Table price of Paradise Elegance 2 days 1 night

Table price of Paradise Sails 2 days 1 night 

Table price of Paradise Sails 2 days 1 night 

Table price of Paradise Sails 2 days 1 night 

Typically, costs may vary between $100 to $300 each person. There are cruises tailored to provide a comprehensive Halong Bay experience without the premium price tag. These budget-friendly options prioritize essential amenities, often featuring shared accommodations.

For those seeking a more opulent experience, there are premium cruises available. They offer enhanced amenities like private balconies, specialized spa treatments, and gourmet dining experiences. These luxury options can command prices of up to more than $500 per person.

Be aware that even with the established price, some cruises might levy additional charges for specific activities or premium services.

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Ready for your Halong Bay overnight cruise?

Is it worth staying on a cruise in Halong Bay?

Absolutely, it is worth staying on a cruise in Halong Bay. The pristine beauty of Halong Bay, with its towering limestone karsts and emerald waters, is best experienced from the deck of a cruise ship.

With a Halong Bay boat trip overnight, you will get the chance to witness the bay's splendor up close, navigate through its islets, and discover hidden lagoons and caves that are otherwise inaccessible. Staying overnight on the calm water also lets you soak in the breathtaking sunset and sunrise and make the experience truly unforgettable.

Our sundecks provide prized vantage points to take in Halong Bay's breathtaking scenery

Sundecks on Halong bay cruise overnight provide vantage points Halong Bay's scenery

How many nights do you need in Halong Bay?

Two or three nights should give you enough time to capture the essence of Halong Bay tourist experience. This duration ensures that guests can explore significant landmarks, partake in enjoyable activities, and still have moments of relaxation amidst the bay's serene setting.

Which option is preferable: an overnight cruise or a day cruise in Halong Bay?
Whichever kind of immersion you like, an overnight or day cruise in Halong Bay is what you should do. Halong bay boat trip overnight offers a more tranquil experience with activities like night squid fishing, allowing you to take in the beauty of the bay between dusk and dawn. A day cruise gives you a peek but not enough time to explore. If you have the time, staying overnight offers a more in-depth, relaxed experience of the breathtaking scenery.

What should first-timers keep in mind when choose overnight cruise in Halong Bay?
When embarking on an overnight cruise in Halong Bay for the first time, it's critical to take into account the cruise operator's reputation, the itinerary, cabin comfort, and included activities. Make sure the trip suits your interests for leisure and activities, and keep an eye out for any hidden fees.

Do all overnight cruises in Halong Bay provide meals as part of the package?
Yes, meals are included in the price of most overnight cruises in Halong Bay. They usually serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a focus on regional Vietnamese cuisines and fresh seafood.

Paradise Vietnam specializes in offering world-class Halong Bay overnight cruises that epitomize luxury and comfort. Tourist reviews rave about the enchanting Halong Bay cruise overnight with Paradise, highlighting the breathtaking landscapes and impeccable services that make it an unforgettable experience. For those interested in immersing themselves in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, we would be delighted if you could contact us for further details or to make a booking.

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