Weather In Ha Long Bay - Best Time To Visit HaLong Bay

Weather In Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the magnificent World Wonders that attracts millions of visitors annually. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery in Halong, the most considerable factor affecting your experience is the weather in Ha Long Bay. Now, let’s closely examine how Halong Bay weather varies at separate times of the year.

What Is The Climate Like In Halong Bay? Weather In Halong Bay Overview

Halong Bay is a natural beauty spot in Quang Ninh province, a region on the Northeastern coast of Vietnam. For this reason, Halong Bay weather will depend on the general climate of North Vietnam.

In general, Halong Bay features the typical tropical monsoon climate in North Vietnam. Consequently, Halong Bay weather varies in four seasons annually: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

When coming to this tourist hotspot in Spring, from February to April, you will stand a good chance of feeling the warmth and humidity in this paradise. On the other hand, the rainy season, storm season, and also the season witnessing the highest temperature in Ha Long Bay is Summer, from May to August. 

The Fall, from September to October, is favorable for people to indulge in Ha Long Bay's cool wind and gentle sunshine. Lastly, Halong Bay’s Winter months last from November to January. This is the only time of the year visitors can enjoy the chilly Halong Bay weather with the lowest temperature range.

Plenty of enjoyable activities that you can do

Exploring Halong Bay on a cruise is a highly-recommended activity

Deciding which season is the most suitable for tourists to discover Halong Bay has never been easy. Although the Summer months are considered the vacation time of the year, most tourists find Autumn the best time to spend their time in this seascape. 

Therefore, it’s always highly recommended to experience the Ha Long Bay weather in four separate seasons to contemplate all its shades through a captivating transformation across the year.

On Google, you will easily find websites that provide Halong Bay weather forecast information. Here are the popular sites:

  • National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting
  • Accuweather







18°C – 23°C (64°F – 73°F)

24°C – 32°C (75°F – 89°F)

18°C – 23°C (64°F – 73°F)

15°C – 21°C (59°F – 69°F)

Rain level

Medium - Under 100mm/month

High - over 200mm/month (peaks at 300mm in August)

Range - from 50mm to 200mm/month (September - October)



60% - 80%

60% - 80%

60% - 80%

60% - 70%

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Halong Bay In Spring

The dissection of Halong Bay weather by month will start in the Spring. February or late January witnesses the comeback of Spring in Halong Bay, which ends in April. During this time, the average temperature often ranges from 18 to 27 degrees Celsius with the typical light rain and drizzling weather of North Vietnam.

Although the weather in the Spring remains cold from the Winter, the temp is not so cold that tourists must wear bulky outfits. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the coastal vibe with energetic and neat clothes. Besides, the weather is not that freezing to hinder visitors from manipulating the majestic and primitive limestone and caves in this natural complex. 

If you visit the Descending Dragon Bay on the last days of the Spring, you’ll see the fog emerge from the depths of the sea, rising like a whispered secret, revealing and concealing in equal measure. Honestly, the fog may affect your panoramic vision over the bay, but it will reveal the mysterious and tranquil beauty of the World Wonder.

During the foggy Halong Bay weather, you should rely on the weather forecast before participating in outdoor activities like kayaking, visiting caves and nearby islands (like Tuan Chau Island), and especially going on a cruise - the best way to discover the charm of Halong Bay.

Paradise Vietnam provides you with various cutting-edge cruise options. Cruising through the stunning landscape of Ha Long Bay is a mesmerizing experience that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression on all who have the privilege to witness its beauty.

During this festive season, taking a cruise tour at Paradise Vietnam also gives you a chance to experience traditional activities during Tet holiday, like savoring traditional dishes for Tet, seeing different types of peach blossoms, and blending in the joyful vibe with the people there.

Sunbathing on cruise 

Enjoying the bright and natural sunlight in Halong Bay

Read more details about the months of the spring season:

Halong Bay In Summer

The highest temperature range, humidity, and total precipitation in this region are recorded in the Summer, from May to August. In this rainy season, Halong Bay visitors may get annoyed by the high temperatures during daylight, but the incredible and romantic sight of sunset and sunrise on the Bay will make up for the uncomfortable weather. 

Summer is the time of vacation with bright and sunny skies, but the negative weather conditions in Ha Long may result in unwanted travel events, such as precipitation, heavy rains, or storms. 

The unfavorable Halong Bay weather often holds you down in the period from July to August. During that time, checking the forecast of weather in Halong Bay 10 days before your trip is always a wise move. 

Particularly when you plan to pay for a luxurious cruise in Halong Bay in the wettest month (July or August), checking the weather forecast will prevent your schedule from being ruined by canceled trips.


Enjoy the vitamin sea of a perfect summer vacation in May

Enjoy the vitamin sea of a perfect summer vacation in May

Vietnamese have the most days off in the Summer. Hence, traveling to Ha Long Bay in the summer months is an appropriate idea if you want to join the bustling and lively atmosphere with domestic tourists. Or else, you can save your budget to visit Halong Bay in other seasons for a quieter and more private exploration of the World's Wonders.

Read more details about the months of the summer season:

Halong Bay In Fall

In North Vietnam, Fall is the season with the most pleasant weather. For this reason, the weather will be at its finest from September to October.

The heavy rains, storms, and high temperatures give way to cool winds, slightly sunny weather, and relative humidity. This is the optimal time for you to behold the charming and breathtaking scenery of Halong Bay without interruption from adverse natural phenomena. How can it be more joyful than sunbathing on a cruise while observing the pristine and stunning rock formations in Halong Bay?

You can also have unforgettable memories in Halong Bay when contemplating the indescribable transient beauty as daybreaks unfold over the bay without any obstacles from the fog. 

However, if you come to Halong Bay on the last days of Autumn, you should pack some winter clothes to deal with the Northeastern monsoons. 

Read more details about the months of the fall season:

Halong Bay In Winter

From November to January, tourists will stand a good chance of experiencing the true Winter in a tropical country like Vietnam. Halong Bay weather will be harsher, with winter temperatures dropping considerably to around even less than 10 degrees Celsius but never below 0 degrees Celsius. 

The lowest temperature in Vietnam is always recorded in the Winter. Besides, the remarkable characteristic of the Winter nature in Halong Bay is the longer duration of the night compared to the day and less rainfall. 

Light rain and drizzle will take the place of the Summer heavy rain in the Winter. As a result, the light rain and the lack of sunlight will contribute to the foggy and cloudy vibes in the bay. Halong Bay will transform into a mystic and peaceful picture filled with looming limestone islands and various-shaped rock formations.

You can enjoy the full beauty of the bay on the cruise

You can enjoy the full beauty of the bay on the cruise

Unfortunately, the winter's chilly weather is unsuitable for tourists participating in Halong Bay outdoor activities, like swimming, kayaking, or sunbathing. However, you can still indulge yourself in the cozy and romantic vibe with your partners in a luxurious ship cruising the bay if you entrust Paradise Vietnam to be your ally.

This time is the winter holiday of many Western countries, so Paradise Vietnam always throws many parties and events to celebrate this like Christmas, Year End party, or New Year party. Come and be a part of our festival!

Read more details about the months of the fall season:

What Is The Best Time Of Year In Halong Bay?

Determining the optimal time for a Halong Bay trip will depend on individual interests. Let alone all the external factors and only based on the weather conditions, Autumn and Spring are the two most highly-recommended times for you to explore the nowhere-to-be-found beauty of Halong Bay. 

Particularly, if you are a fan of outdoor activities, you should come to Halong Bay in the period from September to October or from February to April. You can thoroughly contemplate the gorgeous beaches filled with several primitive limestone caves and islands without the presence of negative weather conditions.

Yet, some tourists find the tropical sunshine in Halong Bay more attractive than anything else; they may want to opt for a Halong trip in the Summer under the sunny skies. 

The unique point of traveling to any location in Vietnam in the summer is the bustling atmosphere because it’s the peak season of tourism in Vietnam. 

Outdoor activities on the Halong cruise may not attract you as much as in the summer

Outdoor activities on the Halong cruise may not attract you as much as in the summer

On the other hand, if you want to immerse yourself in the tranquility of Halong Bay, the Winter may be a suitable occasion for you to visit this destination. Although the low temperatures prevent you from feeling the crystal water of the Halong beaches, you can still enjoy sightseeing.

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What Is The Best Month To Visit Halong Bay?

As mentioned above, the answer for when is the best time to explore Halong Bay will vary due to the separate interests of tourists. Therefore, the article will focus on which month is appropriate for which of your purposes when coming to Halong Bay.

  • You should explore Halong Bay on a cruise ship in April, September, October, or the early days during the summer months. At these times, the weather condition is safe for cruising on the ocean, and the view in Halong is bright and clear with sun-drenched beaches.
  • If you intend to visit Halong just for the exquisite scenes, you can book your trip in any month you like. 
  • Halong is one of Vietnam's most reputable tourist cities in the summer, so many domestic visitors will spend their vacation there. May and June are golden times for tourists who fancy water-related activities and the lively atmosphere of Halong streets. 

Furthermore, kayaking, swimming, and going to the water park can still be enjoyable in September and October because the weather is not too cold for water-based activities. But you should avoid booking your trip in July and August due to the risk of getting your trip ruined by heavy storms.

  • You can go to Halong Bay in July and August if you have explored Halong Bay before and come back to relax in cozy luxurious hotel rooms and savor delectable seafood dishes. 

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What Is The Coldest Month In Halong Bay?

Each season in the Bay has its beauty

Each season in the Bay has its beauty

Halong Bay features the low-temperature range of the year in the Winter months. The month recorded with the lowest average temperature in Halong Bay is January. 

In January, Halong Bay weather often ranges from 10-20 degrees Celsius. In some cases, the minimum temperature can fall below 10 degrees Celsius. 

Winter days may prevent you from immersing in the refreshing beaches in Ha Long, but they are suitable for having cozy meals and romantic moments with your partner on a luxurious cruise deck along Halong Bay. 

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Some Tips When Traveling To Halong Bay In 4 Seasons

Before visiting Halong Bay, you should follow some tips below to make sure your trip will be filled with joyfulness and memorable events:

  • Remember to check the weather in Halong Bay 10 days before your departure. The weather condition plays a significant role in deciding whether your Bay trip will go smoothly or not. The weather forecast will be of greater help in the storm season.
  • The tropical sunlight is great for sunbathing, but you should be aware of the UV rays, especially during the noon hours. Hence, always apply a proper layer of sunscreen on your skin before taking part in outdoor activities.
  • The low temperature during the Winter months in Halong Bay will send you a chilly feeling. If the previous destination in your trip is South Vietnam, then to Halong Bay, you should pack winter clothes with you. The sudden change in temperature may cause health problems.
  • Always prepare for heavy rain in the summer by taking a raincoat or umbrella with you. Going on a motorbike along the coast of Halong Bay to observe the enchanting sights is a lifetime experience. However, not having a raincoat may get you wet because of sudden rain.
  • Outdoor activities in Halong Bay rarely involve hiking or walking, so you should wear sandals or flip-flops for more convenient and comfortable movement.

Autumn is the optimal time for private cruise excursions to Halong Bay

Autumn is the optimal time for private cruise excursions to Halong Bay

Weather in Ha Long Bay displays a different shade in Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter. In fact, Halong Bay welcomes tourists every season. However, you should check the weather forecast in Halong Bay before your trip to ensure having the best memory of the World’s Heritage. 

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