Exploring Halong Bay's Weather in March: A Comprehensive Guide

Weather In Halong Bay

The biggest factor affecting the success of your vacation is the weather. Therefore, if you plan to the North Gulf of Tonkin, Ha Long Bay weather in March won't let you down due to its comfort. You should keep a few things in mind for careful planning to have the greatest experience when traveling to Halong Bay. 

Temperature ⭐ Average high: 20°C, low: 18°C
Rainfall Low chance of rain, occasional drizzles
✅ Humidity ⭐ Moderate humidity levels
Best Activities     ⭐ Suitable for cruising, outdoor activities.

The transition from a chilly winter to a humid spring is delicate in March. March is an excellent time to visit Halong Bay as the weather is typically mild and comfortable.

The temperature range in Ha Long Bay

In March, Halong Bay experiences the arrival of spring, which brings with it a lot of enticing emotions. March's weather in Halong Bay can undergo some significant changes, but increasing temperatures stand out the most. 20°C is the typical daily maximum temperature. It can occasionally go as cold as 18°C or as warm as 23°C. Swimming and other water sports are also fun at the sea's temperature. 


A sunny day in Ha Long Bay

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In March, the sunlight in Halong Bay is generally abundant and bright, providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for travelers to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. The average daily sunshine hours in Halong Bay during March is around 8 hours, which is a significant increase from the previous months. There are more days with sunshine, allowing you to engage in outdoor activities. The average hour of sunshine per day in March is estimated at 8 hours. 

Rainfall and temperature

There will be about 13 wet days and 53mm of rain overall. You might bring a raincoat or an umbrella in case of bad weather. The combination of comfortable temperatures and moderate rainfall makes March a great time to visit Halong Bay. The weather is mild and pleasant, with fewer crowds than during peak tourist season, allowing travelers to fully enjoy the natural beauty of this stunning destination.

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Humidity levels

Additionally, the humidity level rises to about 75%, but it is still bearable so that you can participate in sports and tourist excursions without overheating.  March is a great time to visit Halong Bay for travelers who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the region in more comfortable weather conditions. With fewer crowds and lower humidity levels, you can fully experience the incredible landscapes, tranquil beaches, and unique cultural attractions that make Halong Bay such a special place.

Activities to do in Halong Bay during March

Ha Long Bay, which is one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world, offers a variety of intriguing activities in addition to its many beautiful scenic areas. Here is a list of Ha Long must-do that will leave you with lasting impressions. 

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Kayaking is an exciting sport that uses a kayak to move on the water, with the help of a two-bladed paddle. It is a fantastic exercise for fans of adventure activities at all skill levels. It can be a thrilling, high-intensity activity to race overflowing waterways or a lovely opportunity to gently explore the shallow waters at a lake's shore. Everyone can participate in kayaking because it doesn't require any special skills for its most basic version other than a desire to explore open waters.

The scenery in Halong Bay is so breathtaking that there are countless fantastic kayaking locations. You will almost certainly be astounded by the natural landscape everywhere you go. To protect portions of Halong Bay, the local government has established severe regulations on where kayakers should paddle.

There is some information you can jot down when in demand for a kayaking trip:

  • Remember to warm up your body with some exercise before paddling
  • Pay close attention to the tour guide's instructions and take note of the precise itinerary, timings, and rules.
  • Put on a life vest.
  • Keep an eye on the weather, the tides, the currents, and the force of the wind.
  • Stay away from cliffs, caves, and rocks at a safe distance.
  • Never paddle a kayak if you are easily intoxicated. It's risky and not worth the chance.
  • Make sure to hold the oar with the concave sides facing backward and your arms around shoulder width apart.


Try kayaking to have a new experience

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You shouldn't pass up the opportunity to book some days in your itinerary for swimming at renowned and fascinating beaches when it comes to Ha Long. Since visiting every beach in this area is so difficult, you can research and decide where to go first. Bai Chay is one of the most beautiful beaches, and we highly suggest it. 

Bai Chay is a very well-known man-made beach that is located near the Sun World area. This beach, which can stretch up to 900 meters, is accessible to travelers going to Ha Long without charge. Visitors can unwind and enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear blue sea and a lengthy stretch of man-made white sand.


Swimming in the middle of the Bay

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Fishing and squid fishing

The most exciting nighttime activity and delight on Halong Bay Tours is squid fishing, which every traveler hopes to take part in at least once in their lifetime.

Everyone who visits Halong Bay looks forward to squid fishing, which is one of the best activities there. Since squid fishing in Halong Bay demands a lot of effort and focus, many tourists believe that it is a good method to test your luck. But if you manage to capture fresh squid and prepare them into delectable dishes, the outcome of squid fishing can be fulfilling.


Fresh squid right on the boat 

At any time of year, tourists can participate in squid fishing in Halong Bay, but your chances of catching more squids increase if you go during the squid's mating season. The squid season in Halong Bay typically lasts from late fall to early spring, which is from September to February, according to the knowledge of local fishermen. Squid breeding season peaks in the first two months of winter, from October to November. The peak travel period for this location is currently. Don't pass up the opportunity to go squid fishing in Halong Bay because the squid size is larger than usual during this time.

Special events and festivals

Ha Long attracts numerous visitors not only because of its delightful landscapes but also many exciting events and festivals. Numerous celebrations showcase both the typical local culture and Vietnamese culture in general.

At the foot of Yen Tu Mountain, there will be an opportunity for you to participate in the Yen Tu Festival. Every year, on the tenth day of the first lunar month, this three-month event takes place. Cua Ong Festival, the second annual celebration, is held from the second day of the first lunar month to the thirty-first day of the third lunar month.

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Pros and Cons of Visiting Ha Long Bay in March

Although March is one of the greatest months to visit Ha Long, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of to have the best experience. 


Aerial view of Ha Long Bay

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  • March weather is often pleasant and acceptable for practically all tourists, including kids.
  • Enjoying the wide range of activities available in Halong Bay is still possible due to the low humidity and rainfall levels.


  • March is a busy month for international travelers because of the pleasant weather. Halong Bay may therefore be overly crowded, which will increase your costs and cause you hassles.

Tips for Visiting Halong Bay in March    

  • You can bring fewer clothes because it's warmer now, and you won't have to worry about frigid days. T-shirts, pants, shorts, and swimmers make the ideal clothing for an energetic excursion on the bay. Sunglasses and sunscreen are additional necessities for your vacation to Halong Bay.
  • If the weather is pleasant, avoid bringing too many bulky garments and go instead for lightweight ones.
  • To get lower fares and prevent overbooking, you should reserve your cruise as soon as you can.
  • Due to the large number of travelers in March, you might think about less popular destinations like Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, and Bai Tu Long Bay.

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Depending on the Bay Management Board's needs, safety issues, and weather, the timetable may alter at any time. The schedule is solely for reference and may be changed depending on the current circumstances.

We hope that this article could bring you some helpful information about Ha Long in March to prepare thoroughly for your vacation. If you are in demand to know more about traveling and attractive destinations, contact us or access our website at the following link https://paradisevietnam.com/en.

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