Discover Ha Long Bay Weather October: A Perfect Blend of Tranquility and Beauty

Weather In Halong Bay

Traveling to Ha Long in October will bring visitors many interesting experiences. When people think of Ha Long, they often imagine green islands and mountains. Gifted by mother nature with a beauty that attracts many tourists, along with many shimmering limestone caves and stretching beaches. Many tourists choose to travel to Ha Long in October to relax on weekends. So what's interesting about traveling to Halong Bay in October? How is Ha Long Bay Weather October? Exploring the interesting things Paradise Vietnam offers when traveling to Ha Long in October will definitely enhance your trip.

Temperature ⭐ Average: 21-28°C
✅ Rainfall ⭐ Moderate to High
✅ Humidity ⭐ Moderate: 72% 
✅ Best Activities     ⭐ Cave exploration, cruising

Halong Bay Weather October

The weather in Ha Long is divided into 4 distinct seasons along with the characteristics of the Northern region. In the summer, the weather is hot and cold in the winter, in spring and autumn this will be the ideal time. Though, the atmosphere is pleasant and cool. Here is the Ha Long Bay weather October that Paradise Vietnam has compiled:


In October, Ha Long enters autumn, which is one of the longest seasons but makes many tourists fall in love with its natural beauty. The average temperature is around 27 degrees or lower, providing a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to relax at the beach and capture beautiful pictures.

The average temperature is about 27 degrees or less

The average temperature is about 27 degrees or less

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If you visit during this time, it is advisable to bring extra coats and long sleeves. During the day, the weather is usually still warm and dry, and at night the weather will be much colder. Pay attention to this difference and prepare well for your luggage to avoid being affected by the weather.


In October, the average rainfall dropped significantly, weather reports show that within 11 days there was 54mm of rain. Warm temperatures coupled with reduced rainfall make October a great month to get outside and explore Ha Long Bay and all its islands, beaches, caverns and caves.


Ha Long Bay has about 90% year-round humidity. However, in October, Ha Long Bay experiences only about 72% humidity, and the occurrence of late storms are less frequent and intense compared to summer storms. This is the right time for couples or families to visit Ha Long Bay on private cruises.

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Pros and Cons of Visiting Halong in October

Like many other tourist destinations in the North of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay also has certain times of the year that are ideal for travel. October is probably a good opportunity for you and your family to have great experiences in Ha Long for the following reasons.

Rainfall has decreased significantly compared to previous months

Rainfall has decreased significantly compared to previous months

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  • The weather is quite nice with fresh, dry air, not too hot like summer and not too cold like winter.
  • Rainfall has decreased significantly compared to previous months.
  • Humidity is only about 72%, lower than 90% at the annual average.
  • October is not the peak season for international visitors as well as the end of the peak season for domestic tourists, so it will not be too crowded at the places you want to experience.


  • October is likely to experience strong winds, although not as strong as in previous months, which may still affect your experiences.
  • The trip may encounter cold winds as winter approaches, starting in early November and lasting until December.

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Top activities in Halong Bay in October

Activities - entertainment on Ha Long Bay is an experience with many exciting activities suitable for all ages such as kayaking, swimming, cycling, cooking lessons, and more. Ha Long Bay weather October with the natural beauty of this sea will create the most wonderful experience on luxury Halong cruises for visitors.

Going to floating villages

The next experience in Ha Long waiting for you to explore is visiting floating fishing villages. Fishermen often raise seafood in these floating fishing villages. They live and work right on the water.

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the life of fishermen in the sea. As well as enjoying the fresh and delicious seafood dishes that the cook will prepare on the spot. Some fishing villages are often visited by tourists such as Cua Van fishing village, Vung Vieng fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village...


Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is one of the most relaxing activities when traveling. Visitors will be able to paddle on the calm water and get up close to admire the giant limestone blocks covered by a green ecosystem. Along with the endless sea and sky, this is really an experience not to be missed when coming to Ha Long Bay.

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is one of the most relaxing activities when traveling

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is one of the most relaxing activities when traveling

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Ha Long is famous for its turquoise blue beaches and fine white sand. After participating in recreational activities and experiences, you can relax on the beach or immerse yourself in the clear blue water.


One of the interesting activities in Ha Long is rock climbing on the sea, a natural sport full of adventure but extremely interesting. With hundreds of climbing points from easy to difficult, visitors can test their ingenuity, conquer nature and experience the feeling of sublimation when climbing the rocky cliffs in the sea and jumping into the water when completing the climb.

Trekking is one of the highlights in Ha Long Bay in October

Trekking is one of the highlights in Ha Long Bay in October

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However, when participating in this activity, climbers need to ensure that they are good swimmers and climb at an acceptable height. If you want to try a more difficult level, the climber must have a belt to ensure safety. This is not only an opportunity for you to challenge your health but also an opportunity to discover the wild and majestic beauty of nature. Therefore, the weather in October with little rainfall, and weak winds, so you can fully enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay from this subject.

Overnight cruise - Paradise VietNam Cruise

Ha Long Bay weather in October is one of the perfect conditions for experiencing services on cruises. If you like to relax in the cool water of the bay, admire the green landscape of Ha Long Bay, and relax with local food. Cruise experience service in Ha Long Bay is an optimal choice for your short holidays. Along with that urgency, many cruise service providers were born and Paradise Viet Nam is the leading unit in this field.

After more than 16  years of establishment, with achievements, Paradise Vietnam is proud to be the pioneer in setting the standard for world-class resorts at sea. From the first cruise on November 14, 2008, through the journey of marking and development, Paradise Vietnam owns the most luxury cruises in Vietnam, affirming its leading position in the luxury cruise industry. 

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Paradise Vietnam is proud to be the pioneer in setting the standard for world-class resorts at sea

Paradise Vietnam is proud to be the pioneer in setting the standard for world-class resorts at sea

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Paradise Vietnam offers a collection of 12 world-class cruises and luxury boutique hotels, along with experienced staff and quality event services. With a strong presence in the market for the past 16 years, Paradise Vietnam is the preferred choice. The first choice for events of various sizes, types and styles.

Travel Advice For The Perfect Trip To Halong

The following notes on preparing your luggage will help ensure a convenient trip and create lasting memories:


  • Identity document: is an essential item regardless of your travel destination. You should bring your ID or passport, vehicle papers,... to register for the bedroom.
  • Personal items: shower gel, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste are indispensable items. Although in cruise there are also qualities and compatibilities that will not be equal to yours.
  • Accessories: remember to bring sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreen will also help you limit ultraviolet rays to the lowest level.
  • Shoes/sandals: you should wear a pair of good adhesion sports shoes to easily walk in the cave if available. In addition, a pair of flip-flops and sandals will also help you move comfortably.
  • Clothing: Swimwear is an indispensable item for travel in Ha Long Bay. In addition, depending on the time of travel, you should also pack appropriately.
  • Electronic devices: phones, cameras (if available), power banks are also important for you to record great memories.

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Procedures need to be noted:

  • Planning and scheduling in advance will help you be more convenient in fun and entertainment.
  • Choose the right time for you to have the most complete experience during your trip.
  • If you plan to take a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay, you should book the service for many months to get a good room and an attractive cost.
  • Always read the regulations carefully and listen to the instructions of the management, staff and guides on board. This will help you understand the safety signs on the bay. Or easily find a lifebuoy if an unforeseen situation occurs.
  • If you are traveling with children, keep an eye on them at all times.

Taking a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay in October will be a great journey for you.

Taking a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay in October will be a great journey for you

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Taking a cruise to visit Ha Long Bay weather October will be a great journey for you to have a more complete view of this world heritage. Remember to bring your prettiest clothes. And prepare your phone, camera with full battery to take the best picture. Do not forget to contact Paradise Vietnam to get the best advice for your cruise experience on Halong Bay.

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