Exploring the Serenity of Halong Bay in September: A Perfect Time for Unforgettable Adventures

Weather In Halong Bay

Ha Long in September is the beginning of autumn with beautiful weather, the weather is usually bright, and clear and the water is not too cold to swim. This is one of the most ideal times to visit Ha Long when there are many promotions, not the peak tourist season, and the weather is mild. Let's explore Ha Long weather in September to find out if this is the ideal time for your trip to Ha Long!

Weather ⭐ Decrease in rainfall, still humid
Temperature Average: 21-31°C
✅ Crowd Level     Moderate
Activities Cave exploration, cruising, kayaking

Halong Bay weather in September

Although it is not the peak period for tourism, Ha Long in September nevertheless receives a large number of visitors who come for relaxation with its pleasant weather. Let's take a look at the weather in Ha Long in September.


The temperature at Ha Long Bay drops in September compared to previous months, with an average temperature of 28°C. As a result, the maximum September temperature at Ha Long Bay is 31°C, and the lowest is 21°C.

The average temperature of the recorded seawater is 27°C. This is an ideal temperature for guests to swim and relax in the water. September temperatures in Ha Long are great for water sports since they are neither too hot nor too chilly.

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Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September


A day with seven hours of sunlight, which is one hour more than the average for the preceding month, offers you additional time to spend engaging in activities outside.

Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September


Compared to July and August, September in Ha Long sees much less precipitation overall. The amount of precipitation that can be accurately recorded throughout September is just approximately 190 millimeters. The average number of rainy days in a month is around 14, which means that the air is humid rather than dry as it is during the regular summer months.

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The air in Ha Long in September begins to become drier and less humid than it was in July and August since the weather is not as sunny and there is less precipitation than in previous months. September marks the beginning of a gradual decline in humidity, bringing the monthly average down to roughly 72%.

Humidity of Halong Bay in September

Humidity of Halong Bay in September 

Pros and Cons of Visiting Halong in September

Ha Long draws travelers in September not only because of its lovely environment but also because of its numerous appealing activities and events. Especially in September, there are two official holidays: National Day on September 2 and the "Hungry Ghost" event on September 5, attracting many people and resorts.


April and May are ideal for visiting Ha Long, as are September and early fall. This is an excellent time to appreciate the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay. There will be no more scorching summer days, just fresh, refreshing air. Because the day is longer than the night, your experiences will be richer. If you visit Ha Long in September, you will see the most stunning dawn and sunset. Immerse yourself in a green environment by participating in kayaking, cave exploration, and so on.

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Because September is no longer the peak tourist season in Ha Long, the number of visitors is small. If you visit Ha Long around this time, you can visit the scenic spots by choosing pre-designed cruise itineraries. Because it is not the peak season, you should take advantage of your September vacation to Ha Long to enjoy wonderful and luxurious cruises with many attractive special offers that can be up to 50% of the service value.

Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September

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However, the weather in Halong Bay in September is prone to rain, so you can expect the weather to be dry enough for you to come and participate in terrestrial activities. If you are concerned about this, you might have a look at Halong Bay boat excursions like those offered by Paradise Vietnam. The feeling of being on board, seeing intriguing sites without worrying about the weather makes you think it will be an exciting experience you want to attempt.

Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September

Top Activities and Experiences to Enjoy in Halong Bay during September

Ha Long in September not only has the ideal beautiful weather but also the ideal time for visitors to participate in many interesting activities and exciting festivals.

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Admiring Ha Long Bay by seaplane is a magnificent and unique experience you should take advantage of if you visit Quang Ninh. From a height of 150 meters above sea level, you will be able to see Dragon Eye Island, Trong Mai Island, Ti Top Island, Yen Ngua Islet, Lu Huong Islet, Bai Tho Mountain, Tuan Chau Harbor, and Ha Long City. With the weather conditions of Ha Long in September, a seaplane experience is an option that can help optimize your travel itinerary.

When flying, dress comfortably to enjoy the flight to the fullest. You should choose something other than heavy and obstructive outfits, such as scarves and lengthy gowns. Air conditioning is available aboard Hai Au Aviation's seaplanes. However, given Vietnam's tropical temperature, you should still pack proper clothing to guarantee a pleasant and convenient journey.

Because the space in the aircraft is limited and the ceiling is low, tourists may need help to stand up straight while boarding the plane. On the other hand, the interior of the Seaplane cabin is quite comfortable and is fully equipped with life jackets, water, storage bags, safety instructions, etc. Perhaps most intriguingly, you can use your phone and other electronic devices throughout the trip, including take-off and landing. This has no bearing on the flight's safety.

Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September

Swimming and kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable activities that visitors to Ha Long can do. Especially on overnight cruises, most boats offer the sport to guests. With excellent terrain for kayaking activities, this activity has become a "specialty" not to be missed when visiting this Ha Long.

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There are now 8 places on Ha Long Bay's five scenic routes that are certified to offer kayaking and bamboo boat services, including Ba Hang Village, Luon Cave, Dong Tien Lake and Trinh Nu Cave, Tung Sau Cave, Cua Van Cave, Vung Vieng Village. In particular, the allocated area for kayaking and rowing boats in Ba Hang Village is 16.7ha, with a maximum of 55 kayaks and 60 manual boats.

In addition, with a water temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, it is an ideal temperature for swimming and participating in water fun activities. When coming to Ha Long in September, you can comfortably enjoy this world-famous, calm, blue water.

Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September

Overnight Cruise

Ha Long Bay is known for its typical type of cruise tourism, helping visitors discover the magical natural beauty of Ha Long through experience activities on the cruise. UNESCO has twice recognized it as a world heritage site and is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Most visitors only know about Ha Long Bay and the cruise goods in the bay because of the sort of cruise tourism that has firmly established its place for a long time. However, Ha Long Bay is a complex that includes Lan Ha Bay and nearby Bai Tu Long Bay, all of which have natural beauty formed by the limestone island. As a result, modern cruise tourist programs have spread not only to Ha Long but also to Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.

On boat trips in September, top spots to visit include Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Luon Cave, Tung Sau Pearl Village, and Cua Van Fishing Village. Your cruises will be reasonably prepared to make your vacation the most complete, depending on whether it is 1 day 2 nights, 2 days 3 nights, or 3 days or 4 nights. You will have a choice of possibilities for trips to experience Ha Long by contemporary 5-star cruises, fully equipped with high-quality services of the bay, much as at Paradise Vietnam.

Halong Bay in September

Halong Bay in September

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Exploring Halong Bay in September - Tips and Recommendations

  • Remember to check the weather prediction before each trip to prepare ahead in picking places and activities and calculating the scheduled time appropriately. This helps guests mentally prepare and may even consider canceling the trip or adjusting the timetable to safeguard their safety.
  • If it rains, use a waterproof bag or a nylon cover for the backpack to ensure the furniture is always dry, reducing water absorption.
  • Even if visitors put their clothing in their backpacks, the garments are always wrapped in a thick and big plastic bag so that if the backpack becomes wet, the clothes will still dry.
  • Raincoat sets are things that cannot be separated. It is advisable to wear a raincoat to avoid being entangled and to keep both the body and the visitor's feet dry. An umbrella should not be used since the wind may blow it away.
  • Avoid swimming in the water if you visit Ha Long on a wet day. Climbing on a wet or stormy day is also quite perilous since the road is slick and often faces several hazards, such as landslides and rock falls.
  • If it rains or storms, always have a backup plan, such as a hotel, motel, or dining place, to prevent losing time.
  • If you prefer to ride a motorcycle but meet rain, avoid traveling in the dark; you may continue tomorrow morning. If you need to go there quickly, you should hire a bus.
  • Visitors should wear a visored cap while riding a motorcycle. The spray of rainwater will burn and sting your face, preventing you from opening your eyes to view the road.
  • Furthermore, visitors should remember the costume to avoid being inconvenienced by the weather. Wearing tight garments will make soaking in water exceedingly painful, take a long time to dry, and cause irritation and redness.
  • When traveling, visitors should pack personal medical packs with cold medication, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, bug bite medicine, wind oil, stomach medicine, common antibiotics, and so on in case they acquire a cold or have an unforeseen mishap in a foreign region.

Tips and Recommendations to Explore Halong Bay in September

Tips and Recommendations to Explore Halong Bay in September

  • Visitors that move often and walk a lot should bring canvas shoes, soft sports shoes, and flat soles for comfortable walking and climbing. If you wear hard shoes or high heels, your feet will blister, making walking difficult and preventing you from thoroughly enjoying the trip's excitement. Bring a pair of plastic slippers in case they become wet when they may be worn.
  • When the rainy season ends, water activities resume, and you will have the opportunity to participate in fun and rewarding games. A return journey on a seaplane and a night's sleep in a 5-star luxury hotel will satisfy you.

Above are some more ideas and advice for your September vacation to Halong Bay. If you want to learn more about cruise cruises to experience Ha Long Bay, visit the website: https://paradisevietnam.com/

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