Weather Guide: Ha Long Bay in June - Embracing the Summer Climate

Weather In Halong Bay

Summer in general throughout the region has high temperatures, the weather is quite hot and muggy, especially in June. So are areas like Ha Long Bay still ideal destinations for tourists to visit and enjoy? What if you want to visit Ha Long Bay in June? Do you know what the weather is like in June? And how can you prepare best for the trip? The following article is the ideal solution for you!

Halong Bay weather in June

In fact, not only Ha Long Bay but the whole North of Vietnam is influenced by the temperate climate zone, a year has 4 distinct seasons, which are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring is from February to April, summer is from May to August, fall is from September to November, and winter is from December to February next year. Even in summer, Ha Long Bay in June makes individuals feel superior due to water's gradual heat absorption and release.


In June, Ha Long may be subject to storms from the East Sea. Sudden showers are expected, but the average rainfall is only approximately 172mm, which is lower than in July and August. The 31-day average precipitation in Ha Long City rapidly increases throughout June, beginning the month at 168 millimeters, rarely exceeding 262 millimeters or falling below 70 millimeters, and ending the month at 211 millimeters, rarely exceeding 351 millimeters or falling below 90 millimeters.

Ha Long Bay in June

Ha Long Bay in June

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Ha Long Bay in June experiences a range of temperatures, with highs of 24 degrees Celsius and lows of 30 degrees Celsius. The difference between the temperature during the day and the temperature during the night is not significant, only 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in Ha Long Bay in June

The temperature in Ha Long Bay in June

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The month of June in Ha Long experiences between 75% and 80% of its annual precipitation as rain, and the temperature averages around 30 degrees Celsius. 

The humidity in Ha Long Bay in June

The humidity in Ha Long Bay in June

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Ha Long Bay in June has the same length of the day compared to other months of the year. Sunrise time is still between 5:09 and 5:13. Sunset time is usually between 6:20-6:40. Conventional daylight hours will not be observed in Ha Long City in 2023.

The sunshine in Ha Long in June is not as intense as in other cities

The sunshine in Ha Long in June is not as intense as in other cities

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Pros & Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in June

June marks the start of summer; therefore, temperatures are not very high. When you visit Ha Long Bay in June, tourism becomes more affordable. You will be immersed in cold water, which will alleviate the blistering summer heat and all the fatigue of daily life. When visiting Ha Long, you can also visit the bay by kayak, walk around the rocky islands, see the gorgeous caves, and touch the natural treasures of the world with your own hands.

When compared to July or August, June is not the peak season, so visiting Ha Long around this period might still provide more benefits than during the peak season. Traveling to Ha Long in June allows you to take advantage of several offers from travel firms while also avoiding the crowded scene that occurs in July and August.

Pros & Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in June

Pros & Cons of Visiting Halong Bay in June

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The best activities in Halong Bay in June

The Ha Long Bay area is considered to have calm water, ideal for many fun activities and discoveries.

Visit Floating Villages

Ha Long is not only famous for its beautiful bay, but visitors can also immerse themselves in quiet fishing villages and learn about the lives of local fishermen.

Cua Van fishing village is located on a tranquil sea, surrounded by the rugged And Gia mountain range. This famous fishing village in Ha Long is descended from two historic fishing villages, Truc Vong and Giang Vong, and is home to 176 fishing households. To visit Cua Van fishing village, rent a cruise overnight and then raft or kayak across the stunning surroundings.

Speaking of the most beautiful and famous fishing villages in Ha Long, it is hard to ignore Vung Vieng, located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 24 km from the mainland. With its quiet location and beautiful environment, this world's most beautiful fishing village is the favorite place of many tourists when visiting the world heritage site Ha Long.

Viet Hai fishing village in Cat Ba Island district, Hai Phong, surrounded by high mountains and old forests is also a destination not to be missed in the journey to discover Ha Long World Heritage. This is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long and is a popular destination for foreign tourists thanks to its peaceful beauty and many attractive activities. Unlike other fishing settlements, it is surrounded by rugged mountains.

Cong Dam is a famous fishing village in Ha Long known for its wild and tranquil beauty in Bai Tu Long Bay. Visiting Cong Dam fishing village, you will be amazed by the huge rocks stacked on top of each other to form a beautiful picture.

Ba Hang Village, located under the mountains of Dau Go Island near Thien Cung Cave, is another beautiful fishing town in Ha Long. The fishing town of Ba Hang is small in size but boasts excellent scenery, making it a popular tourist attraction. It is called Ba Hang fishing village because the water in the cave is full at low tide and can be easily moved by boat through the cave. At low tide, three caves in the cave will appear, allowing tourists to start exploring.

Ha Long is attractive with its idyllic fishing villages

Ha Long is attractive with its idyllic fishing villages

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Explore Caves

When tourists visit Ha Long, they are often attracted by mysterious and fascinating caves. You will have the best conditions to explore these fascinating places, especially with the dry weather in Ha Long Bay in June. Here are a few beautiful caves that you should try to experience and explore on arrival in Ha Long.

Sung Sot Cave is located in the heart of Ha Long Bay. The wonderful space and environment here will amaze visitors from the moment they step into the cave. The deeper you go into the cave, the more surprised visitors are at its incredible beauty. This is also the reason why the cave is called Sung Sot Cave - the cave is called the "Wonder of the Cave" by the French.

Thien Cung Cave is famous to tourists for its breathtaking beauty. Many visitors consider this site to be heaven on Earth. Thien Cung Cave is located on Dau Go Island, about 4 km from the tourist pier, found in 1993. This is one of the places that visitors to Ha Long should not miss.

Dau Go Cave is a cave on Dau Go Island. According to legend, during the resistance war against Mong - Nguyen, Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan had many ironwood stakes built in this cave to plug into the Bach Dang river bed. And the pieces of wood that still appear in the cave are wood samples from that period.

Me Cung Cave is also one of the most beautiful and famous caves of Ha Long Bay. The cave is located on Lom Bo Island, about 2 km southwest of Titop Island. The cave door is modest, but inside is a magnificent place with unusual structures that make visitors feel like they are lost in a maze of ingenious stalactites.

Discover the mysterious caves in Ha Long

Discover the mysterious caves in Ha Long

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Sunset Cruises - Paradise Vietnam's Cruises

It is no coincidence that the famous travel magazine Travel + Leisure has called Ha Long Bay a tourist paradise in Asia, one of the four most beautiful places to watch the sunrise and sunset on the continent.

For many years now, several travel agencies, and cruise ships have regularly organized for guests to watch the sunset on Ha Long Bay and the surrounding coastal area, where there are many great places to watch the sunset.

In particular, Paradise Vietnam is a unit specializing in organizing tours to visit and explore Ha Long with many types of tourists. Not only reasonable cost, and high-class service, Paradise Vietnam also offers visitors well-planned and scheduled sunset tours.

Paradise Vietnam offers a wide range of excursions and services, allowing you to customize your trip based on your needs and preferences. This is the ideal romantic activity to do with the people you care about to preserve great memories.

See the sunset over Ha Long Bay in Paradise Vietnam Cruise

See the sunset over Ha Long Bay in Paradise Vietnam Cruise

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Kayaking is one of the exciting activities that many tourists like when they get the opportunity to discover Ha Long's magnificent surroundings. The kayaking excursions in Ha Long listed below promise to make your trip highly enjoyable and memorable.

When visiting Ha Long Bay in June, there are numerous spots to go kayaking. There are two ways to participate in this experience: the cruise with kayaking service will be free to choose the spot based on your preferences, or you can participate on your own. 

Without this service, the cruise will assist tourists in moving to areas where canoeing and kayaking businesses exist, such as Dong Tien Lake, Trinh Nu Cave, Ba Hang, Luon Cave, Tung Sau Pearl Farm, Vung Vieng Fishing Village,... Visitors can purchase tickets to go kayaking in Ha Long with the assistance of support workers.

Kayaking is one of the exciting activities of Ha Long Bay in June

Kayaking is one of the exciting activities of Ha Long Bay in June

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Travel Advice & June Travel Experiences

Let's explore the Ha Long trip experience using the advice below to discover more about this lovely land!

  • Guests can currently pay a variety of prices for Ha Long tourism. The particular number may vary depending on financial ability, desire, and necessity, as well as the number of days to stay in Ha Long.
  • Ha Long, known for its landscape, has made significant investments in infrastructure development in recent years. As a result, there are numerous routes and means to go to Ha Long.
  • You can take a plane from Hanoi or Saigon to Ha Long. Southern visitors who want to visit Ha Long Bay can book flights to Van Don - Quang Ninh airport. Then you can choose one of the following methods to go to Ha Long: Limousine service from Hanoi to Ha Long by passenger vehicle, Ha Long motorbike, Hoa train, and so on, according to the needs and preferences of tourists who can pick accordingly.
  • When arriving in Ha Long, the transportation issue is also very important, allowing visitors to Ha Long tourism to easily access and experience this land. You can currently select from the following options: motorbike taxi, tram, bus, cruise, taxi, etc.
  • Hotels, motels, and rooms for rent in Ha Long vary greatly in terms of price and service quality. Choosing the recommendations at Traveloka is one of the Ha Long vacation experiences that will provide you with suitable accommodation and assurance. In addition, you can choose Paradise Suites service to experience modern and comfortable accommodation facilities, combine with yachts for a full experience and more favorable prices.

Paradise Vietnam Cruises in Ha Long Bay

Paradise Vietnam Cruises in Ha Long Bay

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You can also refer to the itineraries to experience Ha Long in June that have been created and optimized by service providers. If you enjoy visiting and relaxing in Ha Long Bay by cruise, don't miss out on Paradise Vietnam's Halong Bay discovery cruises. You will have the most enjoyable trip thanks to years of experience, a system of elegant and high-class ships, and exceptional service quality.

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