Best Time To Visit Halong Bay: A Guide For First-Timers

You have made the right choice by choosing Halong Bay to be your destination for the upcoming journey! Yet, you might still be wondering and uncertain about the ideal time to go to this enchanted land. How can you make your annual vacation more enjoyable and seamless?

When is the best time to visit Halong Bay? Let's sit back and let Paradise Vietnam give you some extensive local knowledge. This way, it will be easier for you to have one of the best trips of your life!

Discover The Magnificent Halong Bay

Best time to visit Halong Bay

Best time to visit Halong Bay

Halong Bay, a captivating gem located in the northern region of Vietnam (a South East Asian country), brings a breathtaking tapestry of natural beauty that mesmerizes everyone at first sight. This bay is a true tribute to the glories of Mother Nature's artistry with its ethereal environment of emerald waters and soaring limestone karsts.

Coming to Halong Bay, you will be taken into a world of peace and awe as the calm waves gently lap against the wooden junks and rock formations. This wonder is not just a place to explore; it can also offer you an immersive experience that brings you closer to nature. 

Let's together discover the beauty that is blessed for this land. Besides, you can visit nearby gems like Cat Ba Island, the home to a variety of marine life and beautiful coastline scenery in Cat Ba national park, or explore the magical Lan Ha Bay, noted for its immaculate beaches and peaceful ambiance.

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Overview Of Halong Bay's Weather

The four distinct seasons that make up the weather in Halong Bay each offer a special charm to this nature’s masterpiece. This bay has a tropical environment, with a muggy and warm climate prevailing all year round.

Here's a temperature chart to give you a better overview of what to expect when visiting this world wonder.






Average temperatures

18 - 23°C / 

64 - 73°F

24 - 32°C / 

75 - 89°F

18 - 23°C / 

64 - 73°F

15 - 21°C

59 - 69°F

Rain level














Notice that this table is for reference only, as the actual temperature and weather will depend on the specific year.

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Seasonal Best Time For Visiting The Nation Gems Halong Bay


Halong Bay has 4 seasons

Halong Bay has 4 seasons

Halong Bay experiences summers that are extremely hot and humid as well as cold winters, which are both typical of the tropical climate. Spring and fall are brief interseasonal periods that exist between these two. Knowing the temperature at your destination will give you a heads-up on what to expect.

Spring (March To May): Fresh Start For A Memorable Adventure

The best time to travel to Halong Bay is from March to May 

The best time to travel to Halong Bay is from March to May 

This is the second peak tourist season when Halong Bay is adorned with new life in the spring when the winter's frost fades. The bay rises from its slumber and changes into a lively environment from March through May, which is a time of rejuvenation. 

The temperature during this time hovers around 24°C (75°F) with a high level of humidity. For those who enjoy the outdoors and photography, this is a great time to document the bay's renewal. You can also take part in outdoor activities like kayaking, scuba diving, and trekking in pleasant weather.

By traveling to Halong Bay around this time, you may avoid the peak season and take advantage of the great weather to get plunged into the most exciting annual festivals. 

One thing to note is that there will be more visitors coming to the bay during this time as the Homecoming Day, Hung Temple Festival (in the third lunar month), and especially the Halong Carnaval, with lively street parades and dazzling fireworks, will be right around the corner in late April. Get ready to uplift your festive mood!

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Summer (June To September): Here Comes The Storm

The weather in Spring is not hot, about 24°C

The weather in Spring is not hot, about 24°C

Halong Bay's summer season is a double-edged sword that presents both blessings and curses. The storm season (or rainy season), which lasts from June to September, is marked by sporadic severe downpours and the potential for typhoons.

Still, the average temperature ranges from 29 to 32°C, 84 to 89°F, which is still preferable for swimming. Heavy rains attack the bay more frequently during August, yet the rain typically doesn't stay for long, so you can take a day off and relax at your hotel before continuing your journey the following day under the bright blue sky.

Suppose you have scheduled a Halong Bay cruise; it may be delayed or canceled. However, don't be too worried because if you booked a first-class cruise tour at Paradise Vietnam, you will get a refund, or your trip will be rescheduled.

Autumn (October To December): Peak Season

A great trip is between March and May, between the high and low seasons

A great trip is between March and May, between the high and low seasons

The peak season is from October to December. These are the months when the Halong Bay weather conditions are comfortably chill, ranging from 13 to 21°C (55 to 69°F). 

Compared to the summer, there will be less glare for visitors to enjoy. Christmas and the New Year fall during the month of December, but you might also get a few sporadic drizzles or light rain.

During this period, there will be a lot of promos and discounts when you book cruises. Remember that it can be crowded as this is the peak season with many tourists.

Winter (January To February): Mysterious Halong Bay

The temperature in Winter is around 13-20°C

The temperature in Winter is around 13-20°C

A mysterious enchantment casts over mystical Halong Bay during the winter months of January and February. The bay seems to get into its dormancy with fewer international travelers, filled with anticipation and secrecy that allure every passer-by to step in. The calm beauty of this place has an ethereal feel despite the colder temperatures of around 13 to 20°C (55 to 68°F).

Expect there will be a lot of drizzling and cloudy fog in the early morning and late afternoon. This makes Halong become even more mysterious as the rocks play hide and seek under the clouds. 

When coming to Vietnam during this low season, you will have the chance to take part in the Lunar New Year - Tet Holiday, Vietnam's most significant event. For those seeking serenity, squid fishing is a not-to-miss activity.

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Seasonal Popularity: Peak And Off-Peak Season

Check for news updates and stay in touch with tour operators to notify them of any cancellations

Check for news updates and stay in touch with tour operators to notify them of any cancellations

Speaking of seasonal popularity, you will see the differences between the preference of domestic and international tourists. Although there are more people and more expensive pricing during the peak season, the nice weather is a great plus. In contrast, the off-peak season results in fewer crowds and lodging costs and a greater likelihood of weather warnings.

For Domestic Tourists

The months of June through September are the busiest for Vietnamese tourists visiting Halong Bay. Due to the hot weather in Hanoi during this time and the summer holidays for students, many families choose to take refuge at the beach, especially in Ha Long Bay. Water sports and activities such as kayaking and swimming are the top options for visitors at this wonderful time.

Meanwhile, this won't be the first choice for Vietnamese as they don't have many national holidays during winter. Also, some Vietnamese tend to avoid going to the beach when the weather is cold. Instead, they are most likely to choose somewhere warmer down the South or opt for mountain climbing and cloud hunting.

For International Tourists

The busiest months for foreign visitors to Halong Bay are October through April, with a significant spike in travelers from November to January

In search of leisure and a change of scenery from colder locations, many individuals decide to travel during the winter holidays. The good weather at this time is marked by mist and cloudy skies, adding to the bay's distinctive and enigmatic atmosphere.

In contrast to the Vietnamese, most Westerners are not fans of the heat. As mentioned above, summer time in Northern Vietnam is quite intense, with extremely hot temperatures. With more sunshine paired with the humidity, it's quite safe to say that surviving through the summer months in Vietnam is a challenge.

Still, if you are one of the minority of people that can stand the heat, this might be the ideal time for you to visit Halong and its vicinity. There will be lots of other water activities for you to try, such as diving, swimming, kayaking, etc. Just keep in mind that you will find yourself in a crowd of Vietnamese people trying to enjoy their summer vacation.

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Best Time To Visit Halong Bay - Mesmerizing Gem Of Vietnam

You can swim as much as you want in Summer

You can swim as much as you want in Summer

The best time to visit Halong Bay 2023 is during spring and autumn, but keep in mind that these are the peak tourist season - the busiest time of the year. The best months to explore Ha Long Bay are from March to May or from early September to October in order to avoid the crowds and stay within budget.

Halong Bay is best visited during these months because tickets are less expensive and there are more unique options. It is the perfect location to take in the finest of the bay because the weather conditions are often fairly calm and dry with little storms. 

Additionally, as this period of the year falls between the two busiest travel seasons, both international and domestic travelers will benefit from lower travel expenses.

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Tips To Get The Best Experience During Your Trip

Visitors can enjoy more sunshine and less glare than in summer

Visitors can enjoy more sunshine and less glare than in summer

You'll be happier on your memorable trip if you're more organized. The following are the most crucial considerations.

  • Pack accordingly: Pack clothing appropriate for the weather, such as bringing swimwear when going during the hot and humid summer or a cooling jacket when you travel in the winter.
  • Pick the right cruise: The most suitable Halong Bay cruise will give you the best memories of your trips. Decide the one that suits your needs with reasonable price ranges. Paradise Vietnam is a well-favored cruise company that can deliver high-quality service and a private tour. It is the best choice for those who require a private and intimate setting for their adventure.
  • That being said, the good news is Halong Bay welcomes you at any time of year. So don't be too worried when you miss your finest month. The bay will display its distinct charm in different seasons to celebrate the glory of nature.

What To Do When Your Halong Bay Tour Gets Canceled Because Of Bad Weather Conditions?

The bay has different charms in different seasons and is worth a visit

The bay has different charms in different seasons and is worth a visit

No matter how hard you try to plan for your trip, there is still an off chance that you may have to cancel it due to extremely bad weather. Thick fog, hurricanes, or thunderstorms are often the common reasons for your trip cancellations. 

Normally, the Bay Management Committee will make the final judgment regarding cruise/tour cancellation before 3 PM on the same day. Then, all cruise companies and many cruise ships are obligated to abide by this statement.

In this worst scenario, the cruise will notify and find the solution for their passengers. That being said, you can still apply the following backup plan to compromise with the wanted situation.

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Plan 1: When things happen before your departure from Hanoi

Talk to your travel agent to come up with the best arrangement and alternative options that they have for you. Also, ask about the cruise trip cancellation policy and the next available trip with details.

Suppose you choose to stay in Hanoi; ask for other touring options around the city. Or, you can also choose to go to other destinations near Hanoi. This way, your time in Vietnam won't be wasted!

Plan 2: When things happen after your arrival in Halong Bay

When this unwanted situation happens during your stay in Halong Bay, you can consider either returning to Hanoi or waiting for better weather conditions.

If you go for the first choice, the cruise operator will make arrangements to return you to Hanoi. For the second option, you can just stay on the Halong mainland. Be warned that the wait may take several days in case of severe weather.

Plan 3: When things happen during the trips

The options you have when things happen after your arrival in Halong Bay also apply to this situation. You can stay on the mainland and wait for a positive weather forecast to continue your journey. Or, you can travel back to Hanoi and explore other destinations.

Let's say the weather doesn't favor you; you will have to cancel your Halong Bay cruising plan. Such a pity, but there is nothing you can do at this point!

However, if you are supposed to go cruising with Paradise Vietnam, one of the best cruise lines in Vietnam, then you won't need to worry! The tour company will take care of you and make sure to come up with the best arrangements. 

The travel agent also provides a wonderful lodging choice with well-furnished hotels on Tuan Chau Island. Do not pass up this wonderful chance to make the memories of your lifetime. Let's create the best memories by booking Paradise Vietnam to explore this remarkable land on your next trip!

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