Is Halong Bay Cruise Worth It? Why should you try it in your life?

Questions about Halong Bay

Is the Halong bay cruise worth it?”. There is a lot of debate about whether Ha Long Bay is truly a stunning wonder of the world or whether it has become an overcrowded tourist trap where cruise-only parties lavishly "garbage" bay. So the answer to the question “Is Halong Bay cruise worth it?” will be difficult to answer. And if you are considering booking a Halong Bay cruise here are some things to consider.

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The answer to the question “Is Halong Bay cruise worth it?” too difficult to answer

The answer to the question “Is Halong Bay cruise worth it?” too difficult to answer

Is Halong Bay Cruise Worth It?

People know that the North of Vietnam is a lyrical and nostalgic place where there are many scenic spots connected with many ancient stories, including Halong Bay. The trip to the north will be even more interesting if you choose to travel to Halong Bay by cruise. So what does Halong Bay have that attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year?

Halong Bay attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year

Halong Bay attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year

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What is Halong Bay?

Nestled in the Northeast of Vietnam, near the bustling metropolis of Hai Phong, Halong Bay is a stunning natural wonder, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The bay has a breathtaking landscape, boasting thousands of limestone islands with mysterious caves to explore and covered with lush vegetation. Islets jut out of the water, offering a breathtaking backdrop and a unique scene.

Halong Bay - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Halong Bay - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Why should you visit Halong Bay?

Halong Bay features many floating villages with fishermen who have lived there for generations. A unique cultural experience awaits those who visit these villages, offering a glimpse into the traditional way of life in Vietnam.

The great outdoors beckons at Heritage Bay, from exploring mysterious caves and islands to immersing in the bay's emerald waters, and boldly hiking to the island's peaks. Towering for the best views - the area promises unique outdoor adventures.

Sundeck on Paradise Cruise

Sundeck on Paradise Cruise

Restaurants around HaLong Bay are where you can enjoy seafood. Halong Bay has a peaceful and tranquil setting that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you're looking to relax on a cruise tour or on a secluded beach, Halong Bay will be the perfect place to escape and recharge.

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The downsides to Halong Bay

Consider these downsides before planning your trip to Halong Bay:

From October to April, Heritage Bay can get crowded as it is a popular tourist destination. Instead of going to a restaurant or staying at a hotel on the mainland that is full or overcrowded, you can consider staying on a Halong Bay cruise, which has both a private space and a convenient location cleverly arranged with delicious cuisine.

Halong Bay's environment is being affected due to the increase in tourism. Tourists and boats are polluting the fragile ecosystem. 

Be prepared for unpredictable weather in the Bay, as sudden storms and heavy rain can disrupt outdoor activities and cruise tours. Remember that weather conditions can be erratic and plan accordingly.

Halong Bay can get crowded as it is a popular tourist destination

Halong Bay can get crowded as it is a popular tourist destination

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Alternatives to Halong Bay

Can tourists have a better experience when coming here? Of course yes, Paradise Vietnam recommends visiting Cat Ba Island or Lan Ha Bay.

Is Cat Ba Island worth visiting?

Getting to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi economically by bus and ferry is an option for those on a tight budget. Once on the island, you can book day trips to Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay for significantly less, sometimes for a fraction of the cost. Cat Ba Island is steeped in history and culture, with several ancient temples and pagodas well worth a visit. The island is also home to a local fishing community and you can learn about their traditional way of life as well as sample fresh seafood. Cat Ba Island is home to Cat Ba National Park, a place of diverse flora and fauna, including several endangered species. Choosing this place allows you to spend more time exploring the island and surrounding areas. Booking tours from tour companies in advance is a great way to start exploring the island by motorbike, with prices starting at a modest US$20 per day.

Booking tours from tour companies in advance is a great way to start exploring the island


Booking tours from tour companies in advance is a great way to start exploring the island

Is Lan Ha Bay worth visiting?

If you are looking for a bay as stunning as Bay, consider visiting Lan Ha Bay. Although this area attracts fewer tourists, there are options like booking a multi-day cruise departing from Hanoi for a luxury cruise for around US$300 or a more affordable day trip from Cat Ba Island. Our suggestion is to book a two or three-night tour, spend one night on a boat in the center of Lan Ha Bay, and then another night in a small island inn.

Lan Ha Bay is less populated and less polluted than Ha Long Bay, partly because there are no regular cruise boats in the area. Thanks to that, one can witness more animals such as native birds and the rare Cat Ba langur which is on the verge of extinction. Visitors can also participate in thrilling outdoor activities, including kayaking, or even hiking and climbing on several islands located in Lan Ha Bay, of which the most notable is Cat Ba Island.

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Are Halong Bay cruises eco-friendly?

The Southeast Asian backpacker community has reported serious concerns about tourists littering too much in Ha Long Bay. This has polluted the water and this is also a regular occurrence in Vietnam. However today when it comes to the bay, especially Lan Ha Bay, the clarity of the water ensures that it has been greatly improved, providing a safer and more enjoyable swimming experience after the pandemic. Among the pillars of the World Economic Forum, Vietnam is currently working to improve its environmental sustainability score through policies to protect and promote its natural heritage. In Ha Long City, local authorities are trying to "say no'' to plastic waste. The Ha Long Bay Management Board has developed a garbage collection plan to cooperate in enhancing the image of the World Heritage Site of the Bay with visitors.

Although many tour operators claim to be eco-friendly and care about the environment, it's important to do your research. We recommend that you ask the tour manager some important questions before booking their tour in Halong Bay. What environmental practices do they apply on board? What do they do with the plastic on board? Do they recycle? etc. A good travel agency interested in the local area will be happy to answer your questions. Or you can refer to the environmental protection policy of Paradise Vietnam, we are proud to be awarded the Green Sails Certificate for “Good Practice for environmental protection and sustainable development”.

We are undertaking the following actions to strive to responsibly lessen our impact on the environment and contribute to sustainable development. With the motto of tourism activities associated with sustainable development, Paradise Vietnam always focuses on investing and applying environmental protection solutions in the process of operating cruises and hotel systems. Including activities of the fund "Green Halong Bay - For a green Ha Long" with some outstanding activities such as:

  • Firstly, Paradise Vietnam invests in applying advanced science and technology to minimize harm to the environment during the operation of cruises and hotels (for example, using oil-water separation technology to filter wastewater), and not discharge waste directly into the bay).
  • Second, we strive to reduce plastic waste by using all glass water bottles, paper straws, paper takeaway cups... for the entire cruise & hotel system.
  • Thirdly, Paradise Vietnam also periodically organizes “waste collection programs” in Ha Long Bay with the participation of tourists and local people, contributing to raising awareness of people about environmental protection and visitors.

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Tips for getting to Halong Bay

If you are planning a trip to Halong Bay, here are some tips to get there:

Halong Bay can be reached by traveling about two hours and a half by road from Hanoi. On the other hand, taking a cruise is the most recommended way to admire the beauty of the bay, and the cost of a cruise also ranges from affordable options to luxurious ones. This itinerary is often accompanied by visits to the bay's famous islands and caves, offering a wide range of options. It is possible to take a boat to Ha Long Bay via Hai Phong Port, (it takes about three hours by bus from Hanoi to the Port). There is no need to worry about transportation if you book a tour package as some tour companies already offer this service in their package price.

If you are planning a trip across Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, then visit Ha Long Bay then consider traveling by train - it's a great option. The trains are not only neat and cozy, but the view outside is also breathtaking. For those who prefer to travel overnight to save money, sleeper trains will help you spend less money and get a good night's sleep - especially for long journeys.

Taking a cruise is the most recommended way to admire the beauty of the bay

Taking a cruise is the most recommended way to admire the beauty of the bay

Would you choose Halong Bay as your destination in your itinerary or consider one of the alternatives to Halong Bay? And if you've been here, is the Halong Bay cruise worth it? And if you are looking for Halong Bay cruises or Halong Bay alternatives, or simply checking out all-day trips and overnight cruises, you can contact Contact Paradise Vietnam via the hotline at (+84)906099606 or visit our Paradise Vietnam. We are very pleased to serve you!

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