Halong Bay Itinerary 3 Day 2 Night: A Complete Guide

Halong bay cruise

Halong Bay cruise tour 2 days 1 night packages in Halong Bay have received favorable feedback due to balanced expenses. However, adventurous souls might wish to dive further into the bay’s hidden lagoons and caves. This explains why 3-day-2-night cruise itineraries witness an understandable popularity surge among local and international tourists with generous budgets. The following sections will introduce four popular options for a 3-day Halong Bay itinerary, along with other critical traveling guides first-timers should keep in mind.


Halong Bay cruise itinerary 3-day-2-night are becoming more popular

Halong Bay Itinerary 2023: Top 4 Options

The following 3-day-2-night packages cater to different traveling demands while including the bay’s most notable highlights in their Halong Bay cruise itinerary. Assess your budgets, touring goals, and preferred activities to settle on the most sensible option:

Option 1: Classic 3 Days 2 Night Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary


The basic Halong Bay itinerary already offers many interesting activities

Day 1: Tuan Chau Island - Tung Sau Pearl Farm - Titov Island

  • The bus transfers arrive at Tuan Chau Island, where passengers complete check-in sessions at the hotel before moving to the Paradise Elegance, Paradise Sails, or Paradise Peak cruise as part of the Halong Bay itinerary. While welcome drinks and lunches are being served at the Le Marin Restaurant, the overnight cruise will pass through beautiful islets along the way.
  • After finishing lunch, cruisers will drop by the famous Tung Sau pearl farm, where the full process of pearl cultivating will be unfurled. You can try out some steps yourself under local guidance, kayak around the farm, or shop for beautiful pearl souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones.
  • Titov Island is the last stop of the day, offering the best panoramic views of the bay from the top. Hiking groups can join together to climb across the island, while fans of water-sported activities could choose to swim and play light volleyball around the beach.
  • From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., the Halong Bay cruise itinerary features a special Happy Hour occasion, during which each cruiser can receive one free beverage for each purchase. Additionally, a brief cooking class is offered, introducing the processing methods for some of the most well-recognized traditional Vietnamese dishes, all accompanied by lively music performed by Filipino bands.
  • When finishing dinners at the Le Marin restaurants, numerous nighttime activities are available. You can drink light beverages and enjoy live music performances at the Piano Lounge, partake in squid fishing groups at the cruise back, sign up for natural Spa treatments.

Tuan Chau - a beautiful island in Halong Bay

Tuan Chau - a beautiful island in Halong Bay for Halong Bay cruise itinerary

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Day 2: Tien Ong Cave – Cua Van Fishing Village 

  • A half-hour Tai Chi session on deck and buffet breakfasts at the Le Marin Restaurant will boost your energy for the adventures ahead. While savoring the food, the Halong Bay cruises will pass through iconic Halong Bay views, including Ho Dong Tien, Trong, Trinh Nu Cave, Hang Than, Hang Dau islet, etc.
  • Tien Ong Cave is the first stop of the day, globally recognized for its vast landscapes and beautiful stalagmites millions of years old. History lovers will also have a lot of fun diving into the ancient artifacts traced back to thousands of years ago.
  • After the one-hour lunch at Deu Cave, passengers, following the Halong Bay itinerary, are up for a two-hour visit to the first cultural floating villages ever in Vietnam - the Cua Van fishing village. Swimming, bamboo boat tour, and kayaking sessions as outlined in the Halong Bay itinerary promise to lighten up your afternoon. But if you prefer to stay onboard, feel free to join the cruise’s afternoon tea break while enjoying the bay’s spectacular view.
  • Happy Hour, cooking classes, and live music performances will take place before dinner, just like on the first day. Afterward, you can watch movies in the cabin, fish squid, or relax in the Le Parfum Spa.

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village

Day 3: Sung Sot Cave - Tuan Chau Islands

  • Tai Chi sessions on deck and light breakfasts of baked pastries, tea, and coffee at the Le Marin Restaurant take up the first part of the Halong Bay itinerary. The next hour is spent at Sung Sot/Surprise Cave, where imagination runs wild with magnificent stalactites of hundreds of shapes and forms. Do not forget to take a picture of the bay’s panoramic views on your way out.
  • Meals are served at the floating restaurant while the Halong Bay cruises travel through Ga Choi Islet and Dau Go/ Thien Cung Cave. Take your sweet time to enjoy the last few moments of Halong Bay’s astonishing scenery before disembarking at Tuan Chau Marina.

Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave

Option 2: Halong Bay Itinerary 3 Days 2 Nights to Bai Tu Long Bay

Day 1: Hanoi – Halong – Bai Tu Long Bay – Thien Canh Son Cave

  • After the Hanoi-departing bus transfers arrive at Halong, passengers will get on the overnight cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay, named one of the best tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. While enjoying your meal, the cruise will weave through hundreds of small and large islets in Bai Tu Long Bay that glow brilliantly under the warm sunlight.
  • Thien Canh Son Cave is the highlight of the first day's Halong Bay cruise itinerary, attracting millions of tourists per year with its pristine limestone karsts, natural beauty, and beautiful green lushes. The breathtaking bay views from above are also worth a second look. Inside the Thien Canh Son Cave lies countless stalactite shapes resembling stone statues, elephants, sea seals, flowers, and even hanging lights, manifesting a dreamy fantasy world seen nowhere else.
  • Enjoy the rest of your night in Bai Tu Long Bay with five-star menus and spacious decks onboard.

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An extended trip to Bai Tu Long Bay will leave you impressed

Day 2: Cap La – Vung Dang – Cong Dam – Thien Canh Son

  • After the refreshing breakfast, passengers are up to Cap La Cave, situated 30 m above sea level. Its unique two-story construction caters to varied preferences: those seeking extended cave tours will enjoy the deep ceilings and large slopes of the second floor, while fans of beautiful white stalactites will have quite some fun with the first/lower floor. 
  • Afternoon, visitors are taken to the Vung Dang beach for quick relaxation before continuing towards Cong Dam Cave (whose entrance can be accessed via kayaking). The further you get in, the more expansive it becomes, with four separate compartments that showcase diverse chambers, stalactites, and artifacts.
  • The afternoon concludes with Thien Canh Son Cave, where you can take photos of magnificent stalactites and enjoy the serene view of the small pond nearby.
  • Once the overnight cruise anchors, as per the Halong Bay itinerary, onboard dinners, live performances, and other nighttime amenities will be served for the rest of the night.

Thien Canh Son cave

Thien Canh Son cave

Day 3: Cap La – Vung Vieng Fishing Village – Hanoi

  • The last leg of the cruise tour takes travelers to the Cap La Station in the Vung Vieng Fishing Village, a new living area with scarce popularity and extremely peaceful, open space. Take this chance to learn your way around the local culture, fishing customs, and local dishes.
  • Once finished with the billing, you can capture the bay’s view one last time before returning to the port and departing Halong.

Vung Vieng village

Vung Vieng village

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Option 3: Sunworld Halong Park + Paradise Delight Day Cruise + Museum – Cruise Itineraries

This option is tailored for adventurous trailers who want to combine cave explorations with modern entertainment, introducing passengers to one of Vietnam’s most recognizable amusement parks.

Day 1 – Hanoi - Halong Bay - Visit Sun World Park

  • The Halong Bay tour offers transfers from Hanoi to Halong Bay, though passengers are free to choose their own transportation platforms, such as private cars, public buses, taxis, and more. 
  • Sun World Park is the tour’s opener, covering 169 hectares and offering some of the best entertainment games for all ages as outlined in the Halong Bay itinerary. You can let yourself get lost in the most “terrifying” Vietnamese roller coaster, play around with the weather in the Sea Village, or sunbathe on the white sand.
  • The world class amusement park also introduces a 2-km cable car taking you to another entertainment complex, Ba Deo. Highlights worth mentioning include the indoor game areas in the Mystic Castle, Japanese Gardens, and the Guinness-breaking Sun Wheel. The bay’s panoramic views also look fantastic when observed from the highest points.

Enjoy the Halong bay cruise itinerary

Enjoy the Halong Bay itinerary

Day 2 – Day Cruise on Paradise Delight from 5.30 p.m to 10 p.m.

  • The second day on Paradise Delight as part of the Halong Bay cruise itinerary gives tourists a more intimate chance to explore Halong Bay’s best highlights. Aside from peaceful traveling through notable caves and islets along the way, you can also spice up the Halong Bay trip with sumptuous buffets of international cuisine, mellow music performed by live bands, and premium, fresh wine selections. Taking beautiful pictures from the deck is another viable option if you are a passionate photography enthusiast.
  • Fans of visual spectacle shows can join groups to indulge in the “Choreography of the Sea” spectacle show in the evening, crafted by famous director Hoang Nhat Nam. The refreshing air, sparkling landmarks, and crystal clear night sky are excellent for fantastic sightseeing, too. 
  • Take your time to capture beautiful photos, enjoy dinner, and engage in relaxing nighttime services after settling the bill as part of the Halong Bay cruise itinerary. Once Paradise Delight is back to Tuan Chau Maria, disembark to conclude your cruise for day 2 here.


Halong Bay cruise itinerary with Paradise Delight

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Day 3 – Museum and back to Hanoi

  • The operators drop passengers at Quang Ninh Museum, recognized as a reputed cultural center storing all critical documents of the land’s spiritual values. While the surrounding islands and islets look just as gorgeous as any other tourist destination, the museum is a good place for knowledge-thirsting cruisers to learn more about Halong city’s architecture and history. Furthermore, the museum’s unique shape (resembling a black pearl) also leaves you in awe of its beauty.
  • There are three floors for different-themed separations, so ensure you can visit them all within the tour’s allotted time limit. Finally, get back to the Ha Long Bay cruise deck to check out and relax in the lounge for one last time.
  • Return to Hanoi through cruise tour transfers (included in the package) or by your own chosen transportation methods.

Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum

Option 4: Ha Long Bay 3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary to Lan Ha Bay

Day 1: Tuan Chau Islands - Lan Ha Bay - Ao Ech

  • Passengers are transferred to the Paradise Grand via speedboats after checking in at Paradise Suites Hotel (Tuan Chau Island). While lunches and welcome drinks are served at the La Espacia restaurants, the day cruise will travel through Lan Ha Bay’s best islets and islands. You can also use the after-lunch period to go sightseeing, enjoy light tea in Piano Lounge, or enroll in world-class Spa treatments.
  • The Lan Ha Bay cruise pulls over Ao Ech, famous for its natural, unspoiled beauty, gorgeous pristine beaches, and looming rocking mountains. Cruisers, especially those who visit the bay during summer peaks, are presented with many activity options here: kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and more. Those preferring to rest in solitude can return to the day cruise’s High Tea section for homemade cookies, banana cakes, and tea/coffee.
  • When the Lan Ha  Bay cruise anchors at sundown, passengers can enjoy the special Buy 1 Get 1 (Happy Hour) session or join the Piano Lounge’s Canape party to whet their appetite before the main dining sessions.
  • After dinner, you can fish squid behind the Lan Ha Bay cruise, watch fantastic movies in the day cruise’s outdoor cinema, or sit on the strong-winded sundeck to bask in the night’s refreshing air.

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Ao Ech - Lan Ha Bay

Ao Ech - Lan Ha Bay

Day 2: Viet Hai Fishing Village - The Emerald Bay - Lan Ha Bay

  • Passengers can boost their energy on the spacious Sundeck with half-hour Tai Chi sessions. At the same time, sumptuous breakfasts are being prepared in the Le Espacia, ready for your enjoyment once the Tai Chi exercise concludes.
  • Take all the critical items with you before traveling to the Viet Hai floating fishing villages via speedboats. You can observe how locals carry on with their lives and ask them to introduce you to some of their stand-out customs. Local special dishes will be served directly in Viet Hai village as lunch, ensuring you can savor the village’s best cuisine.
  • Once all passengers are back onboard from Viet Hai village, the Lan Ha Bay cruise will travel towards Emerald Bay; you can go to the sundeck to admire Lan Ha Bay’s beauty, relax in the lounge, or indulge in the day cruise’s well-deserved spa.
  • Passengers have about 1.5 hours to swim in the crystal clear water of Emerald Bay, sunbathe on the sand, and play light water-based sports. Kayaking fans should not skim over the opportunities to explore tunnels and lagoons around the beaches, either.
  • Like Day 1, the luxury Lan Ha Bay cruise offers Happy Hour for signature beverages canape parties at sunset. After dinner, choose your favorite nighttime entertainment (squid fishing, movies, sightseeing, etc.).


Cruise cabin for tourists to enjoy during their Ha Long Bay itinerary

Day 3: Dark and Bright Cave - Lan Ha Bay - Tuan Chau Marina

  • After the invigorating Tai Chi session and a light breakfast, passengers will stop at the trip’s final stop, the Dark and Bright Cave, accessible via bamboo boat rowing or kayaking. This poetic cave serves as the entryway toward one of Lan Ha Bay’s most tranquil lakes, surrounded by magnificent stonewalls of different scales.
  • Back on board, you can enjoy full-fledged breakfasts and complete the final legs of the check-out/bill settlements. Once you return the room key, enjoy your last moments in Lan Ha Bay in the lounge or on the huge sundeck.
  • After getting off the day cruise, passengers head into speedboats to go back to Tuan Chau Marina.

Kayaking at Dark and Bright cave in Ha Long Bay cruise itinerary

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Explore Unforgettable Halong Bay Cruise and Tour with Paradise Vietnam

Dedicated Ha Long Bay cruise staff, well-built cruise options with exquisite designs and materials, and 5-star onboard amenities have elevated Paradise Vietnam among the highest ranks of Vietnam’s reputed luxury cruise lines. Among its wide collection of 12 cruises in total, the following four offer inclusive 3-day-2-night cruises that have gained rave feedback from both local and international tourists

Paradise Elegance


Paradise Elegance’s lavish bars are sure to impress

  • 31 luxurious cabins, each with their own amenities and private balconies
  • Exceptional spa treatments at the Le Parfum
  • Lavish bar and restaurant with live music performances from Philippine bands
  • Spacious, expansive sundecks for the best board view on the Halong Bay cruise

Paradise Peak


Paradise Peak introduces 8 cabins 

  • 8 cabins, each with extremely personalized amenities, including separate dining areas, butler services, and jacuzzi
  • Unique classic wooden structures with cutting-edge boutiques stand out from the rest of the luxury cruise collection
  • Libraries, outdoor bars, and gyms are included for optimal relaxation.

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Paradise Sails


Paradise Sails is the peak of comfort 

  • The first Paradise Vietnam luxury boutique ship, boasting 16 spacious cabins designed in oriental-timbered designs.
  • Fusion menus, 32-seat restaurants, and natural spa treatments foster a seamless, relaxing journey.
  • 4 decks offer the best bay view
  • A well-built souvenir boutique that meets all preferences

Paradise Grand


Paradise Grand can hold up to 198 people 

  • 198-people capacity and huge sundeck (up to 450 m2)
  • Numerous bars and restaurants serve 5-star Michelin menus
  • Open-air cinema and squid fishing sessions at the cruise’s back give you the best nighttime entertainment
  • Broad cabin windows allow you to enjoy the bay’s fresh air from your own cabin.

FAQs: Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary Questions and Responses

Is an overnight Ha Long Bay cruise worth it?

Yes, overnight cruises are the best part of Halong City. This UNESCO World Heritage site looks twice as dreamy at night as in daylight. Furthermore, with open-air cinemas, squid fishing sessions, premium spa treatments, and more, there is no shortage of nighttime fun for you to participate in. Additionally, you can join a day trip cruise to explore the beauty of Halong Bay alternatives, Bai Tu Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba National Park, or other nearby destinations.

Classic 3 Days 2 Night Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary

Classic 3 Day 2 Night Halong Bay Cruise Itinerary

What is the best time of year for a Halong Bay cruise towards Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba National Park, Bai Tu Long Bay, etc.?

Summer and autumn months (April to October) are arguably the best time to visit Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Sung Sot Cave, Bai Chay Beach, or Cat Ba Island due to their pleasant weather, perfect for adventures and water-based day trips.

How can one make the most out of a short visit to Halong Bay in just a weekend?
Tour packages are available for time-pressed, budget-conscious guests. An effective timetable will be provided by a trustworthy travel company to make the most of your trip. From 4-hour journeys to lengthier 6-8 hours excursions, you have a range of alternatives to select from, so you can make the most of your time and still see most of the highlights of this World Heritage site.

What are the best options for a family-friendly itinerary in Halong Bay?
Many tourists opt for a 1 or 2-night cruise to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the night, with its romantic lighting and refreshing air. These cruises offer a range of activities and facilities, such as live performances, casinos, and spas, catering to all members of the family. They are also ideal for those with time or budget limitations.

How does the experience differ between a cruise-based itinerary versus a land-based one in Halong Bay?
A cruise in Halong Bay provides a luxurious and curated experience, with stunning views from the water, onboard activities, and access to remote areas. On the other hand, a land-based itinerary allows for a deeper cultural immersion, flexible exploration of nearby attractions, and a chance to engage with local life. This option offers diverse accommodation choices and the opportunity to visit inland attractions such as caves and temples that may not be accessible by water. Both options offer distinct perspectives and experiences, with cruises highlighting panoramic views and onboard activities, while land-based stays focus on cultural immersion and flexibility in exploration.

How feasible is it to combine a visit to Halong Bay with nearby destinations to create a comprehensive travel itinerary?
Exploring Halong Bay and its neighboring destinations is a convenient and fulfilling way to plan your travels. The proximity of popular spots like Cat Ba Island, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay allows for easy transportation and a diverse range of activities in one compact area. Cat Ba Island offers a unique perspective with its national park, beautiful scenery, and outdoor adventures, complementing the Halong Bay experience. For a more tranquil option, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay offer stunning views without the crowds. With great transportation options and various attractions, combining Halong Bay with nearby destinations allows a complete exploration of Northern Vietnam's captivating landscapes and cultural offerings.


Paradise Vietnam has organized many successful Halong Bay cruises for 3-day-2-night Halong Bay itinerary, striking a class-leading balance between personal experience and inclusive touring explorations. Contact Paradise Vietnam operators nơ to seize the best overnight cruises for this famous UNESCO World Heritage site.

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