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Obviously, tourists must remember to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the duration of the tour. The weather in Ha Long Bay changes from season to season, aggregated so you can keep an eye on it and make sure you bring the right clothes.







18°C – 23°C (64°F – 73°F)

24°C – 32°C (75°F – 89°F)

18°C – 23°C (64°F – 73°F)

15°C – 21°C (59°F – 69°F)

Rain level

Medium - Under 100mm/month

High - over 200mm/month (peaks at 300mm in August)

Range - from 50mm to 200mm/month (September - October)



60% - 80%

60% - 80%

60% - 80%

60% - 70%

Tourists must remember to bring appropriate clothing for the duration of the tour

Tourists must remember to bring appropriate clothing for the duration of the tour

What to wear on Halong Bay Cruise - Daytime Dressing

When it comes to what to wear on Halong Bay cruise - daytime, it's important to note that the weather can be unpredictable and can change quickly. Therefore, it is best to bring clothing that can be layered so that it can be easily adjusted to changing conditions. Resort wear suits you best. It brings out the perfect summer atmosphere with its pale green tones and lightweight materials.

For ease of mobility, dress comfortably in a t-shirt, shorts, jeans, casual skirt, or loose-fitting skirt. Prepare a bathing suit that is appropriate for swimming, kayaking, or engaging in water sports. For trips on boats and excursions, wear flip-flops or comfortable, sturdy shoes. In general, choose comfortable, casual clothing for your day on the yacht and be ready for changeable weather conditions.

Day in Halong Bay

Day in Halong Bay

Outfit suggestion: Resort outfit

Things to bring in your travel luggage: clothes, shoes, room key, cash, sunglasses, sun hat, swimsuit, water bottle, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Casual option: For the night, you can wear more casual, comfortable clothes with buffets, and romantic dinners.

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Halong Bay Cruise - What to wear to dinner?

Most cruises on Halong Bay have a dress code for dinner, which usually ranges from formal to formal. There are two types of dinners that cruise on Halong Bay served in the main dining rooms. Here are some general guidelines for what to wear to dinner on a Halong Bay cruise.

Casual Dinner Dress

On cruises in Halong Bay, the comfort meal usually takes place on both the first and last night. The first cause is due to the fatigue of many passengers, while the second is due to the busyness of packing up to leave. There's no need for fancy outfits for these casual dinners - a summer dress or dark jeans with a shirt will do. If you're aiming for a neat look, then some fitted jeans, trousers, or shorts can work great. You can pair them with a printed shirt, polo or short-sleeve t-shirt to complete the look. In case of a sudden cold, a warm sweater will be appropriate. The outfit can be matched with some comfortable sneakers or shoes.

In a casual dinner, all we need is a balance between comfort and style. So try to feel relaxed and comfortable when you dress for the occasion.

Casual Dinner in Paradise Cruise

Casual Dinner in Paradise Cruise

Outfit suggestion: Casual wear

Things to bring in your travel luggage: room keys, money, and water bottles.

Casual option: The evening dress code for all areas begins at 6 pm so room service is the only option for those wanting a more casual experience.

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Smart Casual Dinner Dress

A smart casual outfit is a great way to upgrade your casual style. You will need to dress a little more formally than usual for most evenings. A nice outfit for dinner in Ha Long can include a cute dress, a pullover combined with a skirt or sport-cropped pants combined with an elegant blouse. To look stunning on the cruise, you should wear a nice shirt with white pants. One of the specialty restaurants onboard requires Smart Casual. Men can combine a fashionable outfit by pairing casual pants with collared tops like a shirt or polo shirt, along with a sports jacket. Meanwhile, the ladies can choose to wear their favorite evening gown or a black and gold sequin dress.

Smart Casual Dinner Dress

Smart Casual Dinner Dress

Outfit suggestion: Courteous and smart style is recommended.

Things to bring in your travel luggage: cash, a light scarf, a phone, a key card, and a bottle of water.

Casual option: For those looking for the comfort of dining, a buffet is a great option. It will cater to passengers who need a less formal setting.

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What to wear on Halong Bay Cruise - Sparkling Night

A sparkling night is set for a fascinating Halong Bay cruise, so now's the time to dress up in your best party outfits. Tourists have the opportunity to chat with the captain and crew during this festive evening. Prepare to bask in the luxury and brilliance that surrounds you. Paradise Vietnam cruises have live music after dinner, so visitors can immerse themselves in the music and dance freely, so women are encouraged to wear an elegant evening gown or maxi dress to enhance their evening glory. Accessories and jewelry should bring your favorite pieces! Gentlemen can look dashing with a dark suit or tuxedo, possibly with a tie.

If you are among those who are not passionate about fashion, formal dinners on the train are not too much of a concern. But if you love taking sparkling night photos on your Halong Bay cruise, then just a gorgeous dress, high heels, and some jewelry are enough. And of course, the dress code can change depending on the form of the ship. You should therefore contact your carrier before boarding the cruise.

A sparkling night is set for a fascinating Halong Bay cruise

A sparkling night is set for a fascinating Halong Bay cruise

Outfit Suggestion: Formal Outfits

Things to bring in your travel luggage: Take these items with you when you travel: a phone, key cards, cash for emergencies, a camera, and a light scarf for unexpected cold weather.

Casual option: On board, bars or parties are typical options if you want to arrive at night. Special holidays like Christmas, and New Year have special festivals held on the Paradise Vietnam cruises.

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Halong Bay Cruise What To Wear On By Season

The weather in Ha Long Bay will be different from season to season, so clothes when cruising in Halong Bay will change accordingly. Here are some guidelines on what to wear on the Halong Bay cruise, based on the season.

Spring (March & April)

Vivid with bright and vibrant colors, the scenery in spring in Ha Long is simple yet stunning. Tourists can take a cruise on the Bay during this time of year, although spring is only two short months and the weather changes from cool to warm, making it ideal for exploring the beautiful scenery on the bay. It's best to bring comfortable clothing like a t-shirt, shorts, and light pants for daytime activities and a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings. Don't forget to bring a half-zip sweater in your bag in case of the changing weather.

Spring is the best time to bring comfortable clothing like a t-shirt, shorts, and light pants 

Spring is the best time to bring comfortable clothing like a t-shirt, shorts, and light pants 

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Summer (May-August)

It can be said that the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay really shines in the summer. With the warmth of the sun, a refreshing sea breeze, and picturesque eastern skies, you can make the most of outdoor adventures like hiking, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. fish without any threat from bad weather. To prepare for these activities, bring light and airy clothing such as shorts, a summer t-shirt and skirt for the day, and a light jacket for cooler evenings.

Autumn (September & October)

Soft honey-like colors and long shadows welcome cooler weather to Ha Long Bay, as the sun rises earlier and sets later in autumn. Great vibes abound in this unspoiled paradise, where the emerald sea is the perfect backdrop for an intimate dinner as the sun adorns the sky from orange to pink and then to pink. lavender to blue. Don't forget to visit Ha Long Bay in autumn for the best experience because Ha Long Bay is most beautiful in autumn with the ideal temperature to visit. Light pants and a T-shirt will be appropriate for fall, and a light jacket or sweater is a comfortable option for chilly evenings.

A T-shirt will be appropriate for fall

A T-shirt will be appropriate for fall

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Winter (November - February)

Halong Bay is a mysterious and enchanting destination in winter. The atmosphere in this season is magical and suitable for travelers who want to enjoy a slow pace, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The frigid temperatures and unpredictable rainfall help turn the bay into a wonderful winter wonderland as cold northeasterly winds cool the air. There's nothing quite like cruising across the gray-blue ocean, with its limestone columns and islands looming in thin air through the mist. Remember to bring enough warm clothing, such as sweaters, jackets, and long-sleeved shirts, to make sure you're dressed enough for both daytime and evening activities. To ensure a safe and dry hike, it's a good idea to bring some hiking boots to avoid slipping on the dizzying trail while walking the bay. 

To conclude on what to wear on the Halong Bay cruise, all you really need to do is preview the weather and the season in which you will be traveling so you can prepare accordingly. fits in my little pocket.

Besides, you can also visit the Paradise Vietnam page for consultation and booking support on our luxury cruises. Paradise Vietnam is honored to welcome you and warmly welcome you.

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