What cruise lines go to Vietnam?

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Vietnam is a bustling and extremely welcoming country, and the people are optimistic. Traveling by yacht to Vietnam will bring you to the golden sands by the brilliant blue sea, the scenic spots that you should visit at least once in your life. This tour will give you an understanding of an idyllic yet fascinating country like Vietnam. Currently, a variety of domestic ships and cruise ships of various types go to and from Vietnam. So what cruise lines go to Vietnam? Let's explore now!

✅ Luxury bedroom ⭐ TV, minibar, window, balcony overlooking the sea
✅ Restaurant and bar ⭐ Attractive menu
✅ Sun deck ⭐ Area for sunbathing and resting
Other utilities ⭐ Spa, gym, swimming pool, wine cellar

Nowadays, traveling by cruise is quite a popular form of tourism

Nowadays, traveling by cruise is quite a popular form of tourism

Luxury Vietnam cruises

Many travelers come to Vietnam to visit and unwind because of its stunning and distinctive scenery. When a new form of tourism called cruise tourism emerges, it helps travelers have a variety of novel experiences while floating on the sea. Numerous amenities are integrated into Vietnam Yacht, which caters to all tourist needs, notably those of 5-star boats.

Some attractive utilities not to be missed are:

  • Luxury bedroom: Equipped with TV, minibar, window, balcony overlooking the sea, private bathroom, air conditioner,... no different from a high-class hotel.
  • Restaurant and luxury bar with attractive menu
  • Sundeck: an area for sunbathing and resting
  • In addition, the 5-star yacht also serves your spiritual and health interests such as:

Spa, gym, swimming pool, wine cellar, Kid's club, recreational activities at sea,...

Coming to 5-star cruises, visitors have many opportunities to experience high-class luxury service at a reasonable price.

In addition, the cruise ship tour schedule in Vietnam is also highly appreciated. Each cruise will explore its own routes with many different attractions. But in general, they all bring visitors a new look that is also close to the natural beauty and rustic features of the Vietnamese people.

Most of today's luxury yachts are designed quite nicely and modernly. However, interwoven somewhere, they still retain the traditional features, the multi-regional cultural identity of Vietnam.

Cruise Highlights from Vietnam

Paradise Vietnam Cruise

When asked what cruise lines go to Vietnam is famous for in Halong Bay and Lan Ha, it is impossible not to mention the 5-star Paradise Vietnam Cruise. Impressed with many consecutive years receiving Certificate of Excellence from travel site TripAdvisor, Paradise Elegance belongs to the luxury 5-star Ha Long cruise segment with 31 cabins, giving visitors a high-class cruise experience. The journey to explore the beautiful Halong Bay with pristine Ti Top Island and magnificent caves, or visit Sung Sot cave (the largest cave in Halong Bay), more interesting is that you can kayak by yourself at Tung Sau pearl village area,.. is guaranteed to bring a relaxing and satisfying stay for all visitors. If traveling to Vietnam, do not miss the tour of the beautiful bays of the North of Vietnam with Paradise Vietnam Cruise.

Paradise Vietnam Cruise is a 5-star cruise ship class

Paradise Vietnam Cruise is a 5-star cruise ship class

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Itineraries for Vietnam Cruises

  • Ha Long Bay

For a long time, Ha Long Bay was the main tourist destination in Vietnam. The majestic natural scenery of this natural heritage always captivates visitors. Ha Long Bay has up to 1600 islands, large and small, and tourists here will have a lot of choices with high-class yachts.

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  • Land of the Sea: Da Nang, Nha Trang

Da Nang and Nha Trang are two famous cities with beautiful beaches and blue seas. Not only that but they are also known as the famous yacht tourism mecca of the Central region, with the beauty of the enchanting offshore islands and interesting activities such as coral diving and sightseeing. fishing village,…

  • Phu Quoc island

For those who love to travel, this is a dream paradise, where it not only has the most luxurious resorts and world-class entertainment areas but is also the most famous yacht tourism destination in Vietnam. The experience with this yacht is also very rich with interesting activities such as exploring the waters of the South Island, enjoying delicious seafood, swimming in the clear blue water, admiring Hon Dam Island, and diving coral viewing, etc.

Phu Quoc Island is a great choice for a cruise trip

Phu Quoc Island is a great choice for a cruise trip

Why Choose Celebrity Cruises for a Vietnam Cruise?

If you are a travel connoisseur and love to experience the most luxurious and world-class services, definitely do not miss Celebrity Cruises.

Each of Celebrity Cruises' boats has a unique style and design, but they share a flair for elegance and a penchant for comfort. While there are different cabin levels to choose from, each of the spacious suites has outward-facing windows and individual amenities. More luxurious suites will have balconies and may even include minibars. Each ship has an onboard swimming pool, sundeck, and restaurant or dining room. Some also have spas or shops.

In particular, culinary excellence from around the world is at the heart of Celebrity Cruises' cruise lines. All of the food and services are highly appreciated. The ships also feature innovative, alternative, and complementary restaurants that provide a unique opportunity to enjoy fine dining. Celebrity's luxurious ships take you along the coast of Vietnam in style. Finally, end a long day with cocktails at the outdoor Sunset Bar. Enjoy the specialty flavors of iconic Italian dishes at Tuscan Grille or specialty coffee and pastries at Café al Bacio.

Celebrity Cruises - World Class Cruise Brand

Celebrity Cruises - World Class Cruise Brand

Celebrity Cruises' journey to explore the coast of Vietnam in a 12 or 13 nights cruise With a capacity of 40–130 guests, you will find the atmosphere on board both intimate and relaxed. You can sail from Singapore to Tokyo or between Singapore and Hong Kong in either direction. Ports of call include Ho Chi Minh City; Chan May, Hue, and Da Nang; Nha Trang beach resort; Ha Long Bay, the gateway to the capital Hanoi, and magnificent limestone karst landscapes. Most excursions include a night in Halong Bay.

Celebrity Cruises has many luxurious facilities

Celebrity Cruises has many luxurious facilities

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What cruise lines go to Vietnam?

If you are a tourist from all over the world and are passionate about exploring the beautiful land of Vietnam, Here are some famous and worthy shipping companies for you.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Set sail on one of Norwegian Cruise Line’s 19 innovative ships, where award-winning entertainment, spectacular dining options, and activities for every traveler await. Whether you are cruising through the glaciers of Alaska or the sun-drenched Mediterranean, you can say What makes the difference when going on a grand cruise on this sailboat is saying goodbye to the strict schedule and welcoming a truly do-it-yourself experience. 

What Norwegian Cruise Line offers you is no schedule and no regulations. You are traveling the way you want. Enjoy delicious food combined with unique performances. Relax in the largest and most modern room in the yachting industry before venturing out on a cruise of your choice.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the starter of free and unexpected journeys

Norwegian Cruise Line is the starter of free and unexpected journeys

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Offering luxury micro-vessel cruises to seven continents, Seabourn's vessels accommodate only 458 to 600 guests. Choose from 484 cruises and experience the exclusivity of all-inclusive cruising and impeccable service. Luxurious yet relaxed, Seabourn’s small ships take the discerning traveler to hidden harbors, remote corners, and the heart of landmark cities on an unforgettable journey. 

With an extremely modern fleet of seven extremely luxurious small ships, Seabourn offers visitors a sense of style and nobility that has never been seen before. Feel that you're a member of a very exclusive club as your every need is met by welcoming and attentive service. Like traveling on a private yacht, each small ship offers all ocean-front suites, luxuriously appointed accommodations, an open-bar policy serving premium wine, champagne, and spirits, and a world-class dining experience.

Seabourn towards elegance and luxury with quality services

Seabourn towards elegance and luxury with quality services

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Celebrity Cruises

Join Celebrity Cruises on a voyage across the world's oceans. Celebrities Cruises is a familiar name in the travel world, and when it comes to 14 sophisticated modern ships and spending more nights at the destination, it surely will not disappoint visitors.

Celebrity Cruises wants you to see the world and linger longer with its carefully curated itinerary. With a well-thought-out, detailed itinerary and world-class service excellence, Celebrity Cruises is sure to help you fully enjoy this trip. Start your destination experience on board with the cultural enrichment program offered before you arrive at the port. You will be led by local guides on a series of shore excursions that bring to life local lifestyles and cultures. Alternatively, the onboard destination concierge can book restaurants your friends recommend and help you choose from a range of shore excursions that will create memories for a lifetime. Celebrity Cruises always knows how to please guests, even on the boat, because it makes you feel at home.

Celebrity Cruises is the perfect choice for the most meticulous and complete travel

Celebrity Cruises is the perfect choice for the most meticulous and complete travel

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Above are the top-rated cruise lines that go to Vietnam the world and the places worth visiting when visiting Vietnam. Depending on your needs and preferences, we hope you will choose for yourself a satisfactory cruise line and have an interesting tour. If you have any questions, please contact Paradise Vietnam immediately!

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