Covid 19 guest protocols

Health Protocols for Your Vacation with Paradise Vietnam (Updated on December 21st, 2021)

The health and safety of tourists is Paradise Vietnam's highest priority. That's why we developed health protocols and procedures to protect our customers while delivering the holiday experience you love.

I. Common regulations:

Tourists are required to adhere to The Vietnam Ministry of Health’s medical guidance - “5K message”, including face masks, physical distancing, disinfection, health declarations, no gatherings to safely travel in ‘new normal’ state of coexisting with Covid-19. Before traveling with Paradise Vietnam, the guidance will be updated and shared with tourists.

Infographic of “5K message” announced by the Vietnam Ministry of Health

Infographic of “5K message” announced by the Vietnam Ministry of Health

II. International Tourists:

Paradise Vietnam’s Hotel & Cruises are available for international tourists who have ALL of the following:

- A negative SAR-CoV-2 certificate of the RT-PCR/RT-LAMP testing within 72 hours before departure.

- Provide a COVID-19 recovery certificate within 6 months before departure or proof of vaccination. Of which, tourists shall receive their second dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days and no longer than 12 months (except for children under age being eligible for vaccination accompanied by their parents or legal guardian) before traveling.

- Proof of health insurance or travel insurance, including medical fee for Covid-19 treatment for at least USD 50.000.

- Registered the 7-day travel package via tour operators authorized to welcome international tourists to Vietnam.

III. Domestic tourists and Expats in Vietnam:

1. General conditions:

- Tourists coming from “Green and Yellow areas”(1) haven’t been in the red or orange zones since these zones started over the last 14 days:

- Tourists are required to claim health and move declaration within 14 days before traveling departure with Paradise Vietnam

Fully Covid-19 vaccinated Vaccinated with one dose

(including children being not approved to be vaccinated)

- The second dose at least 14 days and no longer than 12 months before departure

- No Covid test required

- Must furnish a negative rapid testing result -    Must furnish a negative PCR test result done within 72 hours before departure(2)

2. Requirements for Expat Tourists in Vietnam:

Expats who have a valid Vietnam temporary residence card or visa issued by Vietnam Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security need to have all of the following:

One of the required documents:

- Certificate of temporary residence registration stamped by the local police.

- Proof of stay with the stamp of the hotel where you’re staying.

- Certificate of residence and working unit stamped by your company.

(1): Being Level-1 and Level-2 areas mentioned in Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP issued by the Vietnam Government on October 11th, 2021

(2): The period is counted from sampling date to check-in date at the hotel or cruise

IV. Health protocols

We've implemented new requirements to protect our customers while traveling with Paradise Vietnam. We expect these will be temporary. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to offering you the best leisurely vacation in the world. These protocols will be updated and shared with tourists before traveling.

1. Pre-Travel & Arrival

1.1 Tourist and Travel Protocols

Before finalizing travel plans, tourists should carefully review our protocols and the recommendations of government health authorities. Tourists with international travel needs should ensure they understand all entry and airline regulations from their home country to the destinations they plan to visit, including where medical authorities may require a Covid-19 test before departure.

Details continue to be updated regularly. Official websites and applications developed by government agencies and state management agencies in the tourism field are recommended.

1.2 Enhanced Health Screenings

Tourists will be required to complete an online health and move declaration within 14 days before departure provided by Paradise Vietnam. Tourists are requested to furnish their vaccination documents and any required COVID-19 testing. We will refer anyone with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or who is identified as at-risk for additional medical screening before allowing them to join the tourist group.

2. During Travel

2.1 Masks and Physical Distancing

Tourists must wear face masks in indoor public spaces and sightseeing places before being seated in our main dining rooms and the buffet area during the whole vacation with Paradise Vietnam.

We recommend that tourists wash or replace their masks daily and choose a standard mask, ideally a good quality medical mask.

2.2 Health Practices

Tourists are encouraged to wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer dispensers at venue entrances and in crowded areas throughout our cruises and hotel. Public areas are cleaned more thoroughly and often with safe disinfectants proven to kill viruses quickly.

2.3 Ventilation

Our cruises and hotel are equipped with advanced HVAC ventilation systems. The systems are designed to replace the air in public spaces every 5 - 6 minutes. We always try to keep windows open in indoor spaces to ensure air circulation.

2.4 Medical care

We always keep in touch with local health centers and get ready to support tourists in a medical emergency. In the event of a suspected Covid-19 case, we’re well prepared with immediate medical assessments, rapid Covid-19 testing, and dedicated areas for temporary Covid-19 care. We will take follow-up methods according to the instructions of local medical centers to protect tourists’ health.