Where to stay in Halong Bay - New Update 2023

Halong Bay has been one of the most unique and attractive tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourists to visit in recent years. Coming to this place, you will be welcomed by the majestic beauty of nature and extremely friendly travel services. So where to stay in Halong Bay to fully experience the journey? Let's find out in this article about Paradise Vietnam

Halong Bay is the best destination to travel in 2023

Halong Bay is the best destination to travel to in 2023

Halong City ⭐ Hotels, resorts, proximity to urban amenities
✅ Tuan Chau Island ⭐ Resorts, scenic views, leisure activities
✅ Cat Ba Island ⭐ Hotels, hostels, natural landscapes
✅ Bai Chay Area     ⭐ Hotels, budget accommodations

Stay overnight on a cruise - a perfect choice for the trip

Halong Bay is a tourist destination with a variety of accommodation types. The most prominent of which is sleeping overnight on a cruise. The cruise ships are like 5-star hotels in Halong Bay Vietnam, with spacious bedrooms and other facilities such as a bar, restaurant, and spa treatment room,... Depending on the type of ship and shipping line, the cruise will be served food, visit beautiful tourist attractions, and experience many interesting activities such as boating, visiting the model of a fishing village, kayaking, etc. One of the areas with beautiful scenery, ideal for sightseeing and staying by cruise, must be mentioned such as Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay.

Cruise travel is always a trend

Cruise travel is always a trend

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Halong Bay

Halong Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a natural wonder of the world. This place is famous for many caves such as Thien Cung Cave, Ti Top Island, and Sung Sot Cave,... attract tourists to visit. It can be said that Halong Bay is the most popular choice when guests want to visit and stay on a cruise. That's why the cruise system here is very developed to serve tourists, from 3 stars to 5 stars, from basic to modern, and the price is also varied accordingly. So visitors can freely choose the cruises according to their favorite at the most suitable price. The price for a 1-night stay depends on each 5-star cruise line in 2023 ranging from 138 - 224 USD. In particular, the most outstanding is Paradise Vietnam Cruise with many famous and classy ships and attractive schedules such as Paradise Elegance, Paradise Sails, and Paradise Peak.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located on the east of Cat Ba Island. This is considered a place with beautiful and peaceful natural scenery with about 139 fine white sand beaches stretching between rocky mountains. The sea in the area is quite calm and has small waves. Especially, visitors can participate in the experience of diving under the clear blue water, and watching the brilliant coral reefs at Van Boi Beach, Cu Island, and Monkey Island,... The boat is a reasonable resort choice for travelers with many different shipping lines, Lan Ha Bay tour usually lasts 2 days and 1 night with many other interesting activities. The price of a 5-star tour to Lan Ha Bay is only 180 USD/person on average, depending on the type of train and the utility service you choose.

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Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay tourism is becoming more popular in recent years. Bai Tu Long Bay has a natural landscape and human life that is quite wild and peaceful. So if you are looking for a peaceful vacation, visit this quiet, rustic bay. However, the types of cruise ships here are not too diverse, especially the high-class ones, but in return, the price is very reasonable for a close-up experience trip at only 102 USD/person.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay

Stay overnight on an island

Staying on the island of Halong Bay is also an experience worth trying when you step into this scenic area covered by thousands of these beautiful large and small islands. This can be the best place to stay in Halong Bay Vietnam that you must try.

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Cat Ba Island

The beautiful Cat Ba archipelago includes many large and small islands—up to 367 islands. Although it has been known for a long time, Cat Ba still scores with tourists thanks to its natural features. Cat Ba Island tourism is thriving. So you can find suitable accommodation in the center of town, close to many shops, restaurants, and other tourist attractions. Most luxury hotels and resorts with 4 to 5 stars in Cat Ba have their own private beach and breathtaking sea views. Room rates at high-end resorts during the high season will range from $55 to $120. Besides, if visitors want to discover the fullest Cat Ba scenery, they can choose Paradise Grand - a luxury cruise line for a perfect vacation.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

Co To Island

Tourists coming to Co To mainly explore the island clusters of Co To, Coto Con, and Thanh Lan. Co To impresses many tourists with its unspoiled natural landscape. Come to Co To in the fall when the climate is coolest. Co To will welcome you with calm waves and famous seafood dishes. In Co To, there are hardly many high-class hotels for you to choose from; most of them are 3-star hotels. Instead, why don't you try renting a homestay facing the beach, blending in with nature, and saving money?

Beautiful homestay on Co To island

Beautiful homestay on Co To island

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Stay at hotels and resorts island - Best places to stay Halong Bay

One of the leading hotels and resorts on Halong Bay in 2023, Paradise Suites brings great experiences to travelers.

 Paradise Suites in Halong Bay 

Paradise Suites in Halong Bay

Paradise Suites - 4-Star Hotels in Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Suites is the first and only boutique hotel on Tuan Chau Island. As one of the luxury hotels, Paradise Suites deserves the title of one of the best places to stay in Halong Bay. Paradise Suites owns a separate beach and European - Asian cuisine with talented local and international chefs. At the same time, visitors can also experience a variety of special facilities at Paradise Suites Halong Hotel such as a library, Le Parfum Spa, Coconut Lounge (serving drinks and fast food for guests right on the beach), a conference room,... along with countless interesting activities such as walking, yoga on the beach, cycling around Tuan Chau Island,...

After a day of walking, let your body and soul relax when resting in Paradise Suites Halong Hotel. All spacious suites are equipped with air conditioning, a TV, a hair dryer, a minibar, and a 24-hour front desk that can assist you anytime...

  • Room area: 32 m2.
  • Bed size: 1 king bed or 2 single beds.
  • Price: 66$ - 86$/ room

Classic Suites with full equipment

Classic Suites with full equipment

Advice for reserving your stay in Halong Bay

Here are some noteworthy things that will help you can answer the question of where to stay in Halong Bay

Determine your destination, time, length of trip, estimated cost, and special requirements early to choose the right cruise or hotel at a good price.

You should consider this when booking major holidays because there will be surcharges. In the low season, places to stay will often have promotions; you can also find more information about accommodation service providers to save money or book through travel agencies to get a more favorable price.

The important point is that visitors should learn about and choose reputable, transparent, long-term operating units for a safe and smooth trip.

You should plan well before traveling

You should plan well before traveling

With the above Paradise Vietnam information, you surely have a perfect plan for your trip, right? I wish you and your loved ones an enjoyable trip to Halong Bay and hope you choose the best places to stay in Halong Bay Vietnam!

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