Van Don Airport: A Gateway to Vietnam's Hidden Gem

Van Don International Airport (VDO) is a significant airport in Vietnam, operating as the country's first privately run airport. It plays a crucial role in facilitating domestic and international flights to and from Quang Ninh province. The establishment of Van Don Airport has been instrumental in reducing the burden on Noi Bai and Cat Bi international airports, making it easier for travelers to access the popular tourism destination of Halong Bay. Choosing to fly directly to Van Don Airport offers the fastest and most convenient route to kickstart your vacation in the enchanting surroundings of Halong Bay and Halong city center.

Journey to Vietnam's landscapes Van Don Airport 

Journey to Vietnam's landscapes Van Don Airport 

Location of Van Don Airport

Van Don Airport is strategically situated in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Halong Bay. Situated in Doan Ket commune, Van Don district, the airport is conveniently positioned approximately 20 km from Cam Pha city.

The airport's favorable location makes it an ideal entry point for tourists and business travelers looking to explore the natural wonders. Its proximity to Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its emerald waters and limestone karsts. It makes Van Don Airport a sought-after destination for travel enthusiasts.

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Discover the beauty of Halong Bay from Van Don Airport

Discover the beauty of Halong Bay from Van Don Airport

Thanks to its strategic location, Van Don International Airport plays a crucial role in linking travelers to the economic, cultural, and tourism destinations of Quang Ninh. Whether exploring the breathtaking limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay, this airport serves as the essential starting point for your unforgettable journey.

General Airport Information

Van Don International Airport has been granted the prestigious 4E-grade status by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), along with being recognized as a military airport at level II. The airport spans a vast area of 345 hectares and has been developed with a total investment capital of VND7.500 billion.

Within its premises, the terminal area covers approximately 27,000 square meters and is thoughtfully designed with separate arrival and departure sections. To accommodate passengers efficiently, there are 31 check-in counters available. Additionally, the airport boasts 7 parking stands specifically designated for accommodating Boeing 787 and Airbus a350 aircraft.

One of the remarkable features of Van Don International Airport is its advanced Instrument Landing System (ILS) Cat II flight guidance system installed on the runway. This cutting-edge technology ensures that airplanes can safely land even in the most challenging weather conditions, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of airport operations.

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Things to know about Van Don International Airport

The infrastructure of Van Don Airport

Van Don International Airport occupies an extensive area of 2,900,000 square meters, ranking as the 6th largest airport in Vietnam. Travelers arriving at this airport are immediately captivated by its striking main hall adorned with sail-like canopies and stone walls reminiscent of Halong Bay's iconic karst formations. The terminal also boasts a mesmerizing system of colorful roofs, adding to its architectural charm.

The airport's runway is built to international standards, measuring 3,600 meters in length and 45 meters in width. With the presence of four jet bridges, Van Don Airport efficiently supports aircraft during takeoff and landing.

It proudly serves as a parking station for a diverse fleet of aircraft, including renowned models such as the B787, A350, A330, and A321. The impressive air station covers an area of 26,991 square meters, with its design inspired by the timeless allure of Ha Long Bay.

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Travel experience awaits at Van Don Airport 

Travel experience awaits at Van Don Airport 

Services and utilities of Van Don Airport

Being Vietnam's first privately-owned airport, Van Don International Airport takes pride in delivering efficient and professional services tailored to meet the needs of even the most discerning passengers. The airport offers an array of amenities, including a variety of stores and gift shops, banks, and ATMs, as well as a dedicated tourism information center to assist travelers with their journey arrangements.

For added convenience, the airport provides free phone charging stations, complimentary mineral water, public phones, and internet access. A selection of fast-food and coffee shops caters to diverse culinary preferences, ensuring that passengers have access to a delightful dining experience.

Moreover, the airport's lounge has garnered recognition as the 2020 Asia's Leading Airport Lounge. Adorned with luxurious wood elements, the lounge pampers guests with top-notch services, unparalleled comfort, and a breathtaking view of the entire airport, offering a perfect place to relax before embarking on their scheduled flights.

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VIP services

At Van Don International Airport, VIP services are dedicated to providing departing passengers with seamless assistance during the check-in and boarding process, as well as facilitating fast immigration procedures. Similarly, arriving passengers receive attentive support upon their arrival.

VIP, CIP lounge

The airport offers an exclusive business-class lounge, covering an expansive area of 1400 square meters, accommodating up to 120 passengers during peak hours. Guests indulging in VIP services can enjoy a range of premium amenities, including a welcoming reception lobby, a delectable buffet, and a stylish cocktail area.

Van Don Airport takes you to the natural wonders

Van Don Airport takes you to the natural wonders


Van Don International Airport prioritizes passenger convenience by offering a variety of utility services. Travelers have access to an Internet area, ensuring they stay connected during their journey. Additionally, the airport provides free drinking water, phone charging stations, and facilities catering to the needs of disabled individuals. ATMs are conveniently available for financial transactions, and luggage packing services ensure hassle-free travel. The fast check-in process further enhances the overall airport experience.

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Inside and outside the restricted areas, restaurants and food services cater to both domestic and international travelers. At Van Don International Airport, three noteworthy restaurants are available. "Lucky Restaurant" situated near gate 01 caters to domestic departures, while another "Lucky Restaurant" is located near Gates 07 and 08, specifically serving international departures. For travelers checking in at counter 01, "Red Cherry" restaurant provides a delightful dining experience.

Flights from and to Van Don Airport Vietnam

Van Don International Airport offers an extensive range of domestic and international flights, seamlessly connecting travelers to various destinations. Domestic flights cover major cities within Vietnam, catering to both business and leisure purposes. Commonly traveled domestic routes encompass flights heading to destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and various others.


Lifetime at Van Don Airport

Lifetime at Van Don Airport

In addition to domestic flights, the airport boasts international connections, providing opportunities for travelers to explore destinations beyond Vietnam. Van Don Airport serves international routes to many cities in Asia, including Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, and Guangzhou, offering convenient travel options and facilitating connections to global destinations.

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Domestic flights

1. Ho Chi Minh City - Van Don

Travelers can find daily flights from Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) to Van Don International Airport provided by Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and VietJet Air. The typical duration of a flight on this route is around 2.5 hours, with one-way tickets priced between VND 1,000,000 to VND 1,500,000.

2. Danang City - Van Don

As of now, there are no direct flights available from Danang City to Van Don International Airport. Therefore, travelers looking to reach Van Don from Danang City will need to opt for a two-flight journey. They can take a flight from Danang City to Ho Chi Minh City, and then catch another flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Van Don

International flights

At present, direct international flights to Van Don International Airport are limited to charter flights from Korea, Japan, and China. Foreign passengers are recommended to take direct flights to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and then connect to Van Don International Airport. Alternatively, they can choose to fly into Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and subsequently arrange a private transfer or utilize public bus services to reach Van Don.

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How far is it from Van Don International Airport to Halong Bay?

The airport is situated approximately 60 kilometers away from Ha Long Bay. The travel time from Van Don International Airport to Halong Bay usually ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours by land, depending on traffic conditions. Travelers search the Van Don Airport map to reach Halong Bay and select various transportation options at their disposal, including taxis and buses.

Van Don Airport's international flights 

Van Don Airport's international flights 

By Bus

For budget-conscious travelers, taking the free bus is a convenient option to travel from the airport to Ha Long city center. The bus route 14A operates between Lan Be Park and Van Don International Airport, with a frequency of approximately 30 minutes per trip. Another equally convenient choice is bus route 14B, conveniently located just outside the airport entrance.

By Taxi

Traveling from the airport to Ha Long city center is made easy and efficient with taxi services. Reputable taxi companies are readily available upon exiting the airport. Opting for metered taxis is recommended to ensure fair and transparent pricing. The cost of a taxi ride from Van Don International Air

By Private Car

Travelers who prefer a comfortable and customizable experience can hire private cars or book transfer services. This option allows for flexibility in terms of schedule and stops along the way, making it an excellent choice for families or travelers with specific preferences.

In conclusion, Van Don Airport serves as a vital link to the hidden gem of Vietnam, Halong Bay. With its modern infrastructure, a plethora of services and utilities, and a wide range of flights, Van Don Airport ensures a delightful travel experience for all passengers. Whether exploring the mesmerizing landscapes of Halong Bay or embarking on a business venture, this airport truly caters to the needs of every traveler, promising a memorable journey right from the moment of arrival.


In conclusion, Van Don Airport stands as a crucial transportation hub, serving as the gateway to Vietnam's hidden gem – Halong Bay. With its strategic location and top-notch infrastructure, the airport efficiently connects travelers to the landscapes of Quang Ninh province. As Vietnam's first privately operated airport, Van Don International Airport continues to play a pivotal role in promoting tourism, commerce, and connectivity leaving visitors with fond memories.

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