Exploring the Journey from Singapore to Halong Bay

Transportation to Halong

Singapore to Halong Bay is a fairly new form of tourism that attracts many tourists today. If you have never experienced the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay, don't hesitate any longer. Let's make a memorable trip with Paradise Vietnam from Singapore to Halong Bay!

Why should you go to Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is known as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. This location has a one-of-a-kind beauty. Besides, Halong is a place with many fresh seafood and extremely developed tourism services. So, if you are looking for a place to travel, choose Halong Bay as your stopover!

Halong Bay - one of the new seven natural wonders of the world

Halong Bay - one of the new seven natural wonders of the world

How far is it from Singapore to Halong Bay? 

The geographical span between Singapore and Halong Bay measures approximately 1358 miles (2186 km). Despite this seeming distance, contemporary travel conveniences, including international flights and maritime services, have remarkably minimized travel duration, ensuring a more expedient and enriching journey.

How far is it from Singapore to Halong Bay? 

How far is it from Singapore to Halong Bay? 

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How do you get to Halong Bay?

Normally, you will have two ways to travel from Singapore to Halong Bay :

  • First, you can take a plane to Hanoi. After that, we will take the bus directly and then take a cruise trip to Halong.
  • The Singapore to Halong Bay international cruise such as Norwegian Line Cruise or Celebrity Cruise.
  • And then explore Halong Bay with a 5-star cruise service such as Paradise Vietnam.

How do you get to Halong Bay?

How do you get to Halong Bay?

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Reach Halong Bay from Singapore via a flight

There are no direct flights connecting Singapore to Halong Bay. Therefore you need to catch a flight to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

The cost will be from 3,000,000 VND to 20,900,000 VND ($148-$1098) for a round-trip ticket. Flight time between Singapore and Hanoi is about 3 hours 30 minutes (direct flight). The flight time will be approximately 2 hours if you choose to fly to Ho Chi Minh City.

Singapore to Halong Bay recommended ticket booking channels:



Scoot Air, Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Vietjet Air

  • Book flight tickets directly through the airline's website;
  • Traveloka
  • ABAY
  •  etc.

Arrive at Halong Bay from Singapore via a cruise

Some international cruise routes start from Singapore to Halong Bay by cruise ships such as Royal Caribbean, Azamara Quest, and Silversea. 

International cruises, however, are often quite expensive and lack destination excursions, leaving travelers to independently explore the scenery. For a more comprehensive experience, consider booking a premium package cruise with Paradise Vietnam. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can choose from half-day cruises to immersive 3-day, 2-night cruises to discover Halong Bay.

Arrive at Halong Bay from Singapore via a cruise

Arrive at Halong Bay from Singapore via a cruise

Opt for the luxurious 5-star cruise experiences offered by Paradise Vietnam. Renowned for its opulence, the fleet comprises the traditional wooden vessels of Paradise Sails and Paradise Peak, alongside the modern steel ship, Paradise Elegance.

Paradise Vietnam's commitment to excellence has been evident throughout its 16-year tenure in the industry. The fleet's mission centers on providing unrivaled services for exploring Halong Bay.

Distinguished by its unique offerings, Paradise Vietnam allows direct boarding from its private port, setting it apart from other services that require transfer boats. This dedicated port is a hallmark of Paradise Vietnam's commitment to streamlined service.

With a focus on quality and exceptional experiences, a voyage aboard Paradise Vietnam Cruises promises unforgettable moments amid the stunning landscapes of Halong Bay.

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Compare the pros and cons of both ways of traveling from Singapore to Halong Bay

While air travel offers various routes and saves more time compared to traveling by boat, it may limit your chance to witness the breathtaking ocean views and exclusive onboard experiences offered by an international cruise.

Compare the pros and cons of both ways of traveling from Singapore to Halong Bay

Compare the pros and cons of both ways of traveling from Singapore to Halong Bay

Regardless of the mode of transportation chosen to reach Halong City, the must-not-miss experience next on the agenda is cruising to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay.

Visa Information - From Singapore to Halong Bay

A visa is a certificate issued by the Embassy of a country. Depending on each subject and application status, a person may be granted a single-entry visa. Or multiple times with different lengths of stay, depending on the country you apply for a visa.

Visa Information - From Singapore to Halong Bay

Visa Information - From Singapore to Halong Bay

Visa Singapore to Halong Bay is granted for sightseeing, exploring many beautiful landscapes, etc. Tourist visa holders are not allowed to work in the destination country. If you violate, you will be deported to your country. If it's worse, you will even be banned from re-entering the country.

But if you are an ASEAN resident, it is easier to come to Vietnam without a visa for enough time to explore our country. Let’s come and explore Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Visa prerequisites for traveling to Halong Bay from Singapore

  • Visa for Vietnam: Singaporean citizens usually need a visa to enter Vietnam. You can obtain a visa through the Vietnamese Embassy in Singapore or apply for an e-visa or visa on arrival (VOA) depending on the purpose and length of your stay. Visa requirements might vary based on the type of visa you apply for.
  • E-visa: If you're eligible, you can apply for an e-visa online through the Vietnam Immigration Department's official website. Check the qualifying conditions and follow the application process exactly as described.

Furthermore, as announced by the Vietnamese government, Singaporean passport holders are granted entry into Vietnam without a visa for up to 30 days.

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Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Halong Bay

When you come to Halong Bay, it gives you massive chances to enjoy the natural atmosphere here. Then, Paradise Vietnam will suggest some tips to maximize your experience here:

Experience Cruise in Halong Bay

You will not be able to miss a trip to visit Halong Bay on a cruise floating on the water. It will certainly bring you the most new feelings about this wonderful place. 

The experience of watching the sunset and sunrise in Halong Bay from the boat is truly as beautiful as in the movies. Not to mention, watching the beautiful scenery of this place from a cruise ship is a wonderful and indescribable feeling.

Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Halong Bay

Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Halong Bay

In the morning, you can learn Tai Chi on the sundeck. This is a very popular form of exercise for tourists. In addition, you can also sunbathe on the cruise terrace.

Besides, you can participate in some interesting activities such as: visiting mysterious caves, visiting fishing villages, squid fishing at night, etc.

Paradise Vietnam also has full cruise tour packages to maximize your experience when coming to Halong Bay. Attractive places to visit, and interesting activities such as Tai Chi, cooking lessons, night squid fishing, music shows, etc. will attract you.

Therefore, visiting Halong Bay by cruise is voted as the most attractive type of tour in this location.

Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Halong Bay

Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Halong Bay

Culinary experience

When talking about specialties in Halong Bay, you will enjoy many delicious dishes such as:

  • Sweet and sour stir-fried horseshoe crab
  • Seafood noodle soup
  • Mussel porridge
  • Yogurt with Tapioca Pearls
  • Banh gat gu (Nodding rolls)
  • Peanut worms
  • Tien Yen Hill chicken

Culinary experience

Culinary experience

Explore activities on the bay

It's a pity if you don't try kayaking during your trip to Halong Bay. Halong Bay has been voted by National Geographic Adventures magazine as one of the 25 best kayaking services in the world. Paradise Elegance cruise is the best way to experience not only the beauty of Halong Bay but also kayaking. You can kayak or relax at Luon Cave before swimming or trekking Titop Island in the itinerary.

Moreover, Paradise Peak and Paradise Sails are also great choices for wooden overnight cruises that serve kayaking activities. Let’s choose them to be immersed in the natural beauty of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is likened to a watercolor painting and is created by nature to have perfect beauty. The large and small cave system also contributes to the charming beauty of the bay. Each cave has its special name that makes visitors curious to explore. These caves are Thien Cung Cave (Paradise Cave), Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave), Luon Cave, Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Cave), Hanh Cave, etc. For example, Visit Tien Ong Cave with many small niches and countless beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, an archaeological display of prehistoric relics, proving the ife has existed offshore for thousands of years.

The vessels traversing Halong Bay, particularly within the Paradise Vietnam fleet, are often likened to boutique hotels, offering an array of comprehensive amenities. A single night aboard these cruises includes a private room, air conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, access to a gym, and more. Notably, these services are seamlessly integrated into the all-inclusive Halong Bay cruise packages offered by Paradise Vietnam, encompassing the likes of Paradise Peak, Paradise Sails, Paradise Elegance, and similar.

Explore games and activities on the bay

Explore games and activities on the bay

It will be truly enjoyable when you relax in your room while enjoying the panoramic view of the Bay through the window. Thanks to that, exploring Halong Bay by Paradise Vietnam cruise is always among the top must-try activities at this world wonder.

FAQs about how to get to Halong flying from Singapore

Here are some frequently asked questions if you choose to travel to Halong:

Should I choose to travel by plane or cruise from Singapore to Halong Bay?

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can opt for transportation to Halong Bay from Singapore via plane or an international cruise. While flying saves time and can be cost-effective, cruising offers a chance to revel in the beautiful sea views and unique experiences onboard. However, to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Halong Bay, it's advisable to book a cruise excursion upon arrival in the city of Halong.

What is the cheapest way to go to Halong Bay?

You can choose flights from Singapore to Hanoi city, Vietnam, and then move to Halong Bay by shared luxury limousine or private car service. Because flights often have discount codes or prices that change according to flight time.

But if you love sea views then consider an ocean cruise for your trip from Singapore to Halong Bay and then enjoy a bay cruise to admire the beauty of the Heritage site.

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Best time to travel to Halong Bay

  • Spring (March to April): Dry, pleasant weather makes spring one of the best times to take an overnight trip to the bay.
  • Summer (May to September): Considered low season, especially for foreigners, the hot and humid summer can be uncomfortable and harsh for tourists.
  • Autumn (late September - October): It is too short, but autumn is always the most beautiful season of the year. This is also the second busiest season for tourists in Halong Bay.
  • Winter (November - February): The plus point of winter is that this is the festival season with many important occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and Lunar New Year.

Paradise Vietnam believes that with these tips to plan a schedule for a Halong Bay trip, you will be immersed in this wonder’s beauty.

Best time to travel to Halong Bay

Best time to travel to Halong Bay

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How many days in Halong Bay is enough?

Presently, both local and international tourists opting for Paradise Vietnam prefer 3-day-2-night or 2-day-1-night Halong Bay cruise packages, depending on their availability.

Regardless of the duration, Paradise Vietnam customizes convenient itineraries for a comprehensive exploration of Halong Bay. With a diverse fleet like Paradise Delight for day trips and Paradise Elegance, Paradise Peak, and Paradise Sails for longer journeys, visitors can enjoy a holistic experience at the splendid Halong Bay.

Here is a comprehensive guide on traveling from Singapore to Halong Bay and discovering the wonders of nature with Paradise Vietnam. Wishing you an incredible experience amidst this marvel of the world. Remember, Paradise Vietnam Cruise is your steadfast companion for exploring and immersing yourself in this magnificent landscape.

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