Paradise Vietnam: Above and Beyond Expectations

First-time visitors to Halong Bay are often overwhelmed by the array of options, tour companies, and transportation methods used to explore Halong Bay. Should you book an overnight cruise? If so, how many nights? Is a day trip enough to see the best of Halong Bay? Should you book a cruise, a speed boat, or a seaplane?
The good news is, with Paradise Vietnam, you can not only incorporate one or all of these elements into your stay, but you can do so with the most experienced and professional Halong Bay tour company there is. Paradise Vietnam began with just one small wooden junk boat in 2008, and has now expanded to Halong Bay’s most impressive fleet of cruise boats including those made-for-a-postcard traditional wooden junk boats, as well as more modern, spacious, but still elegant and charming steel boats. Though Paradise Vietnam offers an array of packages for different traveler types, all of our cruises have a few things in common.


Paradise Vietnam, above all else, provides a truly authentic experience of Halong Bay. We understand that our guests, who travel thousands of miles to visit this gorgeous part of the world, aren’t looking for a manufactured tourist experience, but a full view of the bay’s scenic landscape, as well as genuine interaction with the local people, culture, and way of life. This is our priority: to ensure that you experience our beautiful home as it truly is, its beauty and elegance, and rich cultural history.
Halong Bay, or “bay of the descending dragon,” has a storied past steeped in myths and legends. For thousands of years, floating fishing villages scattered around the bay have built their lives around the gifts of the sea, selling what they catch to customers on the mainland, and keeping some of what they catch for their own food supply. To this day, they subsist without access to an electric grid, internet, or even mobile connectivity.
Their numbers have dwindled in the past few decades as the government has provided financial incentives for villagers to relocate to the mainland, in the interest of preserving the ecological richness of the bay and reducing overfishing. What remains today are just a few hundred villagers spread out over three fishing villages. Paradise Vietnam introduces you to Cua Van village in northwest Halong Bay via wooden rowboats, paddled by local guides, giving you an up-close glimpse at their daily life, not to mention an opportunity to practice your Vietnamese and say “Xin chào!” (“Hello!”) to the friendly villagers.
Each of our cruises features authentic Vietnamese cuisine prepared with freshly caught seafood straight from the bay. Our expert chefs meticulously prepare each dish so you can not only experience marvelous flavors unique to Vietnam but enjoy the masterful craftsmanship of local culinary experts. We realize that some of our guests may prefer the comforts of home or a mixture of local and familiar dishes. We are committed to providing each of our guests with an entirely personalized experience, which is why all of our cruises feature an Eastern and Western à la carte menu from which you can freely choose what suits your taste best. 


When you hear “wooden junk boat,” spacious and luxurious rooms with a full bathroom and shower, a personal butler, a private balcony, or a private dining area may not immediately come to mind. All the more reason to be dazzled by the amenities in our fleet of cruise boats that set the standard for comfort and luxury in Halong Bay. Even our most economical cruise package features cabins with a full-size bed and bath, with plenty of private space for up to three people. 
Why is this important? 
We believe that a sense of adventure and willingness to try fun and unexpected activities is what brings most travelers to Halong Bay. However, we think those experiences are best enjoyed in ultimate comfort and serenity. There’s no reason not to sleep soundly every night, not to sip on fresh-brewed coffee, tea, and expertly crafted cocktails, to have access to attentive and personalized service, all while enjoying the stunning natural beauty of Halong Bay as it drifts past. These amenities and more are all accessible to you on every Paradise Vietnam's cruise. 
Paradise Luxury is our entry-level cruise, featuring a full spa, comfortable and spacious cabins with private balconies, a restaurant where you can dine like royalty in traditional Bao Dai costumes, a full bar, and an upper deck for lounging and catching some rays. You’ll experience all the same activities as you would on any other Paradise Vietnam cruises. Be sociable with other guests and staff, or enjoy your own intimate moments with our personalized dining options. Participate in as many or as few activities on our itinerary as you like. Make new friends and enjoy activities with the staff and fellow guests, or take some much-needed “me time” and simply enjoy the solitude, seclusion, and blissful peace of Halong Bay.
Upgrading to Paradise Elegance, you’ll experience the same luxurious comforts and more, including live music in the evenings after dinner, an international breakfast and lunch buffet, an exquisite fine dining experience in the larger restaurant, and a huge upper deck with its own bar. Decorated and arranged the traditional way, Paradise Elegance combines the best of modern comforts and architecture without compromising on that unique and unmistakable Halong Bay experience.
Paradise Peak is a cut above the rest, an absolute must for special occasions, or as a romantic gesture for someone special. This traditional wooden junk boat has been outfitted with larger cabins, a library, a fitness center, a full spa, a personal butler for every suite, and the absolute best of the best in food and drink available on any cruise in Halong Bay. Among all the cruises offered by Paradise and others in Halong Bay, Paradise Peak truly stands on its own.
Our most exciting new cruise, Paradise Grand, is an all-new adventure that takes guests on a modern, redesigned steel boat to the less-explored Lan Ha Bay, just south of Halong and accessible from Cat Ba Island. Paradise Grand introduces you to a different side of the bay, complete with new activities that are just as entertaining and thrilling as they are truly authentic and unforgettable. We offer the same amenities, exceptional service, and diverse itinerary as we do on our Halong Bay cruises. We are most proud to feature our best ever culinary experience on Paradise Grand, with a menu crafted and curated by celebrity Michelin-star chef John Burton-Race. Paradise Grand takes our guests to new heights on an amazing new exploration of the gorgeous Lan Ha Bay.


Our amazing packages offered year-round provide you with some of the best hotel, transportation, and cruise itinerary deals anywhere. We deliver outstanding packages that are catered to any traveler’s sense of adventure, or desire for comfort and ease. Bundle your stay with transportation to and from popular destinations like Hanoi and Ninh Binh, as well as premium hotel stays with our partners, who offer some of the best accommodations in Vietnam. Book a day trip if you’d rather spend the night on land or if your time is limited. Take a ride on a seaplane for the ultimate adventure—soaring over Halong Bay and enjoying the gorgeous scenery from a bird’s eye view is like nothing you can experience anywhere else in the world.
Onboard Paradise Vietnam's cruises, our menus are completely customizable and catered to your taste and needs, as well as any food allergies. Vegetarian and Vegan options are available, and even kid-friendly, simplified dishes are sure to please even the pickiest young eaters.  Just let us know in advance if there’s anything we should prepare for, or simply let us know upon arrival! We are here to make your experience uniquely catered to you. 
Superior service is a hallmark characteristic of Paradise Vietnam. At any time during your cruise, our staff will be ready and waiting to assist you with any needs you may have. With state-of-the-art facilities, even on our traditional wooden junk boats, you can rest at ease knowing our thoroughly trained crew and modern safety equipment not only meet local and international standards but exceed them. Our boats are checked thoroughly on a daily basis and kept in prime operating condition at all times.
Last but certainly not least, our vast array of spa treatments and skilled masseurs are equipped and ready to deliver a rejuvenating, refreshing, and deeply calming experience of relaxation during your time on Paradise Vietnam's cruises. Don’t just explore the beauty of Halong Bay; embrace the beauty within you by treating yourself to one of the best spa experiences in Vietnam. Halong Bay is naturally a place of deep calm and peace, worlds away from the hustle and bustle of cities, airports, and roads that make up a huge part of everyone’s hectic travel itineraries. Take a moment to experience pampering like nowhere else, on a luxurious and enchanting Halong Bay cruise.
Whether it’s just for a day, or for a 2-night stay, your Halong Bay cruise with Paradise is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations for an experience that is not only authentic but unbelievably luxurious and meticulously personalized down to the last detail. We can’t wait to welcome you to our home, the iconic and magical Halong Bay!

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