Paradise Peak: The Ultimate World-Class Experience

Paradise Peak offers the absolute best of the best in service, luxury, amenities, and facilities, not only among our Paradise Vietnam but of all the cruises in Halong Bay. Paradise Peak is not only an exceptional cruise, but it also rivals five-star hotels on land, and combined with the stunning natural beauty of Halong Bay, it’s truly a remarkable, one-of-a-kind experience in a class all its own. Personalized service takes on a whole new meaning on Paradise Peak, with a butler assigned to each cabin so that you are truly looked after at all times by someone specially trained to provide anything you need. 


You may have just landed after a long flight from your home country. Or you may be wrapping up your stay in Vietnam, or stopping in Halong as part of a larger tour of this beautiful part of the world. Regardless, you’ve traveled a long way to get here and we are committed to ensuring your first impression is as memorable and luxurious as possible. Our Paradise shuttles are available to pick you up from Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, and Cat Bi airport in Hai Phong.
After a smooth, comfortable ride, you’ll arrive at Paradise Lounge for check-in. The hotel is available for guests who arrive the day before their cruises. On the day of embarkation, you’ll check in after 10:15 am. The concierge will confirm your booking and give you a uniquely colored wristband—your first souvenir! This ensures you will have no trouble staying on the right cruise, and that our attentive staff knows exactly how to help you at all times. You’ll also receive tags for your luggage, which are then transported all the way to your Paradise Peak cabin for you.
You can let go of all your worries and stress. Your Paradise Peak experience has begun, and the professional staff will take care of absolutely everything for you.
At 12:15 the electric car will come to pick you up for embarkation. After a short three-minute drive, you’ll arrive at the marina where Paradise Peak will be waiting for you. The pampering begins with a shower of rose petals as you take your first steps on board, followed by a warm greeting from the staff and a refreshing welcome beverage. Head up to the restaurant and the crew will give you a short briefing on what you can expect to look forward to on Paradise Vietnam, and introduce you to everyone who will be there to serve you and ensure you have the absolute best experience of Halong Bay possible.
Your personal butler will then escort you to your cabin and give you a tour of the boat. It’s hard to believe how much this traditional wooden junk boat has to offer. Not only does Paradise Peak include an amazing spa-like other Paradise Vietnam cruises, but it also features a sauna with a couples jacuzzi and massage chairs, a fitness room, and a library--facilities exclusive to Paradise Peak. 
After you’ve had a look at the amazing facilities onboard, you’ll be escorted to your cabin, and you will be absolutely amazed at how spacious it is. You’ll have a full-sized bathroom with a shower and a tub, breathtaking panoramic views through your windows, and even a private dining area. Depending on your preference, you’ll have a private dining area and access to the front deck of the boat, or your own private balcony. These cabins really don’t feel like cramped quarters on a wooden boat as you might imagine. It’s a zero-compromise, spacious abode with the quality you’d expect from a land-based five-star hotel. Look out the window and you’ll begin to see those magical, towering limestone karsts drifting slowly past. You have officially arrived in Halong Bay.
And now, lunch is served! Paradise Peak offers an incredible culinary experience using fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. For lunch, you can expect a delightful, fresh seafood feast. Of course, Paradise Peak caters to any dietary preferences and needs, so your experience can be uniquely tailored to your taste. And best of all Paradise Peak includes free-flow of a broad array of beverages, fine wines, beer, and carefully-crafted cocktails, at any time of day. You’ll have access to your personal butler at all times, so if you prefer the privacy of your room and the use of your private dining area, you’ll have someone at your beck and call to bring any beverages and items from our à la carte menu straight to your cabin. 
Truly luxurious in every sense, Paradise Peak spares no expense to offer you the absolute best of the best in food and beverages. Your first impression of this cruise will be nothing short of amazement.


The first day’s activities may vary depending on cruising conditions and directives from local tourism authorities. Regardless, you can expect an incredible first introduction to Halong Bay. While you’re waiting for the boat to arrive, you can lounge in the beautiful facilities aboard Paradise Peak, or treat yourself to a spa session with the extensive menu of treatments available
Typically, a tour aboard Paradise Peak will begin with a visit to Tung Sau Pearl Farm. You’ll know you’re getting close as you look out and see a quaint wooden building with a clear sign saying “PEARL FARM” on the facade. Upon arrival, you’ll have the option to take a tour of the pearl farm or get right to kayaking and paddle around the magnificent alcove in which the pearl farm is situated. 
Those who choose a tour of the pearl farm will get an up-close look at how pearls are harvested, as well as the variety of pearls produced by different oysters. You’ll even get to see a live demonstration of a genuine pearl extraction! After the tour, you’ll have a chance to browse the pearl shop featuring a magnificent array of stunning pearl jewelry--a perfect gift for someone very special. What better place to buy a world-renowned Halong pearl than directly from the source?
After your experience in the shop, you’ll still have plenty of time to do some kayaking if you like, or you can return to Paradise Peak. If the pearl farm and kayaking don’t appeal to you at the moment, enjoy a chilled time on the boat instead. Enjoy one of the many luxurious spa treatments, relax in the sauna, get some exercise in, or simply enjoy some tea and coffee as well as an assortment of biscuits and fresh fruit for Paradise afternoon tea. Those who venture to the pearl farm and kayaking will also have the opportunity to enjoy tea time upon returning to Paradise Peak. 
That’s the beauty of these cruises. You can take advantage of as many or as few activities as you like, as there will always be an attractive alternative, and you never have to worry about missing out on anything! This is your premium, authentic Halong Bay experience, and Paradise Peak allows you to enjoy it exactly the way you prefer. 
The next activity on your first day will likely be a visit to Ti Top Island. This is the most famous viewpoint in Halong Bay. It’s quite a climb to the top--450 steps!--but you’ll have a chance to take a breather halfway and enjoy a panoramic view of the bay. If you’re satisfied with this experience, you can descend the stairs and spend the rest of your time swimming in the emerald waters of Halong Bay, or relaxing on the beach in a lounge chair with a chilled coconut. 
Those who make the trek to the top will be rewarded by a stunning 360-degree view of Halong Bay. Bring a camera and get ready to take some selfies and beautiful panoramic shots. Be sure to spend some time just relaxing and enjoying the view for yourself as well. After that long climb, you’ve earned it! Best of all, you’ll still have some time to head back down and enjoy the beach on Ti Top Island - lounge on a chair with a chilled coconut, or go for a swim.
After a day of breathtaking adventures, it’s time to return to Paradise Peak to enjoy a relaxing evening, settling in for the night aboard your home on Halong Bay. As the sun sets over the iconic limestone karsts, it’s time for a cocktail! Watch the sky fade from blue to orange and purple to the still, cool, calm quiet of evening in this enchanting landscape. Reminisce over the day’s activities, enjoy a spa treatment, or participate in the cooking demonstration curated by our professional chefs. You’ll have a chance to watch how a simple and delicious traditional Vietnamese dish is made, and even try it out for yourself! After preparing the dish, our kitchen staff will plate it with additional garnish and sauces so you can enjoy the authentic Vietnamese dish you’ve created. 
For dinner, you’ll get to choose from the Paradise Peak à la carte menu, offering a variety of Eastern and Western dishes, and of course, any dietary preferences or needs you have will be met by the kitchen staff. Dinner is served with grace, again with your choice of freeflow beverages exclusive to the Paradise Peak package. You can even dress in the provided traditional Bao Dai outfits for a truly royal Vietnamese experience. Dinner happens wherever you see fit: in the restaurant, on the deck in the fresh air, or in the convenient comfort and privacy of your cabin. Your butler will ensure that everything is delivered to you precisely and promptly the way you like. 
The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy however you see fit. Book a treatment at Le Parfum Spa, lounge on the deck with delicious cocktails, or cuddle up for a cozy night in your private cabin and enjoy a deep, calming sleep in peace in your soft bedding.
For those early to rise, Tai Chi on the deck is your reward. There’s no better way to start your day balanced and with full peace of mind and body than with the slow, careful movements of Tai Chi, which our trained staff ready to guide even the earliest beginners on a transformative experience that will set the tone for the rest of your day. 
At 7:30, the cruise typically stops at Sung Sot Cave, also called “Surprise Cave.” Its namesake will make sense to you after you’ve made the initial climb up the steps and into the entrance chambers of the cave. The main event is a breathtaking sight, a cavernous arena of natural beauty with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as indented polygonal patterns on the cave ceiling, carved out by thousands of years of slow erosion. This natural wonder is the most popular sightseeing destination in Halong Bay, and for good reason. Especially for those who haven’t experienced a natural cave in person, this is truly a trek to remember.
Finally, it’ll be time for your gourmet breakfast, served in the restaurant or in your cabin--whichever you prefer. For those who have booked a two-night stay, this will be the start of a brand new day of adventure, with a visit to Cua Van floating village (one of only three remaining historic floating villages in Halong Bay), as well as a kayaking adventure to a secret cave and private beach where you can take stunning photos, relax on the beach, and go for a swim in the beautiful emerald-blue waters of Halong Bay.
For those who have booked a one-night stay, this will be the time to return to Tuan Chau Island. You can still book an additional night at Paradise Lounge if you wish to enjoy the beaches and scenery of Halong Bay a while longer. For those who have booked a shuttle back to Hai Phong or Hanoi, a complimentary light lunch will be served before your departure.
For those looking for an authentic Halong Bay experience, as well as the finest and most lavish experience on a cruise imaginable, Paradise Peak is second to none. There is no better way to enjoy one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders than with the professional and friendly staff aboard Paradise Peak, who will ensure this holiday is one that you’ll never forget--and a delightful destination you’ll surely return to.

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