Is Vietnam safe for tourists? What do you need to know when visiting this country?

Tips for Traveling to Vietnam

Undoubtedly, anyone who has been to Vietnam cannot help but be impressed by a beautiful tropical country blessed with magnificent natural landscapes, a diverse culture, and rich cuisine. However, before you plan your trip, there's a question that needs answering: "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?" In this article, we will address concerns about the safety of tourism in Vietnam and provide valuable tips to ensure peace of mind for all travelers currently in or considering a visit to Vietnam.

Is Vietnam safe for tourists

Is Vietnam safe to visit? 5 reasons why Vietnam is an ideal and safe destination for tourists

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has an extensive history spanning many centuries and a vibrant culture with diverse traditions. In recent years, Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of travelers from all around the world. Is Vietnam safe for tourists? Vietnam proudly stands as a relatively safe country for tourists. Below are five reasons that make Vietnam an ideal and secure destination for travelers:

Political stability and no terrorism

Vietnam is a nation with political stability. The economy is rapidly growing, and the government has made significant efforts to ensure security and order for its citizens. Vietnam is one of the countries with a low crime rate compared to the global average, particularly in terms of terrorism-related offenses. This is a compelling reason to answer the question: "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?"

Vietnam is a nation with political stability

Vietnam is a nation with political stability

Relatively low theft and other crimes rates 

According to statistics from the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, the rates of theft and other crimes in Vietnam are relatively low compared to other countries in the region. Travelers should be cautious in crowded areas and places with a high level of commercial activity to guard against theft.

In 2023, According to the relatively accurate statistics from, the crime rate in Vietnam is considered low. Specifically, the rates of crimes such as vandalism and theft are moderate. Issues related to violent crimes, such as armed attacks and robberies, are at a low level. Vietnam is also evaluated as a safe destination. Therefore, any travelers planning to visit can rest assured and comfortably explore various places throughout the country. 

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Vietnam is a safe place

Friendly and helpful people

The Vietnamese are widely praised for their amicable and welcoming demeanor toward foreigners.Travelers are warmly welcomed when they visit Vietnam. This is also one of the accurate answers to the question, "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?". The locals are always ready to assist tourists, even those who do not speak Vietnamese. 

The Canadian magazine "The Travel" reports that Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country, has made it to the list of the top 10 friendliest destinations as voted by foreign tourists. This list is based on a survey conducted by InterNations, the largest global information and community platform for people living and working abroad, which interviewed 12,000 respondents across 186 countries and territories.

The magazine states, "Politeness and respect are integral parts of Vietnamese culture, so the assessment of Vietnam as a friendly country by tourists is easily understandable." Travelers further added that "local people are eager to engage and interact with them, making them feel welcome."

Variety of landscapes and diversity nature

Vietnam boasts a multitude of stunning natural landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush green rice fields, majestic mountain ranges, and enchanting caves. Travelers can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in Vietnam, including hiking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and kayaking, among others. 

On September 16, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee acknowledged the Ha Long Bay as a World Natural Heritage site. Therefore, Vietnam currently boasts 3 Natural Heritage sites, 5 Cultural Heritage sites, and 1 Mixed Heritage site.

The leading travel magazine based in the United Kingdom, Wanderlust, selected 16 World Heritage sites worth visiting. Vietnam proudly has 3 locations on that esteemed list: Ha Long Bay, the ancient town of Hoi An, and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Ha Long Bay, a World Cultural Heritage site, was dubbed by the leading travel magazine in the UK as the "most impressive in the world" with its 1,600 various-sized limestone pillars in the bay.

This is the reason that continues to attract tourists to the stunning beauty of Vietnam and is a deserving response to the question: "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?"

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Variety of landscapes and diversity nature

Variety of landscapes and diversity nature

Here are some safety tips for travel to Vietnam

When visiting any country, it's essential to learn about the customs, traditions, and necessary information beforehand to ensure your safety and have an enjoyable experience. "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?", here are some safety tips for traveling to Vietnam.

Keep your possessions securely and stay vigilant against fraudulent activities.

This is the most important advice when traveling anywhere, including Vietnam. Rest assured, by following these careful actions, you can ensure your safety while traveling in Vietnam:

  • Always be cautious with your luggage and belongings, especially in crowded areas. 
  • It is advisable not to have large sums of money or high-value ornamental accessories on your person. 
  • If you have to carry a large amount of money, hide it securely in a safe place.

Additionally, always be vigilant against a few common scams, such as:

  • Street scams where individuals approach tourists and claim to have found a valuable item that they insist was dropped by the tourist. They will ask you to pay for the return of the item.
  • Always seek reputable taxi companies or ask your hotel/accommodation to arrange a taxi for you, and inquire about the fare calculation based on the meter before getting into the taxi.
  • Currency exchange scams might involve returning counterfeit money to you. It's important to exchange currency at reputable places.

Here are some safety tips for travel to Vietnam

Here are some safety tips for travel to Vietnam

Maintain contact with your family and friends

Let your family and friends know where you're traveling to and how long you plan to stay. Keep them updated about your trip regularly.

You can also use location tracking apps so that your family and friends can keep tabs on your whereabouts. This will help them know that you are safe and enable them to contact you if needed.

Save hotline numbers or addresses of nearby hospitals

In case of an emergency, please call the hotline or go to a nearby hospital. Here are some common hotline numbers and hospital addresses in Vietnam:

  • Police hotline: 113
  • Tourist hotline: 1900 6500
  • Provincial General Hospital Quang Ninh: 0966461313
  • Halong General Hospital: 0966.271.313

Vietnam is a country that always prioritizes the welfare of its people, especially when it comes to foreign visitors. So, when many people ask the question, "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?" you can rest assured. Simply, during your travel exploration, if you encounter any emergency, quickly dial the emergency phone number, and you will receive immediate assistance. The national hotline operates 24/7 and provides the fastest support to all citizens present in Vietnam.

Save hotline numbers or addresses of nearby hospitals

Save hotline numbers or addresses of nearby hospitals

Activities for travelers in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country steeped in long-standing history and rich culture, complemented by its vibrant and diverse natural beauty. Halong Bay stands out as one of Vietnam's most renowned tourist destinations, featuring breathtaking natural landscapes and hidden caves beneath its azure waters.

Experience and explore Vietnamese culture and heritage sites

Vietnam boasts numerous UNESCO-recognized World Heritage sites, among which Halong Bay is a must-visit when you're here. One of the activities not to be missed when traveling to Halong is exploring the bay by cruise. Along the journey of discovery, you will marvel at the beauty of thousands of limestone islands, visit mystical caves, and delve into the culture and history of the region.

To ensure that your travel experience is complete and to alleviate any concerns about: "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?", it's advisable to book all-inclusive tours with professional companies. 

Paradise Vietnam is one of the most luxurious Ha Long Cruise companies, offering travelers a unique experience when exploring this exceptional destination.

Paradise Vietnam’s Cruises take travelers on a journey to explore famous Vietnamese cultural and UNESCO World heritage site Halong Bay. The cruises’ cabins are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring comfort and relaxation, and it provides a 5-star service that offers travelers an exceptional experience.

Review Halong Bay Cruise: Paradise Cruise 

Experience and explore Vietnamese culture and heritage sites

Experience and explore Vietnamese culture and heritage sites

Explore cave 

Vietnam boasts a rich and diverse cave system spread across various regions of the country. Travelers can participate in cave exploration tours to admire the splendid beauty of these caves.

Paradise Vietnam’s Cruises take travelers to visit the renowned caves in Halong Bay. When exploring these caves, visitors will marvel at the unique and resplendent stalactite and stalagmite systems. These formations, shaped over millions of years, exhibit bizarre and vibrant shapes.

Some of the famous caves in Halong Bay include:

  • “Sung Sot” Cave: The largest and most beautiful cave in Halong, dubbed the "Heavenly Palace beneath the Earth."
  • “Dau Go” Cave: This cave is shaped like a giant wooden head, exquisitely carved by nature.
  • “Thien Cung” Cave: The largest and most beautiful cave in Halong, known as the "Palace of the Heavenly Gods."
  • “Luon” Cave: A narrow cave nestled amid limestone mountain ranges, which visitors can explore by kayak.
  • “Tien Ong” Cave: Archaeologists have uncovered numerous artifacts from ancient Vietnamese people, providing evidence that the cave was once a dwelling place for indigenous people for many centuries.
  • “Trinh Nu” Cave: This cave resembles a reclining maiden surrounded by twisting stalactites and stalagmites.

Paradise Vietnam offers a comprehensive package for Halong Bay tours, ensuring a professional, dedicated, reputable, and courteous experience with internationally acclaimed services. Here, our staff is committed to serving with attentiveness to every customer's request, ensuring safety for all travelers, providing and supporting the best services to bring joy and the most memorable relaxation time for tourists. Therefore, you can confidently introduce and respond to your friends' question: "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?"

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Explore cave 

Explore cave 

Experience kayaking 

The services on Paradise Vietnam’s Cruises are highly praised for their professionalism, attentiveness, and dedication of the staff. The onboard recreational activities are diverse and varied, providing travelers with exciting experiences.

Among these activities, kayaking is a thrilling experience that allows travelers to explore Halong Bay from a close and authentic perspective. During a kayaking journey, you can enjoy the fresh air, admire the breathtaking natural scenery, discover hidden caves, and learn about the life of the local people.

Apart from kayaking, Paradise Vietnam’s Cruises offers a wide range of entertaining activities such as sunbathing, relaxing on the sundeck, soaking on a jacuzzi, participating in cooking classes, and trying your hand at crafting, ensuring that travelers can fully enjoy their trip.

Paradise Vietnam is the go-to destination for booking professional and reputable all-inclusive tours in Halong. Here, you won't have to question, "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?"

Experience kayaking 

Experience kayaking 

Participate in the daily activities of the indigenous people 

To gain a deeper understanding of the culture and life of the Halong Bay locals and the Vietnamese people in general, travelers can engage in their everyday activities. These activities may include:

  • Joining local fishermen in their fishing activities.
  • Visiting the homes and engaging in the everyday activities of the local residents.
  • Savoring the unique delicacies of Halong.

Participating in the daily activities of the indigenous people will enhance your Halong journey and create lasting memories.

Participate in the daily activities of the indigenous people 

Participate in the daily activities of the indigenous people 

Frequently asked questions

Is Vietnam friendly to foreigners?

The answer is yes. The Vietnamese people are renowned for being friendly and hospitable. They are always willing to assist tourists and make them feel comfortable while in Vietnam.

Are Americans welcome in Vietnam?

This question is similar to asking, "Is Vietnam safe for American tourists?" The answer is yes. Visitors from the United States receive a friendly reception when traveling to Vietnam. Vietnam and the United States have a good diplomatic relationship that is continually developing. Here are some tips for American tourists when visiting Vietnam:

  • Learning some basic Vietnamese phrases will help you communicate with the local people and show respect for them.
  • Vietnam possesses an abundant and varied cultural heritage. It's essential to respect local customs and traditions, such as not pointing fingers at others and avoiding overly revealing clothing.
  • Learning about Vietnam's history and culture will help you gain a better understanding of the country and its people.

With all the practical and valuable information provided, it's a definite answer to the question, "Is Vietnam safe for tourists?" If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, do not overlook the advice and essential insights mentioned above to help you enjoy your journey without worrying about safety.

If you find yourself short on time for research and want to fully immerse yourself in your travel experience, don't hesitate to contact Paradise Vietnam. It's an excellent choice for travelers seeking a comprehensive exploration of Halong Bay. You will have expert guides and a dedicated team of staff to assist you throughout your journey, offering you the finest experiences.

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