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Questions about Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a small bay located in the northeast of Vietnam, about 165 km from the capital Hanoi. It includes the sea and islands of Halong City in Quang Ninh Province. Halong Bay is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, attracting thousands of visitors yearly. Therefore, in addition to investment in tourism development, the transport system connected to this tourist destination is also quite well-developed. If you are wondering about how to get to Halong Bay on your upcoming trip, don't worry, we will provide you with the most useful information for the question of how to go to Halong Bay.

By Bus

Buses are quite popular means of transportation that are preferred by many people because of cheap, convenient fare, dense vehicle density, easy access, and fixed time frame to help tourists choose actively. Besides, buses also help reduce congestion and environmental pollution. Currently, there are many types of buses, such as public buses and sleeper buses.

  • Public buses are used for short routes, traveling only short distances.
  • Sleeper buses are used for long routes, serving guests sleeping on the bus. The car provides comfortable beds for customers, along with cold towels and drinking water,... The fare depends on the route and the level of sleeper you want to book.

However, these types of transportation do not provide a high level of privacy. Sometimes they may arrive later than expected.

You can see such bus routes everywhere

You can see such bus routes everywhere

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By Train

One of the other cheap means to mention is the train. Traveling by train is quite safe and easy. Tickets are very cheap, only $3 - $4, and they help you save a lot of money to spend on many other activities when traveling for a long time in Vietnam. You can book train tickets directly on the official website of Vietnam Railways Corporation ( and receive full instructions from booking seats to payment in many languages such as English or Vietnamese. The fare depends on the type of soft or hard seat you choose. Thong Nhat Train has a nationwide railway system, making it possible for you to reach Halong Bay from anywhere in Vietnam. We believe that traveling by train will be an interesting option, helping those who are passionate about exploring to admire the beautiful scenery of Vietnam. However, it takes longer than other forms of transportation, about 7 hours if you take the train from Hanoi to Halong Bay.

Taking the train is a great option for sightseeing

Taking the train is a great option for sightseeing

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By private car or taxi

If you are traveling in groups, with families, elderly people, or children, or simply prefer a private and convenient space, traveling by private car or taxi is the perfect choice. At the same time, traveling by private car or taxi on the highway will help you shorten the time to get to Halong Bay. The average travel time is about 1–2 hours if traveling by private car or taxi from Hanoi. If you start from Ho Chi Minh City, it takes about 33 hours to cover a distance of 1,721 km. What could be more wonderful is when the driver can understand and support you to the fullest, especially when you can actively stop the car whenever you want to take pictures.

Your trip will be more comfortable and flexible if you rent a private car

Your trip will be more comfortable and flexible if you rent a private car

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By Motorbike

For a long time, traveling to Halong Bay by motorcycle has also been very popular. Especially young people who love to explore and travel. The trip will take about 4–5 hours if departing from Hanoi to Halong Bay. You can refer to one of the following two routes:

  • Route 1 (155km): Hanoi, Sai Dong junction -  Bac Ninh - follow Highway 18 to Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi -  Halong.
  • Route 2 (160km): Noi Bai Airport - Bac Ninh - follow Highway 18A to Pha Lai - Sao Do - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Halong.

Traveling by motorcycle is quite interesting, giving you many new and unique experiences in a new land. However, this type is also quite dangerous and requires a lot of effort. Therefore, very few tourists choose to travel this way to limit risks. After all, if you still decide to travel by motorcycle, you should hold the handlebar firmly and remember to equip yourself with glasses, helmets, gloves, and other necessary items.

If you want to have more interesting experiences, going on a motorbike trip is a great idea

If you want to have more interesting experiences, going on a motorbike trip is a great idea

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By Airplane

Traveling by plane is considered the most convenient and fastest. Helping tourists from all over the world visit Vietnam most conveniently.

  • For tourists in Hanoi, you can take flights from Noi Bai Airport to Van Don Airport, Hai Phong. This is the fastest and most comfortable way for travelers.
  • For tourists in Ho Chi Minh City, you can take flights from Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) provided by major airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and Vietjet Air. It takes just over 2 hours to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Van Don Airport, Hai Phong, with the price being only $44.

Visitors from all over the world can reach Halong Bay by air

Visitors from all over the world can reach Halong Bay by air

By Seaplane

Finally, if you still cannot answer the question "How to get to Halong Bay" welcome to the fastest, most luxurious vehicle. Instead of spending a lot of time in road vehicles, you can fly directly to Halong Bay (Hai Au) by seaplane. With a seaplane, it only takes you 45 minutes to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay. This is a great solution to make your trip quick, convenient, comfortable, luxurious, and classy. Currently, Hai Au offers tourist routes from Hanoi to Halong and Halong to Hanoi; each journey will have 2-3 flights per day. Fares range from $300 per person, the highest among all modes of transportation. However, rest assured that what you spend is worth it. The seaplane experience will give you an interesting feeling when watching the poetic Halong Bay from above and the idyllic scenery of the Northern Delta, providing you with a different perspective on the land of Hanoi and Quang Ninh.

Going by Seaplane gives you a panoramic view of Hanoi or Halong Bay

Going by Seaplane gives you a panoramic view of Hanoi or Halong Bay

FAQs: How to Go to Halong Bay

How do I get to Halong Bay from overseas?

If you are an international tourist, you need to book a ticket to Vietnam at one of 12 international airports such as Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang City), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Van Don International Airport (Quang Ninh Province),... Depending on the schedule and pre-defined flight route, you can land at the above airports and then continue to move to Halong Bay.

What is the best time to visit Halong Bay in the year?

Visiting Halong Bay from April to June will be the ideal time for excursions. At this time, the weather is quite beautiful and without rain, so you can visit and fully experience Halong Bay like never before.

It's great if you visit Halong Bay in the summer

It's great if you visit Halong Bay in the summer

What are the best activities in Halong Bay?

Coming to Halong Bay, you can choose cruise tours to fully explore the charming beauty of the landscape here, such as Cua Van fishing village, Bai Chay, Lan Ha Bay, and Tuan Chau Island,... with many entertainment activities such as squid fishing, kayaking on Titop Island, swimming, enjoying fresh seafood at the restaurant on the cruises,... Booking now with Paradise Vietnam Cruise!

The above article has answered the question "How to go to Halong Bay?" With this information, we hope it will be useful to you and help you make a reasonable choice when traveling to Halong Bay.

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