Gia Luan Harbour: A Gate Into Paradise On Cat Ba Island

Situated at the end of the cross-island trail, about 10 km from Cat Ba town, Gia Luan harbour is for more than just transportation. It's the beginning of an exciting adventure. From here, travelers can easily reach some of the most beautiful spots on the island – Cat Ba National Park, Monkey Island, Van Boi fishing village, the floating market, and more. And don't forget to savor the local food, culture, and the island's friendly people.

If you're after a trip full of memories and excitement, start at Gia Luan harbor. This remarkable place opens the door to the wonders and delights of Cat Ba Island, where nature and culture live together in perfect harmony.

Let’s find out more about this port!


Overview of Gia Luan Harbour

Gia Luan Harbour is on the north side of Cat Ba Island, the largest island in the Cat Ba Archipelago in Vietnam. This harbor is a significant access point for reaching Cat Ba Island from the mainland. Moreover, this destination is perfect for those who wish to explore the island's natural wonders, cultural highlights, and surrounding areas.

1. Location and Features

Gia Luan Harbour is located around 10 kilometers away from Cat Ba Town and can be reached by a 40 to 50-minute ferry ride from Tuan Chau Harbour on the mainland. Lush green hills and mountains surround the harbor and provide a picturesque and tranquil setting. Despite its serene ambiance, Gia Luan Harbour is a bustling hub for locals and tourists.

Gia Luan Harbour is located around 10 kilometers away from Cat Ba Island

2. Facilities and Services at Gia Luan

Equipped with a ferry terminal, the harbor facilitates regular transportation between Tuan Chau terminals in Halong Bay. Furthermore, it houses a bus station, a taxi stand, and a motorbike rental service, which makes it convenient for visitors to explore various places on the island. 

Equipped with a ferry terminal, the harbor facilitates regular transportation between Tuan Chau terminals in Halong Bay. 


From this harbor, visitors can easily access some of the most beautiful spots on Cat Ba Island, including:

  • Cat Ba National Park
  • Monkey Island
  • Van Boi Fishing Village
  • Floating Market

3. Reasons to Visit Gia Luan Harbour

Earlier, we mentioned that Gia Luan Harbor is more than just an entrance to Cat Ba Island. It's a fantastic place to appreciate the island's beauty, variety, and surroundings. 

When you're at the harbor, you get a splendid view of the bay and the island. You can also catch a ferry to witness the sunrise or sunset over the water. Additionally, travelers have the option to join a cruise or a boat tour to explore the marvels and adventures of Halong Bay, with its hundreds of rocky islands.

Gia Luan Harbour is a gentle door to Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Beyond its scenic appeal, Gia Luan Harbor is a bustling hub for both locals and visitors. Here, you can genuinely engage with the community, gaining first-hand insight into their way of life. Undoubtedly, Gia Luan Harbor presents many compelling reasons for a visit.

Exploring Gia Luan's Travel Experience

1. Scenery and Activities

Gia Luan Harbour is a gentle door to Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. It's your ticket to explore the fantastic sights of Cat Ba Island and the waters around it. The green waters of the Bays are filled with cool-looking limestone and lovely green islands that make your journey super pretty. When you step into the harbor, you'll feel the peace and see the beauty of nature all around.

Gia Luan Harbor presents a myriad of compelling reasons for a visit.

At Gia Luan Harbour, you have lots of fun things to do. Many people love kayaking. You can paddle through the calm waters, enter secret caves, and find quiet beaches. The harbor is also an excellent place to start if you want to go hiking or rock climbing. Some paths take you to incredible views and beautiful landscapes.


2. Cruise Tours Departing from Gia Luan

Waking up on a floating palace, surrounded by the whimsical beauty of Halong Bay – it's like nature's grandeur decided to throw a party and invited you as the VIP guest. Well, you can make that dream a reality by hopping on a boat from Gia Luan Harbor to Tuan Chau Island.

Tuan Chau is the gatekeeper to the wonders of Halong Bay. Still, instead of holding a traditional key, it welcomes you with a panoramic view of thousands of limestone islets. Just think about you're on a cruise, floating on the bay, surrounded by dozens of docked ships that look like they just stepped out of a luxury magazine. These fully equipped and luxuriously furnished ships are your chariots to explore the vastness of the sea.

Tuan Chau is the gatekeeper to the wonders of Halong Bay

Now, if you're looking for the best Halong Bay cruises, let me introduce you to Paradise Elegance - a floating masterpiece from Paradise Vietnam, ready to whisk you away on a Halong Bay tour.

 Paradise Elegance - a floating masterpiece from Paradise Vietnam

This boat is the Beyoncé of cruises – beautiful decorations, spacious rooms that make other cabins jealous, a staff friendlier than your grandma's neighbor, and activities that make you forget you're on a boat. 

Paradise Elegance has beautiful decorations and spacious rooms. 

Everyone can become a Vietnamese cuisine maestro, try hand at tai chi (or at least attempt not to fall over), groove to live music and indulge in spa treatments that make your stress evaporate faster than an ice cube on a hot day.

Watching the sunset on Paradise Elegance peacefully

Paradise Elegance takes you on a journey to Halong Bay's greatest hits – Surprise Cave, Tien Ong Cave, Luon Cave, Cua Van fishing village, and many more.

Furthermore, an overnight stay at Paradise Elegance is a backstage pass to the ordinary life of a fisherman at its purest. You'll be greeted by friendly locals who'll teach you the art of casting a fishing net, rowing your boat like a pro, and catching fish like a competitive sport. And when it's time to feast, brace yourself for the seafood extravaganza – crabs, sea clams, prawns – it's a seafood lover's paradise.


3. Nearby Attractions around Gia Luan Harbour

Nestled snugly along the picturesque shores of Gia Luan Harbour, it's like the harbor looked at a map and said, "This is the spot — right next to all the good stuff." 

First, Cat Ba International Park is a terrific spot for hiking and outdoor fun. Many hiking groups visit here to tackle the trails at Cat Ba every year. If you're not a pro hiker, you can hire a tour guide to assist you.

When you explore Cat Ba, you'll witness some of Vietnam's most stunning scenery and a rich ecosystem. Other attractions like limestone formations, plenty of waterfalls, and beautiful caves and caverns are also worth checking out.

Cat Ba International Park

Then, there's Sung Sot Cave, the rockstar of caves in Ha Long Bay. It has two chambers, each showing off formations of stalactites and stalagmites that'll make you question if you're in a cave or a psychedelic art exhibit. 

Sung Sot cave

Last but not least, Ti Top Island is like the cherry on top of this adventure sundae. This is a small island, sandy beach, and a hill asking to be climbed. You can swim, sunbathe, kayak, or channel your inner mountain goat and hike up that hill. It's named after a Russian astronaut who visited in 1962 — talk about a beach with an out-of-this-world reputation.


 Ti Top Island

Tips from Visitors to Gia Luan

Visitors who've explored Gia Luan Harbour share these valuable tips. Take a look!

  • Plan ahead: To make the most of your visit, especially during busy times, plan ahead. Travelers should book a ferry or cruise tickets early to ensure availability and avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Arrive early: Beat delays and queues by arriving well before departure time. This allows you time to check in, grab a snack, and unwind before your journey.
  • Pack essentials: Ensure a comfortable visit by packing essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and comfy footwear. These items shield you from the sun and enhance your experience at Gia Luan Harbour.
  • Stay hydrated: Keep yourself hydrated, especially on hot summer days. You can carry a water bottle and drink plenty of fluids to stay refreshed and energized during your visit.

In light of everything we just said, Gia Luan Harbor is an actual backstage pass to a show that includes giant rocks, surprise-filled caves, and islands with a history as remarkable as a space expedition. Every step you take on these islands is a journey through history, leaving you in awe of the wonderful experiences that have shaped this maritime haven.

Don't wait anymore. A lot of adventure awaits in this hidden gem of a destination. Thank you for reading.

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