9 Don'ts for Cruising Halong Bay

1. Ignore the safety talk

Once you have boarded the vessel, you will be given a welcome drink and your cabin key. You will also be given a briefing by your Paradise Cruises manager about safety and security onboard. Please listen carefully to the information - for the sake of your safety and that of your travel companions. It’s important to know what to do in case there’s an emergency.

2. Let your kids run wild

On all Paradise Cruises vessels, there are balustrades that do not allow your children to run freely. Climbing the balustrades is also unsafe, so please do not permit them to do so. There are other activities, for example, visiting caves, swimming, or being rowed in a bamboo boat where you will need to closely supervise your children for their safety.

3. Smoke and do drugs

As a courtesy to other guests, smoking is not allowed in most areas of the boat, including in your cabin, the restaurant and other closed and covered areas. Smoking is, however, allowed on the sundeck. You should note that opium and all opium preparations is prohibited in Vietnam. The transportation, sale, possession and use of opium will be severely punished to the full extent of the law.

4. Not turn off the tap

Did you know that water onboard your Paradise Cruises is three times more expensive than water on shore? Please make sure you turn off your taps firmly to stop any drips. If you do have a leaking or dripping tap, please let one of our friendly staff know and we will arrange for one of our maintenance crew to fix it.

5. Miss out on internet access

The internet signal emanates from land, so as you cruise deeper into Halong Bay, the limestone islets and islands will hamper the signal, making it very weak. The best time to access the internet is at night, when the boat is anchored near Coconut Island. On board, the strongest signal can be found in the restaurant. If you use a 3G/4G SIM, the sundeck will is the best spot for an internet signal. Alternatively, turn your devices off and have a digital detox!

6. Eat only in the restaurant

With buffet meals available on board at meal times, why limit yourself to just eating in the restaurant? Grab your plate of food and your drink of choice, and try the balcony of your cabin or the sundeck for a different dining setting. You’ll get a clearer view of stunning Halong Bay, and have a meal to remember.

7. Miss a sunrise or sunset

After a busy day of activities, sipping a cocktail or indulging in a fine wine and watching the sun set orange and pink over the limestone islands is a highlight of your trip. As the sun slowly sinks into the sea, and the cool breeze kisses your cheek, that’s when you truly feel the magic of Halong Bay. And welcoming the sun and a new day with a Tai Chi session on the sun deck is just as beautiful and not to be missed.

8. Skip the visit to Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave - or Surprise Cave as it is also known - is the largest cave in Halong Bay. With natural light filtering in from the outside in soft rays, and a subterranean pool that attracts a myriad of bird, plant and animal life make Sung Sot Cave is one of the most breathtaking grottoes in the area. No wonder scenes from Kong: Skull Island were filmed there.

9. Forget the cooking demonstration

Vietnamese food is both delicious and healthy - and is often surprisingly easy to make. In a cooking demonstration from our crew, learn how to cook seafood spring rolls - and get to taste test them afterwards. Seafood spring rolls are a specialty in Halong Bay, and a popular Vietnamese dish - fresh or fried - and can easily be replicated at home.

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