Share Tet Moment - Win All Presents” Minigame Rules

In order to spread joyful images and heart - warming stories to welcome the lunar New Year of the Golden Cat in 2023, Paradise Vietnam established Minigame “Share Tet moment - Win all present” with the first prize of a 2 days 1 night voucher worth of 9.600.000 đ on luxury Paradise Elegance Cruise.

1. Time

- Participation time: from 20h, January 1st, 2023 to 23h59, January 31st, 2023

- Result announcement (tentative): February 6th, 2023


2. Participating method


Step 1: Like/ follow Facebook page Paradise Elegance Cruises Halong and Minigame post shared on Facebook page Paradise Elegance Cruises Halong.

Step 2: Comment on the Post

A picture of you or your family according to 1 of 3 themes: Preparing for Tet, Family activities in the first days of the New Year, New Year travel.

Share the memory associated with the photo you want to post (no more than 500 words) and Tag 3 friends in the comments.  


3. Regulations on competitors’ photo

3.1 Photo quality

+ Photos are not photoshopped, do not collage many images into albums, borders, text, other brands in the photo are not allowed.

+ Photos that blurred, shaken or underexposed or violated Vietnam fine customs and traditions are also unqualified for the competition.


3.2  Photo concept and theme

+ Preparation for Tet: Family activities taken to welcome Tet holiday (cleaning, decorating, going to traditional market, gathering around and wrapping traditional chung cake, new year’s eve banquet,...)

+ New Year’s Eve activities: Family gathering around New Year’s eve banquet, welcoming new year moment together, bringing the vibe of joyful holiday spirit, raising a toast and exchanging lucky money for the beginning of a year,..

+ Spring travel activities for the Tet holiday: Photos that record your trip during the holiday for those who choose to experience the discovery on this occasion. It can be a trip to the highlands, traveling abroad, exploring the island... with relatives and friends. 


4. Awards

- First Prize: 1 voucher 2 days and 1 night worth 9,600,000đ at Paradise Elegance for 2 people.

- Second prize: Discount voucher of 1,000,000đ for 2 days 1 night stay at Paradise Elegance for 2 people.

- Third prize: Discount voucher of 500.000đ for 2 days 1 night stay at Paradise Elegance for 2 people.

+ Validity of voucher: until the end of December 31, 2023


5. Judging Criteria

The Organizing committee will summarize the entries and mark the submissions according to the following criteria and scale below:

Criteria Scale 1 - 5 points


(maximum 3 points)

Photos has good layout and lightning


Photos sharing travel experiences during Tet with family and friends/

Photos sharing reunion moments


Photos comes along with a heartwarming story about family and friends


The person with the highest total score will win the program's prize. In case there are contestants with the same total points, the Organizing Committee will award prizes in order of priority to the person who submitted the entry earlier.


Any other questions about Minigame, please contact Paradise Vietnam:

Hotline: +84 906099606

Email: info@paradisevietnamcom



Paradise Vietnam



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