Travel in Style: Modern Weddings Redefined

Weddings on cruises help couples both experience travel and break away from a traditional wedding whilst still cozying up with their family.

Small wedding party

Unlike a traditional wedding with hundreds or thousands of guests, a wedding in an open space such as a beach, a cruise or mountain resort (limited guests) ... is a trend chosen by many young people. A warmer and more intimate wedding in the presence of family and close friends is a suggestion for couples who wish to combine weddings and travel experiences.

Đám cưới trên du thuyền Paradise Elegance ở vịnh Hạ Long dành cho 70 khách. Phong cách trang trí độc đáo từ 7799 wedding storyteller trên boong tàu mang đến nhiều trải nghiệm, vừa mới lạ, vừa sang trọng.

A wedding on Paradise Elegance cruise in Ha Long Bay normally has a capacity of around 70 guests. The unique decoration style from 7799 wedding storyteller on the deck brings many experiences, both new and luxurious.

Ball Gowns Wedding Dress

According to wedding site The Knot, the classic Ball Gown wedding dress is suitable for brides who want to become a fairy-tale princess when entering the ceremony. This site predicts the most popular Ball Gown designs in 2020. Skirts are created with many layers of tulle, chiffon or lace creating a long flowing skirt.

Juliette Bridal mang tới những chiếc váy cưới tinh tế trong bộ hình thực hiện trên du thuyền Paradise Elegance, vịnh Hạ Long.

Juliette Bridal brings exquisite wedding dresses in a set of photos taken on Paradise Elegance cruise, Ha Long Bay.

Pastel - a soft and delicate shade of color

In the second half of this year, many couples choose pastel colors such as white, pink, coral orange, blue... inspired by the beauty of the sea. Pastel colors are both gentle and romantic, suitable for outdoor weddings. This style creates a fresh atmosphere, in harmony with the beautiful landscape.

Bộ ảnh cưới lãng mạn với gam pastel trên du thuyền Paradise. Những mẫu vest với tông màu pastel chủ đạo trong bộ sưu tập mới nhất của the Tuxedo.

Romantic wedding photos with pastel colors on Paradise Vietnam's cruise. Models in vests with dominant pastel tones of the latest collection of the Tuxedo.

The space sparkles with lights at night

According to Vogue, modern couples have a sophisticated taste, often making special requests for their wedding to feel fresh and different from traditional weddings.

Không gian ngập ánh đèn.

The space is filled with light.

With the wedding ceremony held on the cruise, the light and color from the chandeliers can make the wedding space sparkling under the moonlight or eye-catching at sunset. When the sun goes down, the lights come on, the outdoor party will be more sparkling.

Couples can attend the Honeymoon Wedding Perfect 2019 wedding and travel exhibition at Lotte Hanoi Hotel from September 7 to September 8. Visit Paradise Vietnam's booth to learn more about new wedding trends and the opportunity to receive a wedding photography package worth VND 50 million on Paradise Elegance cruise from Juliette Bridal brand.

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