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Launching our first boat in 2008, Paradise Vietnam quickly earned its reputation as a company at the very pinnacle of Halong Bay cruises. We always prioritize that which matters most for any Halong Bay cruise, offering a premium level of service in safe and secure surroundings ensuring that you see this glorious natural wonder in the utmost grace and comfort.

We have since expanded our fleet significantly, with a total of 10 cruise ships in five categories: The Paradise Peak, Paradise Luxury Classic, Paradise Luxury Elegance, Paradise Privilege and Paradise Explorer. We have also expanded on land with the introduction of Halong Bay’s very first boutique luxury hotel, the Paradise Suites Hotel, offering an even greater number of options to see this natural world wonder.

Our vision for the future is one of optimism and excitement, as we see Vietnamese luxury tourism boom we continue to expand and solidify our unparalleled reputation through continually developing and improving upon our leading quality and services. We would like to extend our thanks to all our staff members and valued customers, who have helped us build a successful company of which we are immensely proud.